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Who Is Hobotech and Should You Trust Him?

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Hobotech is a YouTube channel owned by Tom, known as "Professor Tom" in his videos. The channel focuses on off-grid living, including RV boondocking, van life, and homesteading, with a strong emphasis on solar power. Tom is considered a legitimate source of information due to his expertise and honesty in reviewing products and sharing in-depth knowledge.

His videos are professional, high-quality, and often lengthy, covering complex topics comprehensively. Hobotech's website offers a blog and shop where he sells solar products, further establishing his authority in the field. With over 150,000 subscribers, Hobotech has built an active community, with Tom regularly engaging with viewers. Overall, Hobotech is a valuable resource for anyone interested in solar power and off-grid living.


As a solar enthusiast, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for resources and information on solar power. This includes reading blog posts and articles and watching videos on solar topics. 

If you’ve been around solar panel circles, you’ve probably heard of Hobotech, and you may be wondering who they are and why they are considered a legitimate source of information.

Hobotech is a YouTube channel that focuses on technical how-tos, product reviews, and information on how to live off-grid. This includes RV boondocking, van life, cruisers, nomad life, and homesteading. Occasionally, the channel features videos about personal adventures and offroad trips.

Who Owns Hobotech?

Who Is Hobotech

Hobotech is owned by Tom, who plays "Professor Tom" in the videos. Tom and his kitty Odin lived in a Space Station RV, his 1995 Dodge Roadtrek named "MIR" before purchasing a multi-acre property in Arizona Mountains. 

He has since converted this property into a Deep South Homestead-like space of his own where he grows his own food and enjoys the solitude of living in nature. Just like Living off-grid with Jake and Nicole, Tom enjoys the challenge of living sustainably and being self-sufficient.

Tom is an interesting guy who has a lot of experience with alternative living, including off-grid solar power. Solar is one of his main topics on Hobotech, and he often recommends products and equipment that he has used and reviewed himself. This gives him a unique perspective that is valuable to solar enthusiasts.

Is Hobotech Legit?

Hobotech is considered a legitimate source of information because Tom is an expert on the topics he covers. He has years of experience living off-grid and using solar power, so he knows what works and what doesn't. He is also honest about his opinions and isn’t afraid to give negative reviews.

Below are some of the main reasons why we consider Hobotech a legitimate source of information:

In-Depth Videos

Off-grid living isn’t a simple topic. It requires a lot of knowledge to do it successfully. Hobotech videos are in-depth and cover all the important aspects of living off-grid. In every video, he provides valuable information that is useful for people interested in this lifestyle.

This includes solar topics such as system design, equipment reviews, and installation tips. He also recommends the best solar panels, solar power generators, solar batteries, and other equipment for living off-grid.

professor hobotech

The length of his videos is also impressive, as they range from 20 minutes to over an hour. This shows that he’s willing to take the time to cover all the important details. He uses this time to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, hence allowing the viewer to understand it fully.

Expertise in Solar Power

Hobotech is an expert on solar power and has years of experience using it to live off-grid. This gives him a unique perspective that is valuable to anyone interested in solar power.

His expertise is visible in his videos, as he can explain complex topics in a way that is easy to understand. He provides valuable insights into the products and equipment that he has used and reviewed.

Just like the City Prepping YouTube channel, Hobotech's prowess in solar energy gives the channel an edge over others in the same niche.

Honest Opinions

Tom is honest about his opinions and isn’t afraid to give negative reviews. This makes him a trusted source of information. This is seen in his reviews of solar products, where he gives an honest assessment of the pros and cons.

His reviews are helpful for people who are considering purchasing a particular product. They can make an informed decision knowing both the positive and negative aspects of the product. Also, his reviews are entertaining to watch because of his candidness.


reviews hobotech


Professional Videos

Hobotech's videos are professionally made and edited. They are also high quality, which is important for a YouTube channel. The production value of the videos shows that Tom takes his work seriously and is committed to providing valuable content for his viewers. 

High-quality Content

Quality is important for any type of content, and Hobotech's videos are no exception. The information in his videos is well researched and presented in a way that is easy to understand. His videos are also entertaining, which makes them enjoyable to watch.

The high quality of his content sets him apart from other YouTubers who cover similar topics. It also makes him a trusted source of information for people interested in living off-grid.

An Active Community

With over 150,000 subscribers, Hobotech has built a large and active community. This is evident in the comments section of his videos, which are filled with people asking questions and sharing their own experiences.

Just like the Canadian Prepper Youtube channel, Hobotech is also active in the community. He regularly responds to comments and interacts with his viewers. This shows that he cares about his audience and is willing to help them.

A large and active community is important for any YouTube channel. It shows that the channel is not only popular but also has an engaged audience.

Does Hobotech Have a Website?

Yes, Hobotech has a website (https://hobotech.tv/). This site contains a blog, where Tom writes about solar topics. He also has a shop where he sells solar products.

hobotech professor

The blog is a great resource for people interested in solar topics. It contains a wealth of information that is regularly updated with new articles.

The shop is also useful for people who want to purchase solar products. It offers a wide range of products, including solar panels, solar generators, and solar batteries.

hobotech reviews

The site has an Amazon products section, which allows users to purchase solar products through Amazon. This is a great feature, as it gives users a wider selection of products to choose from.

Hobotech reviews hundreds of products, so you can easily kill an entire afternoon scrolling through his catalog trying to find the perfect item for you.

Click the links below to watch some of Hobotech's popular solar videos:


Regardless of what you need to learn about solar, Hobotech is the YouTube channel for you. Whether you need a recommendation for the best solar panel or you want to learn about system design, this channel has it all. Consider joining his active community today, and don't forget to check out his website.

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