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Top 5 Solar Panel Kits of 2024

Top 5 Solar Panel Kits


Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article highlights the benefits of adopting solar technology, including cost savings, increased property value, and environmental impact. It discusses the popularity of small load solar panel kits among RV owners, boaters, and tiny home owners for off-grid power solutions. The article reviews five of the best solar panel kits on the market, focusing on their features and suitability for different needs.

It includes kits from EcoFlow, Bluetti, and Jackery, emphasizing efficiency, durability, and ease of installation. The article concludes by encouraging readers to consider solar energy for their homes or businesses and provides links to purchase the reviewed kits.


There are many compelling reasons why home and business owners are adopting solar technology. For starters, embracing solar energy can be financially beneficial. By converting solar energy into usable electricity, you can lower the cost of your monthly electricity bills and greatly reduce your reliance on your local electrical grid.

In addition to solar panels saving you money by reducing your utility bills, they can also increase the value of your property. There are even some state and federal tax incentives for those willing to embrace solar energy.

Small load solar panel kits are ideal for anyone looking for an off-grid power source that will work in remote locations, which explains why they are so popular amongst RV owners, boaters, and those that own tiny homes and isolated cabins.

Solar Panel Kits

If you are interested in lowering your utility bills, decreasing your carbon footprint, and potentially increasing the value of your home, we can help. Given the rising demand for clean energy, there are now countless solar panel kits available on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the right product.

To help you make the right decision, we reviewed 5 of the best solar panel kits out there today. For each solar panel kit, we highlight some of the reasons why it stands out to us and cover some of its key features.

The 5 Best Solar Panel Kits

1. The Best Overall Solar Panel Kit: EcoFlow Delta 1800 Complete Solar Panel Kit

Solar Panel Kits 1

We chose the EcoFlow Delta 1800 complete solar panel kit as our best overall solar panel kit because it offers minimal maintenance, a straightforward installation process, impressive durability, and exceptional performance all at an affordable price point.

Efficiency and Durability:

Out of the box, this solar system can produce roughly 2,370 watts per day; however, users also have the option to upgrade the kit and improve its output potential by adding additional solar panels and batteries.

The kit’s four Rich Solar 100 watt monocrystalline solar panels are housed within durable aluminum frames and connect to a sealed, weatherproof junction box. The entire kit withstands water exposure and all weather conditions, so users do not have to worry about covering the panels from storms or during the winter months.

Quality Components:

In addition to the four high-performance solar panels, the kit includes an MPPT charge controller that offers efficient, fast solar panel charging, which is great for those who plan to use the kit as an additional power source with their RV.

The 30 ft 10 AWG MC4 cabling allows users to keep their solar panels outside, while the battery bank sits inside where power is needed. The 1800-watt pure sine inverter also allows users to connect multiple devices and run high powered appliances like coffee maker, toaster, microwave and more.

Key Features:

  • 6 x AC power outlets and a USB port offer convenience and versatility
  • Backed by EcoFlow’s outstanding customer service and warranty 

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2. The Runner Up: Bluetti AC200 MAX Nomad Kit | Solar Panel Kit

The Bluetti AC200 Max Nomad Kit solar system just missed our top spot, but it is still an outstanding solar panel kit for those who want a versatile and user-friendly off-grid power solution.

High Efficiency:

The kit’s three high-quality 200 watt folding, monocrystalline solar panels have an efficiency rating of 21%, which means they remain effective during cloudy and overcast weather conditions.

The solar panels are paired with a reliable 900W charge controller that offers an impressive 98% conversion rating and a tracking efficiency of 99%. The mppt charge controller also features a four-stage charging process, allowing the system to quickly, efficiently, and safely charge the battery.

Durable and Weatherproof:

A durable aluminum frame protects each solar panel, and the entire kit has a waterproof rating of IP65. The kit is so well-sealed that it is a popular choice with swimming pool owners looking to power their heating and filtration system with solar energy.

Key Features:

  • Highly efficient 900W MPPT charge controller
  • Comes with all necessary mounting hardware and a 30ft 10AWG MC4 Cable Kit

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3. The Best Budget-Friendly Solar Panel Kit: Complete DIY Solar Panel Kit 400 Watts Solar + 2,000W Pure Sine Inverter 12VDC

This 400W Complete DIY Solar Panel Kit is the ideal solar panel kit for those looking to purchase a full setup on a budget. This highly efficient and versatile kit finds the perfect balance between affordability and quality. 

Durable Construction:

The kit’s two high-performance, multi-layered monocrystalline solar cells are housed within a seamless, anodized aluminum frame. The durable yet lightweight frames protect the solar panels from impact damage. Low-iron tempered glass covers keep the otherwise delicate solar cells from direct impacts and scratches, yet they do not reduce performance by reflecting or blocking sunlight.

Easy Installation and Versatile Design:

Each kit comes equipped with everything you need to get started. Pre-drilled holes and a full set of high-quality screws and brackets make it easy to mount the panels. The kit’s extra-long 20ft MC4 connector cable features easy-snap weatherproof connections, so users do not have to worry about a complicated wiring process.

The industrial-standard dimensions of the solar cells allow the kit to capture a significant amount of sunlight, about 200 watts each per hour of sunlight a day. Users also have the option to upgrade and expand the capacity of the kit by adding additional solar panels and batteries.

Whether you want a clean energy solution for your backyard pool, remote cabin, or primary residence, this affordable solar panel kit is a great start. The lightweight design also makes it a practical solution for those who need a mobile power solution for their boat, RV, or a backcountry camping trip. 

Key Features:

  • 40A MPPT charge controller with LCD screen
  • Protective anti-corrosion tempered glass and aluminum frame 

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4. The Best Complete Solar Panel Kit: EcoFlow Delta PRO HEX Kit


The EcoFlow Delta PRO complete solar kit offers a complete solar system in an intuitive and efficient package. It is our best complete solar panel kit because it comes with everything you need to start harnessing clean solar energy.

Outstanding Reliability and Durability: 

An extra-thick anti-reflective, low-iron tempered glass cover and impact and corrosion-resistant aluminum frames protect each of the highly efficient monocrystalline solar panels. Unlike lower-quality solar kits, the panels in this EcoFlow Delta PRO Solar Kit can withstand decades of outdoor exposure.

The IP65 waterproof rating, extra-thick glass covers, and durable aluminum outer frames ensure you can leave these panels and the junction box outside in all weather conditions.

The kit also comes with an extra-long 8ft 4AWG tray cable and fusing components, which help preserve the controller and battery.

Outstanding Performance:

The Monocrystalline solar panels have a cell efficiency of 22%, which means the panels can capture more solar energy than a typical solar kit can. The bypass diodes minimize the power drop you would typically experience in low-light conditions, meaning cloud cover impacts the kit’s panels less than others. 

The high-efficiency 1200W charge controller offers a peak conversion efficiency rating of 98% and a high tracking efficiency of 99%.

Key Features:

  • Features pre-drilled holes and includes all mounting brackets for quick and easy installation
  • High-performance control module with Bluetooth connectivity for remote monitoring from a smart device

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5. The Best Mobile Solar Panel Kit: Lion Safari ME GOLD Kit

We chose the Lion Safari ME Gold kit as our top pick for the best mobile solar panel kit because it comes with everything you need to access solar energy on the go.

High-Quality Components: 

The Lion ME Gold solar panel kit combines Lion’s four, 100 watt folding solar panel setup with its popular 2,000 watt pure sine wave power inverter. The result is an economical and convenient way to access clean electricity in any location with reasonable sun exposure.

The built-in digital pulse width modulated solar controller regulates the battery charging system and prevents over-charging, which could otherwise cause permanent damage to the lithium battery. The kit’s two 120V AC outlets allow users to run multiple devices at once. You can even purchase a 30A dog-bone adapter for plugging your RV directly into the Lion ME solar panel kit.

While there are less expensive mobile solar kits out there, few feature such high-end components or durable, impact-resistant build materials.

Mobile and Expandable:

You can assemble and disassemble the entire kit quickly, which is a serious advantage for those looking for a mobile power source they can set up for a day or two at a time. The quick and straightforward assembly is part of the reason why the kit is so popular amongst campers and RV enthusiasts. The kit does not include mounting hardware, so for those wishing to install the panels on the roof of an RV or another semi-permanent location, you would want to purchase a few sets of solar panel z-brackets for mounting.

Best of all, you can easily expand the kit into a full large-load setup by simply adding compatible solar panels. In fact, right out of the box, the kit can support up to 600 watts!

Key Features:

  • Backed by an impressive warranty by Lion Energy (USA based!)
  • Built in 600 watt MPPT charge controller and 2,000W pure sine wave inverter
  • Lithium battery with 3,500 lifecycles
  • Folding solar panels and 50 ft of anderson cable

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Final Words

Solar Panel Kits 1

That sums up the top 5 best solar panel kits! If you are new to the solar market, there is no better way to get started than purchasing a complete solar panel kit. Instead of worrying about the complicated technical details of ensuring the components are compatible, a solar panel kit lets you purchase everything in one convenient bundle.

Often, purchasing a complete kit is more cost-effective than buying each piece of equipment individually. Most solar panel kits can also be upgraded and expanded over time, so they can grow with you as you become more comfortable with solar energy and want to use it for more of your electricity needs.

Any of the top 5 solar panel kits we reviewed above are a great place to start. Do not wait to lower your monthly utility bills and your carbon footprint.

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