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Who Is Canadian Prepper?

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The Canadian Prepper, real name Nate Polson, is a popular YouTuber known for his educational content on solar panels and survival preparation. With over 800,000 subscribers, his channel covers DIY solar panel setups and reviews, offering insights into solar technology and its practical applications. Nate's videos are part of the prepping movement, providing valuable information on solar power from a Canadian perspective. He also runs a family business called Canadian Preparedness, selling high-quality emergency preparedness products.

Nate's net worth is estimated at $951,000, and he earns around $15,200 a month from his YouTube channel. He has a significant following on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, where he shares his adventures and promotes sustainable living through solar energy. Nate's channel is a valuable resource for those interested in solar power and survivalism.


If you frequently scour the internet for educational solar panel content, then it’s likely you’ve stumbled upon solar DIY influences like Will Prowse and Professor Hobotech. However, I’m sure you have also crossed paths with a Youtuber who has a channel called the Canadian Prepper.

Accumulating a whopping 811,000 subscribers since joining Youtube in May 2014, the Canadian Prepper continues to put top-quality educational content on all things solar and survival preparation.

canadian prepper divorce

A large proportion of his channel is devoted to solar panel setups and reviews while touching on DIY solar panel solutions for your home. 

The Canadian Prepper has a regular upload schedule producing approximately 4 to 6 videos a week and has created over 1,200 Youtube videos. In total, he has accumulated over 173 million channel views.

He rose to have a huge following during the time the prepping movement started to gain traction in Canada.

All his videos are from the perspective of a Canadian, but he has reached audiences from all over the world, especially those interested in tech and products that are useful for preparedness and survival.

After watching one out of his multitude of solar videos, I was left to consider purchasing a set of portable solar panels or an equivalent solar gadget for myself.

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Canadian Prepper Website

The Canadian Prepper owns a family-run business and online store called Canadian Preparedness. This business can be found approximately 15 minutes away in the town of Saskatoon, also situated in Saskatchewan.

The website is home to top-quality reviews and products targeted to those who have a knack for survival, DIY, adventure, and solar power.

His website caters to and covers the entire audience spectrum from general outdoorsy folk to extreme survival specialists with his website reading as follows:

“Canadian Preparedness is a family-run Canadian company based out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan that seeks to bring top-quality emergency preparedness products to campers, preppers, hikers, survivalists, first responders, and wilderness enthusiasts.

We are seasoned preppers and that means that we know what is junk and what isn’t we pass up many high-margin products and limit our inventory to high-quality BUY ONCE products.”

canadian prepper family

Canadian Prepper’s website is classified as an international vendor and all the prices are listed in USD. However, Canadian citizens get a 3% discount on all products. People from the US are the biggest supporters, making up a whopping 80% of all website orders.

Every product listed on the website has been put through real-world testing and has been compared with other reviews to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Canadian Prepper Amazon Store

In addition to his website, the Canadian Prepper has an Amazon page with 71 of the highest-rated and recommended tech items and solar gadgets available on Amazon.

This is another way he can review items and associate himself with quality brands and items, as well as inspire his audience through his various social media platforms.

All his Amazon recommendations have an average star rating of 4 or more stars, further emphasizing his philosophy of only providing the best quality content and products to his audience.

canadian prepper amazon store

Canadian Prepper Real Name

The Canadian Prepper’s real name is Nate Polson, and he currently resides in Martensville, Saskatchewan in Canada.

Canadian Prepper Net Worth

According to the website Statsmash, the Canadian Prepper receives 258,000 views and receives approximately around 480 new subscribers daily.

He has a net worth of $951,000 as of July 2022 and this is projected to reach $1,000,000 in no time. In a day the Canadian Prepper makes around $150, which equates to roughly $15,200 a month.

His Youtube channel continues to exponentially grow on a yearly basis. He received approximately 51 900 daily views back in 2020, and this number increased two-fold in 2022.

How Old Is Canadian Prepper

We’re not sure for certain, but we assume that the Canadian Prepper is around his mid-30s.


During his time on Youtube, the Canadian Prepper has put out a ton of solar panel-related content that it is difficult to hone in on the best ones.

Thankfully, we have selected the top 5 videos from his channel where he discusses everything solar.

#1. Ecoflow Delta Pro Review: Whole Home Off-Grid Energy Solution

#2. How To Charge Your E-Bike With a Solar Panel / Powerfilm

#3. Prepper's Guide to Home Solar Power

#4. The Future of Off Grid Power: Modular Solar Generator | Inergy Flex

#5. 3 Types of Solar Panels Monocrystalline Vs Powerfilm      

Other Social Platforms

In addition to his Youtube Channel platform, Canadian Prepper has a Facebook and an Instagram page.

His Facebook page has 15,000 followers and shares all his videos through this platform. Additionally, he leads discussions on his Facebook page and also promotes his website along with other cool tech gadgets.

His Instagram page is more active with a massive following of 27,600 followers and over 1,200 posts.

His Instagram posts show the personal side of the Canadian Prepper with his family and furry dogs. He also shows the adventures he goes on while using the products listed on his website.

canadian prepper review


If you’re interested in all things prep with a linkage to solar energy, then the Canadian Prepper is a good place to start.

We feel that the theoretical knowledge and a plethora of solar reviews, make the Canadian Prepper a reliable source for all your solar generation system needs.

He covers a wide range of solar topics, specifically for survival. However, no matter what type of viewer you are, he encourages you to practice sustainable living through the use of his solar setup teachings.

It’s obvious through his videos that Nate enjoys what he does and thrives at sharing his knowledge with his thousands of viewers. He puts a lot of effort into learning about different solar tech and putting it into informative videos so that others may benefit from them.

If you do follow his DIY solar videos, then you should always initially check with the solar company regarding the setup and wiring just to be sure that everything is running correctly.

If you find solar panel discussion interesting, then you should also check out the deep south homestead podcast, Silvercymbal, or Martin Johnson for more interesting solar DIY content. 

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