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Ed's Journey to Cutting His Electricity Bill by 50%

Welcome to "Solar Stories'' where we shine a light on customers who've done remarkable things with their solar setups. We want to show you that it's possible and that everyday people like yourself can do incredible things.

Today, we're showcasing Edward G from New England who took control of his own power and cut his electricity bill in half. We love to see people like Ed getting the most out of their systems…. even if his energy provider National Grid probably doesn't!

If you have a similar story that you are open to sharing please email partners@shopsolar.com. These stories help everyone and give other people ideas of what is possible. If you are willing and interested in sharing your story, please do!


Ed's solar journey began with a quest for a more reliable backup power source than his conventional Honda Generator could provide. After exploring the website, he found a Delta Pro system that met his needs and took the plunge into the world solar power.

Edward ended up investing in a 240V kit so that he would be able to power all the larger appliances in his home. What makes this situation so awesome is that Ed did everything himself. He connected his power stations and batteries to a transfer switch and wired up the solar panels to his units. He put them out in his front yard and it was working so well that he decided to double the solar panels as well.

Off-Grid Use

While Ed started out looking for reliable back-up power, he quickly realized that his monthly electricity bill from National Grid was dropping like crazy. Ed started making decisions like only running the dishwasher on solar power and he began transferring more and more of his daily energy needs over to his solar kit. He even added two smart generators to enhance the reliability in case there were extended power outages or many days without good sun. Soon Ed had cut his electricity bill in half!

After 12 months of operation, Ed's system has not only met but exceeded his expectations. It has become a reliable source of power for his home, cutting his electricity consumption from an average of 450-500 kWh per month to 250-300 kWh. This reduction translates to an average saving of $125 per month or roughly $1500 per year!

The system now pretty much powers the entire house, with Ed and his wife making conscious decisions to maximize efficiency, such as limiting the use of high-energy appliances and moving the solar panels with the seasons. Ed's typical day involves minimal interaction with the system, all he needs to do is check charge levels and switch between the grid and solar power in the evening.

Sharing the Knowledge

Edward's willingness to share his experience and insights has made him a valuable member of the solar community. His detailed feedback on electricity savings, system performance, and daily operation provides everyone with a practical blueprint if you’re considering a similar solar journey.

Not only has he achieved significant financial savings, but he has also taken a significant step toward energy independence.

We love to see it, congrats Ed!

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ShopSolar.com is the #1 digital platform that enables consumers & businesses to source and purchase complete solar + storage solutions direct, saving you thousands in time, energy and money.

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