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RV With Tito - The Real Deal Vanlifers

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

"RV with Tito" is a website and YouTube channel founded by Brian Pursel, dedicated to RV maintenance, upgrades, and off-grid living. Brian, a retired software engineer, and his wife Melissa have been RVing since 2007 and started sharing their knowledge in 2018 after retiring. The site offers articles and videos on RV maintenance, DIY projects, and solar installations, with a focus on user-friendly content.

Tito, a mascot figurine, travels with them and inspired the site's name. The site provides a free RV solar panel guide and has a YouTube channel with DIY videos and community engagement. Brian's approachable style and extensive experience make his content valuable for RV enthusiasts seeking advice on solar power and sustainable living.


If you’ve gone online looking for inspiration and advice about RV life and solar power, you’ve probably come across “RV with Tito.” This website is dedicated to the maintenance and upgrade of RVs to lead a more self-reliant life, off-grid. 

The brainchild of Brian Pursel (founder of RVwithTITO), it contains a wealth of information for anyone and everyone dedicated to living the RV life. A retired software engineer, he and his wife, Melissa have been enjoying the RV life since 2007.

In 2018, they both retired from their corporate careers and started on a new path of discovery and adventure. Since then, they’ve helped countless others to live the RV life sustainably and affordably. Today, we look at the inspiration behind this endeavor.

What Spurred Them on to Start “RV With Tito”?

rv with tito solar

They had learned much from their years of RVing with their two kids, accompanied by their faithful RV mascot, Tito. With their kids all grown up, they turned their passion into a life’s mission. 

Living off-grid is a shared passion for Brian and his wife, just like the couple: off-grid with Jake and Nicole

Brian wanted to teach others everything he learned in his years of RVing with this family, and that led him to start this blog site, followed 2 years later by a YouTube channel.

What Is RV With Tito All About?

By helping others with all aspects of RV maintenance, DIY, and solar installations, their appeal is largely due to their user-friendly content. 

They post helpful articles in easy-to-understand language that deal with all the do’s and don’t of RV and solar power. RV With Tito has grown quite a large following over the years. Many of Brian’s fans think that Tito is his name, and he doesn’t bother to correct them because he doesn’t mind it at all.

What Is RV With Tito All About

Who Is Tito?

Tito is the faithful mascot figurine on the dashboard of Brian’s motorhome. Named by his kids, Tito has been RVing with them all over the country. Thus, the name of Brian’s blog site was born. 

The Website 

Brian started blogging about RVing in 2008. Packed full of useful guides and tips, it‘s been a learning center and community of RVers for the past 14 years. In 2010, Brian saw the need for a dedicated video channel to offer more in-depth advice about RV DIY. 

He has become one of the country’s top producers of DIY videos, featured on The RV Show USA

Like Will Prowse, he’s a trustworthy and reliable online source of solar information. The secret to his success is his down-to-earth personality and his casual teaching style.

RV with tito website

His Free Solar Guide

Are you starting your own RV living adventure? You probably have lots of questions about the practicality of solar panels for your RV. 

That’s why Brian offers a Free RV Solar Panel Guide that you can download from his RV With Tito website. It answers the most commonly asked questions about solar power for Rvs in a concise yet clear manner.

The YouTube Channel

The site is complemented by Brian’s YouTube channel - RV with Tito DIY. Since its inception in 2010, it has gained 115,000 subscribers. Brian encourages community participation and interaction in the comments on his videos. 

On the community page of his YouTube channel, he posts regular messages in with he shares his insights into DIY projects for your RV as well as recommends exciting new products.

RV with tito YouTube

RV With Tito’s Best Articles

These are some of the best articles on the RV With Tito site that you may find useful.

RV With Tito DIY’s Best Videos

Like Martin Johnson’s Off-grid Living,  RV With Tito DIY is more than just a series of instructional videos. They are glimpses into the everyday life of a family that is dedicated to sustainable living. 

And in the same vein as the Engineer775 website, Brain speaks with the authority gained from years of experience.

Here are some of RV With Tito DIY’s best solar panel videos that you may enjoy.

Final Words

Brian’s enthusiasm for RV life and solar power is infectious. His blog content is rich with personal anecdotes, a testament to his years of experience on the road. And his laidback, friendly manner and clear instructions make following his video tutorials a pleasure. 

If you’re a fan of the Love Your RV blog, we’re sure you’ll find RV with Tito’s content fascinating.

Like us, RV With Tito aims to make solar power simple. We love his carefree approach to RV life, and appreciate the care and effort he puts into creating engaging content we can all relate to. 

rv with tito blog

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