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What is an Off Grid Solar Kit [OGK]?

Off-Grid Solar Kits [OGK] include all the parts and pieces required for setting up a complete off-grid solar power system. Each kit includes lithium solar batteries along with high quality, all-in-one inverter options.

We're on a mission to make solar simple - so we've made the off-grid solar kit buying experience easier by building three best selling, custom off grid solar systems that meet a wide variety of power needs at price points you'll love.

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What Type of Solar Panels Are Included in My Solar Kit?

We only include Tier-1 / Grade A solar panels in our solar kits. They are always monocrystalline and come with at least a 25-year power output warranty. We only source and supply solar panels from reputable brands that have been in business for many years. For more information on your solar panels, click to watch our video.

What Kind of Batteries Are Included in My Solar Kit?

We almost only include lithium iron phosphate batteries in our solar kits. This is because they are the longest lasting and safest battery option available today. We only source and supply batteries from reputable brands that ideally have US based operations and support teams. We stand behind the batteries we sell and because of that, your lithium batteries will always be covered by a long-term, comprehensive warranty. For more information on your battery bank, click to watch our video.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does these solar kits come with a warranty?
    Of course. You're covered by all of the manufacturer warranties on each product plus our free, lifetime customer support!
  2. How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping is calculated at checkout. You'll get lowest possible shipping rates when you buy from You can also reach out to us here and inquire about shipping, or just give us a call 877-242-2792.
  3. Where do you ship from?
    We have 3 main distribution centres (CA, TX, NY) along with suppliers across the US. We ship from multiple different warehouses in order to try and keep costs as low as possible for our customers
  4. How long will it take to get my kit after ordering?
    If you're in the lower 48 states we do our best to get you your order within 5-15 business days. Recently with the incredible demand for products, our delivery times to customer's door are averaging around 9-12 business days. You will receive your tracking numbers as soon as they are available.
  5. Will I be able to track my order and deliveries?
    You will receive your tracking numbers via email and/or text message as soon as they are available. So please make sure you use a good Email address when ordering or a phone number that can receive text messages for your tracking information. Also, please expect to receive multiple deliveries and packages as we ship from multiple warehouses to keep costs down.
  6. Do you offer financing?
    Yes we do! We have 2 financing options which you can learn more about if you keep scrolling down this page.
  7. Do your solar kits come with a wiring diagram/setup guide?
    Yes, you'll get our 3-page setup diagram and instruction manual along with all of the manufacturer guides and user manuals. We've also created the SolarHub which you get lifetime access to when you order from us.
  8. Can I install this system myself?
    We've created the kits for absolute simplicity. That said, we highly recommend getting the help of a professional installer / certified electrician. You should plan on potential costs associated with this as well.
  9. What sort of after-sale customer support do you offer?
    You can reach us Monday to Friday via phone, live chat or email. You'll also get free, lifetime access to the industry leading "Solar Hub" - Where you'll find all of our diagrams, installation manuals, troubleshooting guides and more!
Lifetime Customer Support

When you invest in a solar kit, you want to have peace of mind knowing that you have all the support you need to ensure that it’s always working properly.

At Shop Solar Kits, providing legendary customer support is at our core, so we provide all of our customers with lifetime support.

This means that anytime you have a question, concern or are troubleshooting - you’ll have timely access to solar (and human) experts that can help you.

Call us: 1-877-242-2792
Email us:

Exclusive Bonus Offer!

Your order includes free, lifetime access to the SolarHub.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know about DIY solar, along with wiring diagrams, installation guides and maintenance manuals for your specific solar kit and products.

Our goal is to make solar simple for you by equipping you with the products, knowledge and tools to achieve your power goals!

Simplifying Off-Grid Solar Since 2018

Each solar kit comes with all of the main parts and pieces needed to get up and running. You'll be responsible for safely grounding your system as well as mounting the solar panels.

While a large portion of the installation is simple and straightforward, we highly recommend hiring a qualified electrician to make the final connections.

Other than that, it really doesn't get much easier than this! Just plug in your solar panels, hook up your batteries, turn on your inverter and you're in business!

Real Customer Projects, Real Results.

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