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Erik Grankvist—Mr. Self Sustainable

We love to see people in our community choosing to break free from the constraints of society and live independently and self-sufficiently. That’s why we’re such avid supporters of Erik Grankvist and the videos he posts on YouTube.

As soon as Erik Grankvist posted his first video, we were captivated by his determination and ingenuity. We’re sure that once you’ve finished reading this article, you will be too.

So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Erik Grankvist and what he has achieved to become the internet sensation that he is.

Erik Grankvist Age

erik grankvist dogs

Being born on June 13, 1999, Erik Gravinst is currently 23 years old. He rose to fame at the age of 18 when he ventured off into the woods of Sweden with nothing more than a backpack full of tools to build a log cabin for himself.

Erik Grankvist Cabin

After finishing high school, rather than heading straight to college, Erik Grankvist took Robert Frost’s proverbial “road less traveled by” and ventured into the heart of the Swedish wilderness. He wanted to fulfill his life-long dream and build himself a secluded log cabin.

Like The Primitive Technology Guy, the appeal of Erik’s videos is the beautiful scenery and methodical workmanship.

In his first YouTube videos, he takes his viewers through his process of building the cabin by hand without the aid of a construction crew or advanced machinery. Viewers watched him chop down trees, lay down a stone foundation, and even set up a small solar power system to power his off-grid log cabin.

The result is truly astounding. Grankvist’s completed log cabin is not only a thing of beauty but also a testament to what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. 

Since the completion of his off-grid log cabin, Grankvist has been living in seclusion, living off the land and keeping thousands of viewers in the loop on a regular basis with video updates and even DIY tutorials.

He’s truly a master and advocate of the off-grid living lifestyle.

Erik Grankvist Dogs

Although we’re not aware of which animals Erik Grankvist currently keeps at his cabin, in his first video it is clear that he initially had the pleasure of having two dogs keeping him company while he lived alone in isolation in his cabin. 

This is hardly surprising as many people living in seclusion ike to surround themselves with animals. Just think about Off-grid Living with Jake and Nicole’s dogs and how much pleasure they bring the family.

erik grankvist cabin

Erik Grankvist Family

While Grankvist chose to live on his own and away from society, he by no means left his family in his rearview mirror. We understand that Grankvist still has contact with all the members of his family.

Grankvist’s family have supported him each step of the way in one form or another.  Be it the times they helped him out with dirty laundry when he was just starting his big adventure, or simply providing him the skills that he needed to succeed in the challenge he set out to conquer. 

Erik Grankvist Net Worth

The first video that Grankvist posted back in 2019 was an instant hit on YouTube. The following that he gained from this first video has only grown since and so, as a YouTube content creator, his channel has been flourishing since.

Therefore, we estimate Erik Grankvist’s current net worth to be nothing shy of $2 million, earning about $530,000 dollars a year. This young man clearly took the bull by the horns and has been reaping the benefits ever since.

erik grankvist family

This puts his channel up there with the real big hitters of the sustainable niche, making him colleagues with people like Will Prowse and The Canadian Prepper.


We’re eager followers of Erik Grankvist’s continuing journey and have loved seeing what this daring young man has achieved over the years.

If you’re considering going completely off-grid, or even just building yourself an off-grid cabin like Erik Grankvist’s to use for an occasional weekend getaway, we highly recommend visiting his YouTube page and browsing around. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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