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Who Is JerryRigEverything?

JerryRigEverything is the name of Zach Nelson’s YouTube channel. He has successfully branched out to other platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, and even started his own website. 

The platforms are focused on providing easy-to-follow tutorials on cellphone repairs. It’s now the most viewed cellphone repair channel online. 

Let’s dive deeper into why JerryRigEverything could be a great partnership for your brand.

JerryRigEverything Background

jerryrigeverything knife

Zach is a 34-year-old Idaho native. He started like many others do: following a passion and posting about it online. 

His passion is fixing things, and it started with his Jeep. It broke down and he was quoted $1,000 to fix it but could do it himself for $80. This is similar to how Jehu Garcia got started.

He had a background in working with his hands, having done construction work in high school and fixing computers during college. He fixed his Jeep and made a video of it and that was his first piece of content.

The choice paid off. Zach was given a severance package two years after launching his YouTube channel when the store he worked for closed down. 

He focused all his attention on building his channel instead of finding another 9 to 5.

He’s shared some wisdom about reaching a large audience on YouTube, showing he knows the ins and outs of remaining relevant on the platform.

He was quoted in an interview saying the following:

“The biggest thing … is consistency. There are a lot of people who make one video or even 10 videos, and they’re like, ‘OK. That was fun. I only got a couple subscribers. I’m going to bounce out,'” 

jerryrigeverything net worth

He went on to give this advice:

 “But in reality, those 10 videos are not a big enough net to capture viewers online. Once you have 100 videos or 200 videos, you start to gain an audience. That’s when people start to care about what you’re doing. You just have to be consistent.”

JerryRigEverything Hits It Big

His YouTube channel has since gained a significant audience, and Zach now spends his days showing people how to fix things cheaply and easily.

One of our favorite things about Zach is the authenticity of his work and the versatility of his channel. 

what happened to jerryrigeverything wife

He fixes anything and everything. He’s heavily involved in the DIY scene and has created various videos on solar power installation. He’s also uploaded videos on DIY solar power installations and has worked with solar brands, much like Deep South Homestead.

He’s recently started sharing more of his personal life online, giving his audience something to connect to. He revealed that his then-girlfriend became paralyzed in a vaulting accident, and showed the process of making her an off-road electric wheelchair.

He raises awareness about people living with disabilities with his now-wife on his channel, alongside his DIY content. In our opinion, this forms a solid bond between creator and audience. 

It gives the JerryRigEverything platforms substance while allowing audience members to see Zach as a voice of authority as a result of the bond created. This is similar to the strategy used by Living Off Grid with Jake and Nicole and is beneficial for brands wanting to work with creators to promote products.

JerryRigEverything Website

jerryrigeverything website

The JerryRigEverything website acts as a content hub for Zach’s brand. There are links to some branded content he’s created, and some big names are listed: think Samsung, LG, and Audible. He promotes lots of technology - a perfect fit for solar brands.

He also featured links to some of his top videos on his website, similar to the Love Your RV blog. Some of this content includes breaking down phones to inspect their components, building advanced wheelchairs, and installing off-grid solar panels.

JerryRigEverything Social Media Channels


The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel currently has over 7.42 million subscribers. His most popular upload has over 30 million views, and his other content does consistently well.

Not many of his videos have under 2 million views. On average, his videos garner around 3 to 5 million views. This is among videos that do particularly well - we’re talking over 10 million views on his popular content.

The channel has a dedicated solar power playlist, for which the total views are around 3 million. 

He uses this platform to promote products that he trusts, from his favorite DIY solar panel kits to off-grid solar batteries.

jerryrigeverything baby


Zach runs a subreddit called r/JerryRigEverything, which enables him to reach a niche target audience. The platform serves as a network of communities that allows people to dive into their interests; subscribing only to content they’re interested in.

The subreddit is relatively new and still growing. However, given Zach’s knack for social media strategizing, that number is sure to climb in no time.


Zack’s Instagram account, @zacksjerryrig, has over 740 thousand followers. He’s verified on the platform and uses it to direct people back to his YouTube page.

He posts photos alluding to video topics, with captions that serve to intrigue the audience.

His posts garner between 5, 000 and 10,000 likes each, showing he has an engaged audience.


The JerryRigEverything Facebook page has 2.6 million followers. 

The platform is used to promote a variety of products in line with Zach’s brand. He also posts short-form video content in the form of reels daily. 

where does jerryrigeverything live


You can also find Zach’s Twitter using the same username as his Instagram. He has a large following of over 780,000 people, so you know he’s a trusted source. 

He posts regularly, also using the platform to promote and redirect audiences to his YouTube channel. 

Zach uses the platform to interact with his audience, sometimes reposting bizarre questions he’s been asked along with witty answers.

Seeing as the JerryRigEverything brand is built mainly around YouTube videos, you might want to take a look at some of the best-performing content they have. Here’s a list:

#1. How To Install An Elevator In Your Living Room

#2. Do It Yourself Solar Power?

#3. Easiest iPhone Glass Fix

If you enjoy what Zach does with JerryRigEverything, check out David Poz’s YouTube channel. They post similar content and they’re both informative and helpful.

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