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Who Is Love Your RV, and Is Their Content Popular?

By SSK Admin August 15, 2022

Love Your RV is a husband and wife team. Their names are Ray and Anne, and they’re avid, full-time RV-ers. 

They live and travel in their 300-foot Keystone Cougar five-wheel trailer. They’ve traveled to hundreds of locations, and have logged over 80,000 miles. They’re into off-grid living.

They’re outdoorsy people, and love using their RV to explore and camp in the best landscapes nature has to offer.

Much like Will Prowse and Professor Hobotech, they offer some content focused on solar power.

Their content is focused on RV tips and tricks. They share moderations and upgrades done to their RV while giving an honest review of the products used to do so. 

They also give honest reviews of various RV-related products and share travel reports on the places they’ve visited in their RV. Their content is similar to that of RV with Tito’s.

What Channels Are They Active on?

who is love your rv

The Love Your RV team has a YouTube channel, which you can take a look at here. They portray what life is really like in an RV, and have nearly 100,000 subscribers.

They share the mistakes they’ve made, ways they’ve damaged their RV, tips for beginner RVers, and tips for full-timers. 

This is why we love their channel - they’re an authentic, everyday couple traveling in their RV. The reviews they give are real, and their audience considers their advice valuable because of this. Some of their most popular videos have over half a million views.

They have a few other channels they work on other than YouTube. 

Love Your RV YouTube channel

Subscribers to their mailing list are given extra RV tips and tricks, on top of all the content shared on their YouTube page. The team also has Amazon US and Canada pages where followers can purchase a selection of their favorite RV parts, products, and accessories.

Love Your RV has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

They publish newsletters and reviews on new gadgets they’ve tried, such as their review on the Koolertron Battery Monitor. 

Love Your RV Reviews

They’ve also reviewed solar power stations such as the Bluetti AC200MAX.

love your rv blog

The following is an excerpt of their review, showing their unbiased representation of products:

Overall, the system performs well in powering things, and hardware build quality is good. I feel this system would be excellent for home power backup or in places with plentiful solar power availability.

But if camping in cloudy or treed conditions, the slow AC recharge (500w max) can make things difficult. A person can buy an optional second AC charger and bump that up to 1000W.”

Their Pinterest account has a fairly large following. They have nearly 50,000 followers, and over 740,000 monthly views. Here, they also post reviews of products, including solar panels.

We love that they test in real-life situations, as this can often be the tipping point for a consumer, pushing them to make a purchase.

Their Twitter account has over 10,000 followers, and the same type of content is posted here. Their posts include photos of products and adventures, making for a great blend of content.

Lastly, Love Your RV has a website. They have a blog, a vlog, and a newsletter. There’s a tab on their website dedicated specifically to moderations done on their RV, leaving plenty of space for product shoutouts and sponsored posts. They are great ambassadors for complete solar panel kits.

Their newsletter covers content of the same nature, making useful recommendations to their target audience.

love your rv solar

What Type of Content Do They Create, and Who Is Their Target Audience?

The couple focuses on reviewing products from an outdoorsy, camping perspective, as this is what they spend their lives doing. 

Their target audience is made up of family units traveling by RV, looking to make moderations to their vehicle to make it as great an experience as possible.

Their pages also attract the younger generation of RV users. These are young couples who are looking for adventure on a budget and are turning to RVs as their way to make that happen.

This is a great opportunity for brands in the solar space to connect with young users, much like the David Poz YouTube channel has done. The younger generations are brand-loyal consumers. This means if you make an impression on them at this age, they can become lifelong, repeat buyers.

love your rv solar panel

As mentioned above, they have a fairly large following on their various social media platforms. 

In total, they have over 156,000 followers across these platforms. We love that they’ve built this following organically, so these followers are genuinely interested in their content.

They prefer publishing video content over written content, to showcase how various products work best. It’s evident that they do this well, and people are drawn to this content. 

Their views on YouTube are high and consistent. This shows that their target audience values their input and comes back for more. 

We’re big fans of how this couple makes their online presence as organic as possible in today’s climate, and see big potential for honest reviews of great products from the solar sector.

What Are Some of Their Most Popular Videos?

Love Your RV puts out consistently great content, but we’ve put together a list of links to some of their most popular video content you might like to check out:

#1. Installing a Renogy 200W Solar Kit on my RV

#2. Top 10 Must Have RV Gadgets

#3. What Do We Power With 500 Watts of RV Solar?

#4. 11 Quick Little RVing Tips From A Full-Time RV-er

#5. My 1000 Watt Inverter Installation Explained

blog love your rv

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