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City Prepping - What Are They About?

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

City Prepping, run by Kris, offers valuable information and resources for urban survival and preparedness. Kris, with a background in microbiology and NGO work, blends his outdoor survival skills with urban preparedness. Unlike some survivalists, Kris is a regular family man dedicated to helping others prepare for emergencies. His website and YouTube channel cover a wide range of topics, including cooking, first aid, gardening, and earthquake preparedness, in a user-friendly format.

Kris has also developed an online course, "The Prepper's Roadmap," and shares informative articles and videos, including ones on solar power and generators. While not as extreme as some survivalists, Kris provides calm and logical advice, making survival tactics accessible to all. City Prepping's success is evident, with a large following and millions of views. For those seeking practical survival advice, City Prepping is a valuable resource.


If you’re interested in survival tactics and preparedness you may have come across the City Prepping website. It covers a wide range of topics, teaching about preparedness in the event of a natural disaster or collapsing infrastructure.

But can we trust the knowledge shared by City Prepping? Is it relevant to our lives right now? And does the man behind the name walk the talk? Join us as we take a closer look at City Prepping, and what it has to offer.  

The Origin of City Prepping

city prepping real name

Kris spent the years of his youth in the woods and learned about survival in the outdoors as a member of the Boy Scouts organization. His love of the outdoors, mountain climbing, and hunting sparked an interest that would never die. 

After graduating with a degree in microbiology, he became involved in NGO work in foreign and sometimes hostile environments. He found that much of what he had learned overlapped with the basics of the prepping community. 

This common interest led him to start his blog site, video channel, and other platforms.

What Is City Prepping About?

The City Prepping website and YouTube channel are aimed at helping everyday urban people learn the basics of survival in times of crisis. From cooking to first aid, from gardening to earthquake preparedness, you’ll find useful info on these channels.

But contrary to the popular belief about “preppers”, Kris, the man behind City Prepping is not a survivalist living out in the woods. He’s a regular guy, dedicated to preparing other regular city dwellers with valuable information. 

city prepping host

He might not be famous for building a structure like the Erik Grankvist cabin, but he has almost as many followers on YouTube.

City Prepping Website

The City Prepping website is a combination of educational articles, related videos, and survivalist supplies store. You’ll find almost everything you need to start your journey to preparedness for life’s ups and downs, all in a very user-friendly format. 

What sets him apart from the rest is that he is not a radical, nor is he claiming to be an “expert”. Kris is a regular family man who wants to share his skills, knowledge, and experience with this community. 

city prepping website

We love how he tackles even the most frightening of scenarios with a sense of calm and logic. If you’re a fan of the Engineer775 website, you’ll probably love this site too.

City Prepping YouTube Channel

Established in 2015, this channel has been a great success. Like the website, the YouTube channel aims to inform, educate and prepare city dwellers for any crisis. And it must be meeting a need, as the video channel has nearly 900 thousand subscribers and over 100 million views at the time of writing. 

Like Martin Johnson From Off Grid Living, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of sustainable living with others. City Prepping is also active on several other social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  

With such a wide reach, he can educate and inform people about survival tactics all over the world. While Kris is not quite as laidback as RV With Tito, he explains things in a clear way that all viewers can easily understand.

city prepping youtube

The Course

Kris has also developed a course that collates all the best survival information offered on his other channels. Kris City Prepping - The Prepper’s Roadmap is designed for online learning and downloading to your computer for later reference. 

City Prepping’s Best Articles

In a country where natural disasters are common, some articles are of particular importance. You may want to take a look at these articles:

City Prepping’s Best Videos

We found the following videos highly informative and presented in a clear, down-to-earth manner. 

This channel will also satisfy your thirst for knowledge about solar power. Kris has a playlist of videos dealing with solar power and solar generators, like the Ecoflow Delta Max Portable Power Station, available here at ShopSolarKits. You’ll find a similar review to the one done by Silvercymbal.

who is city prepping

Final Words 

In a world of ever-increasing uncertainty, it’s good to know that there is a place to turn to. Somewhere you can get honest, helpful advice about things that really matter. Just like Kris of City Prepping, we aim to provide you with the means to be independent and sustainable.

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