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Can You Trust Martin Johnson Off Grid Living?

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Martin Johnson Off Grid Living is a popular YouTube channel with 412K subscribers, known for educating, encouraging, and entertaining viewers about off-grid living and DIY projects. Martin and his family share their experiences and adventures, aiming to inspire others to pursue a similar lifestyle. Martin's background includes work in the restaurant and HVAC/R industries, while Julie studied in Argentina and worked at a daycare center before they became missionaries. They lived off-grid in Indonesia for four years, which prepared them for their current lifestyle.

Their solar-powered system includes components like Victron BMV 712 Bluetooth Monitor, Battle Born Batteries, Victron Smart Charge Controllers, and a 2000-watt inverter–charger from AIMS Power, among others. Martin advocates for solar power as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy solution. The family believes in minimalism and monitoring their energy consumption, and they plan to continue challenging themselves with new projects in the future. Their YouTube channel features videos on various topics, including solar power, DIY projects, and off-grid living tips.


Martin Johnson Off Grid Living has become an increasingly popular Youtube channel. With 412K subscribers, we can see why people love watching their content.

They educate, encourage, and entertain their audience through experiences along their journey. Some of their video content includes the easiest off-grid solar power system, a house built in 15 minutes, and DIY water well drilling results.

If you’re interested in off-grid living, or DIY projects, then their content is right for you. In this article, we show you who Martin Johnson is, their family’s mission, history, and what the future looks like, as well as what’s in their solar-powered system.

Who Is Martin Johnson?

Off Grid Living Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson is the husband of Julie Johnson and the father of Sarah and Seth. Martin and his wife Julie both grew up in Northern California. Sarah was born in Texas and Seth was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.

They’re a family always on the move. They often find new adventures and meet different people wherever they go. Martin and Julie got married 15 years ago. Since then, they have lived in 2 countries and 5 different states.

Martin and his family are known as “Down to Earth Homesteaders.” 

What Is His Mission?

Martin’s mission is to use his and his family’s blog and YouTube channel to encourage, educate and entertain their audience. They do this by sharing their experiences along their journey. 

He hopes that their audience will see that regardless of their lack of experience, they can build a modern homestead. They hope that the viewers will be encouraged to start something similar. 

You can also check out the Deep South Homestead podcast for similar content. If you own an RV, you may also want to watch RV with Tito for DIY projects and tips.

Martin and his family aim to be as helpful and transparent as possible. They share everything from their successes to their failures and mistakes. 

Martin Johnson’s history

Martin Johnson’s History

Martin worked in the restaurant and HVAC/R industry after college. His wife Julie studied in Argentina and worked at a daycare center. After they met, they got married. 

Martin and Julie are from small mountain towns in Northern California. They prefer to depend on their own energy in their own time.

They both attended bible school before becoming missionaries. They lived in Indonesia off-grid for four years. This helped them prepare for their current lifestyle.

During their missionary work in Indonesia, Martin and Julie worked on some extraordinary projects. They collected rainwater through a gutter system, did laundry by hand, cooked with kerosene lamps, and had to go on some serious journeys just to get a phone signal. 

When they moved to a village in Indonesia, their daughter Sarah was only two years old. They ended up having their son, Seth, while living in the village.

martin johnsons solar powered system

Martin and Julie have been married for over 20 years now. 

For the last 20 years, Martin has been living off-grid. He started to take interest in the lifestyle while he was in California, where he grew up. He jokes that the book series by James Westley Rawls called Patriots inspired him to move to Idaho. 

Their congregation is centered in Sandpoint. They supported their work in Indonesia. Martin and Julie visited regularly to check on their mission work. They decided to stay there so that they could carry on helping the church. 

What’s In Martin Johnsons Solar Powered System?

Martin and Julie know that fossil-powered energy is expensive. Electric energy can be much more efficient and cost-effective. When people research off-grid living, they consider power solutions they’re often already used to, such as gas generators. 

You can find Martin's video about the benefits of solar and how it’s a better long-term investment, on his Youtube channel. Gas may seem like the best option, but Martin shows how solar is environmentally and budget-friendly, making it the best choice. 

The following are the components that the Johnsons have in their power system: 

–1x Victron BMV 712 Bluetooth Monitor 

Martin Johnson

–8 BB10012V Battle Born Batteries 

–Blue Systems 100-30A MEGA/AMG Fuse Block

–2x Victron Smart Charge Controllers MPPT 100/50 

Off Grid Living

– 1 Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/70- Tr 

They also have a 2000-watt inverter–charger from AIMS Power, ten 300-watt solar panels, and accessories to supplement the energy system. 

You can buy your own solar kit for an off-the-grid solar system.

can you trust martin johnson off grid living

What’s Next For Martin Johnson?

If you’re considering an off-grid lifestyle, Martin’s family believes that minimalism is the way to go. 

Martin's wife Julie said, “A lot of people don’t realize that we don’t need as much [power] as we think we do.” If there are a lot of appliances running at the same time then the family will always intentionally monitor their light and power consumption. 

They’re constantly challenging their own abilities because they don’t like the idea of being dependent on other people or systems. Their main goal at the moment is to have their electricity and to stock up on groceries. 

They need to remember to budget. This is important because having the best system elements can be expensive. It’s extremely worth it in an off-grid system to invest in more energy-efficient appliances out of the gate.

It’s difficult to work outside during the Winter season. They plan to work on more projects inside of their home to stay busy during the colder months. They still have many plans for the future which include interesting projects.

Martin Johnson’s Best Videos

You can check out Kyle’s Cabin YouTube and David Poz’s YouTube for video content that may also interest you. Jehu Garcia solar also creates podcasts and videos on emerging tech and DIY projects.

Off Grid Living -  Martin Johnson

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