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Deep South Homestead

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article discusses Wanda and Danny King, known as Deep South Homestead, who aim to create a sustainable farm on their homestead using permaculture and conventional gardening. Danny, a former logger and pastor, met Wanda after a series of life changes. Together, they've built a 10-acre homestead focusing on off-grid living and solar power.

Their YouTube channel showcases their use of solar panels and generators, reviewing various products and offering practical advice on setup and usage. Danny's knowledge, while practical, also delves into technical aspects like panel angles and system setups. The homestead's buildings, including the barn, utilize solar power entirely, demonstrating their commitment to off-grid living. While their income from YouTube is modest compared to some, they are content with their homestead life. They also have a podcast and website, expanding their reach to those interested in their lifestyle. Danny's age is estimated to be around 70, while Wanda is 61.


Wanda and Danny King, who are better known as Deep South Homestead, work their daily lives working towards a sustainable farm on their homestead.

They make use of permaculture ideas and conventional gardening techniques to harvest organic fruit and vegetables.

The Deep South Homestead channel is also a good place to see how solar panels can be used on a homestead and how to be efficient and effective about it.

Who is Danny King?

where is deep south homestead located

Danny King learned to hunt and fish at a young age when going out into the wild with his father, so he was all about that outdoor lifestyle from the beginning.

Much like Danny’s father, he became a logger after he got married to a woman he met around that time. He wanted to help his father with the logging business for 15 years.

After that, he got divorced, married a different woman, and became a pastor.

He also investigated starting a hunting program with his new wife, but she ended up getting sick so that plan did not fall through.

His wife at the time eventually passed away, and it took another 2 years for Danny to remarry, and this is when he met Wanda.

Wanda and Danny started in a 1-acre home and through years of moving and working had finally settled on building a homestead.

how old is danny on deep south homestead

Wanda continued to support Danny’s preaching path and he wanted to be able to reach as many people as he possibly could.

Today, they own a beautiful 10-acre homestead and Danny has a section on the channel called Porch Talk, where he preaches to his viewers about his life and how the homestead process is going.

Danny became increasingly interested in solar panels, generators, and various ways of living off the grid so he began creating content based on solar panels and arrays.

Big Solar Users

Danny and Wanda try to incorporate off-grid living concepts like solar panels into their homestead and often create reviews on certain solar-powered generators and panels.

deep south homestead location

Their barn uses zero electricity and is entirely off-grid. They made use of a 200W solar panel along with some charge controllers and a 200A battery system.

We like that Danny’s knowledge of solar panels is broad and accessible to those wanting to enter the world of solar panels.

He speaks about the angle at which the solar panels should be placed in correlation to the sun and makes concepts like input and output power easy to understand.

While channels like professor Hobotech get down to the nitty-gritty of solar panels, talking about the more scientific perspective, Deep South Homestead gives a more practical and hands-on solar panel approach.

However, Danny isn't afraid to get technical and test out the capabilities of a portable power station to see if it can run an AC.

He knows how to set up an array of solar panels, hook them up to an inverter or solar generator, and power appliances, machines, and various systems around the homestead.

Danny goes a step further to discuss how he set up his off-grid cabin with a Bluetti AC200, solar panels, and an inverter.

deep south homestead net worth

Almost every cabin, shed or greenhouse on the Deep South Homestead makes use of solar-powered energy to coincide with Danny’s off-the-grid beliefs.

Deep South Homestead Location

The Southern Homestead of Danny and Wanda King is located 30 miles off the north of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

This location was the perfect destination for them as there was enough greenery coupled with chances to expand their homestead with cabins, greenhouses, and much more.

Deep South Homestead Net Worth

Most YouTubers get paid through monetization from advertisements. Ever seen those 10-second ads that you cannot skip? 

Well, that’s how content creators earn an income on the platform.

Depending on the number of views on the YouTuber's video will determine how much money they receive, as well as the CPM.

deep south homestead podcast

This is the amount that the advertisers pay for every 1,000 times their ads run on your channel.

The country or region also plays a big role in how many views a channel gets.

In the case of Deep South Homestead Location, you won’t see as many non-American viewers due to their southern American style and topics.

So channels like Will Prowse who mainly speaks about solar panels, a technology that’s taking the world by storm, will obtain more viewership than Deep South Homestead.

Youtube also takes 45% obtained from the ad revenue.

With all, Deep South Homestead has a total of 2293 videos, over 220 000 subscribers, and a total average of around 36 million views.

If they obtain a total of 1.3 million views in 30 days, their estimated revenue will be around $4000.

Deep South Homestead isn’t anywhere near Living Off Grid with Jake and Nicole's income, but Danny and Wanda are content and happy with their homestead life.

Deep South Homestead Podcast

Deep South Homestead, much like RV with Tito, has its website and series of podcasts available on Apple, Deezer, and music streaming sites.

This is a place where Danny can talk about life using solar panels on the homestead or any other topics in an environment where people can listen without having to watch a video.

The website isn’t like the love your RV blog site that focuses more on discussions but is instead used as a simple navigation tool to get you access to all Deep South Homestead’s resources.


how old is danny king from deep south homestead


How Old is Danny King from the Deep South Homestead?

Danny’s age has never been publicized openly, but we would say he is nearing, if not just over, the age of 70.

Wanda King on the other hand is confirmed to be 61 years old in 2022.


Danny and Wanda King certainly know what they are talking about when it comes to using solar panels and trying to live an off-grid life.

While Wanda isn't always in the spotlight, she supports Danny in wanting to build their dream homestead one step at a time.

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Estella Purifoy - March 25, 2024

Mr Danny, Mrs Wanda I watch you everyday on YouTube, thank you for all the tips and advice. I have a cast iron bathtub, what can I plant in it. With food skyrocketing I’m gardening this year.

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