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Who Is Silver Cymbal and What Does He Do?

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

Silver Cymbal, a family man from Massachusetts, creates DIY content on YouTube, focusing on home projects, gardening, and solar energy. His website organizes content into categories like lawn care and plumbing, with tool and gadget reviews. Despite being a one-man operation, his site is well-managed. Silver Cymbal, in his late 30s or early 40s, enjoys family time and still works full-time. With over 600K YouTube subscribers and 230M views, he's estimated to earn $20K every three months, making him a valuable creator for brands.

His honest approach, recommending only products he uses and believes in, adds to his credibility. Popular videos include DIY plumbing and fixing windshield wipers. His straightforward content, aimed at helping viewers save money and feel accomplished, sets him apart. He doesn't restrict content behind paywalls and openly discusses product budgets and prices, making him a trustworthy and valuable resource for DIY enthusiasts.


Silver Cymbal is a family man who loves DIY projects, maintaining his lawn, and spending time with his family. 

He creates content on YouTube with the aim of showing you how to do things around your home with the right tools and techniques. 

His content is perfect for anyone interested in DIY, whether you’re into gardening, solar energy, and all-around home maintenance. Regardless of why you’re watching his videos, Silver Cymbal creates content that’s genuine, informative, and straightforward.

What Is Silver Cymbal’s Website?

Silver Cymbal website

Besides having a YouTube channel, Silver Cymbal also has a website where he neatly organizes his content according to particular categories including Fix Your Lawn, Get Rid Of Weeds, Edge Beds, Generators, Air Conditioning & Heating, and Plumbing

Silver Cymbal’s website might not be as big as Engineer775’s website but from what we’ve seen, Silver Cymbal is only one man in charge of his own site, unlike Engineer775 who works in a team. 

Silver Cymbal also maintains his own blog where he writes reviews on several tools and gadgets that he’s used before, like the Ecoflow Delta Pro. His blog features a short description with a link to the full review on YouTube. 

who is silver cymbal

How Old Is Silver Cymbal?

We’re not sure, but if we had to guess we’d say he’s somewhere in his late 30s to early 40s. The guy looks good for his age and we might have to tap into his skincare routine next. 

Silver Cymbal lives in Massachusetts with his wife, two daughters, and their American Eskimo dog who you’ll see appear in some of his videos.

The fact that they live in Massachusetts gives a nice change of pace if you’re used to the more rural south that’s often seen in videos like those from Deep South Homestead based in Mississippi.

He has a lot of fun creating content for his YouTube channel and likes to spend time with his family. On top of that, he’s still working full-time. 

How Much Does Silver Cymbal Make on Youtube?

For someone to make money on Youtube, they need two things: 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. Once these prerequisites are met, the creator can apply to Youtube’s Partner Program. Creators can now monetize their channels through ads, subscriptions, and memberships. 

Silver Cymbal has over 600K subscribers and about 230M channel views at the time of this writing. The numbers make it clear that he is earning an income from all of his content, and we don’t mind one bit. Interestingly, Hobotech reviews only has over 150K subscribers in comparison.

We found that Silver Cymbal has made an estimated $20K in the past three months, and making an average of $5K a month, more or less. 

This puts Silver Cymbal’s net worth somewhere between $80K to $500K. That’s pretty good even when comparing it to JerryRigEverything’s net worth which is between $500K to $3M.

You see, the content Silver Cymbal puts out is always straightforward, honest, and helpful much like Will Prowse. He’s even addressed his financial gains on his website. He’s honest about making money from his Youtube videos, and he even mentions that he is occasionally sponsored by specific companies. 

He’s smart about his sponsorships, too, only accepting offers made by companies that make products he already uses or believes in. He does earn a small commission if you buy one of his recommended products, at no extra cost to you, of course.

Silver Cymbal is confident in the products he uses and wouldn’t recommend anything that he hasn’t used personally, likes, or owns. We can appreciate that about him, it just shows the integrity of his character and makes him more legit than he already is. 

We delved into Silver Cymbal’s channel and found that these were among his most popular videos. The length of these videos range from three to five minutes and are to the point, honest, and highly informative. 

#1. Never Solder Pipe Again - 3 Ways For Easy DIY Plumbing

#2. How To Make Windshield Wiper Blades Like NEW in 30 Seconds

#3. How To Solder Wires Together - Pro Tips For Waterproof Connections

#4. Replace Your Outdoor Faucet With This / Leak & Frost Free AQUOR

#5. Why Do Electric Plugs Have Holes? Answered

Final Words

If there’s one attribute we had to assign to Silver Cymbal it would be honesty. It’s an admirable trait, and one that makes him trustworthy and unbiased in the content he makes.  

Silver Cymbal on Youtube

We also like that the aim of his channel is to help you do more yourself, instead of always having to hire someone else to do it for you. This allows you to save money and feel good knowing that you did it on your own. 

On top of that, he loves using generators, lawn mowers, and any sort of tools that can help get things done with ease. Whether it’s a particular brand of fertilizer or solar panel, he features them in his videos and creates reviews of the products, too. 

All of his content is freely available, you won’t find any of his videos being released through a “members only” subscription or Patreon page.

You’ll also notice that he’ll discuss the budget and prices for a lot of the products he uses, too, offering alternatives and even explaining why he’d put in the extra buck on a particular product. When he does recommend a certain product, it’s usually because he believes it’ll be worth it. 

Silver Cymbal’s transparency and willingness to share the knowledge he’s picked up is a great help to many of us who are trying to take on a few DIY projects at home.

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