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The Beautiful Guildbrook Farm

We‘re all about helping people find a way to live their lives in a way that’s both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

For this reason, we recommend taking a look at some of Guildbrook Farm’s content on YouTube. They are just as passionate about sustainable and eco-friendly living as we are and, better yet, they post informative YouTube videos on a weekly basis to ensure that you never stop learning.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Guildbrook Farm, looking at who they are, where they’re located, and what their mission is. In doing so, we hope to show you why we are such keen supporters of their cause and purposes.

What Is Guildbrook Farm?

what is guildbrook farm

Located in the foothills of Appalachia in North Carolina, Guildbrook Farm was first founded in 2015. What started out as a cozy yet modern mountain home for its founding couple soon turned into a medium through which sustainable and self-reliant living could be taught.

Guildbrook Farm purports to help anyone interested to break away from the constraints of society and live a lifestyle that’s dependent on nothing else but you and mother nature. 

This is the same driving philosophy behind other popular creators like Erik Grankvist and The Primitive Technology Guy.

The couple behind Guildbrook Farm are committed to posting regular DIY and factual videos where they take a leaf out of their own book to show you everything you need to know about living self-reliably. 

They’re not just limited to YouTube videos. They also have a user-friendly website that not only has a huge inventory of informative articles and blog posts, but an online store where their followers can purchase super cool merchandise.

guildbrook farm YouTube

What Kind of Content Do They Produce?

The videos released by Guildbrook Farm cover a number of topics you may find useful.

Their farming videos walk you through the process of planting and harvesting high-quality crops in a way that’s not only efficient but eco-friendly. Additionally, they also cover things like how to look after different types of farm animals be it chickens, pigs, or even rabbits.

Their DIY videos also deal with simple life hacks to make things to keep your self-reliant homestead functioning like a well-oiled machine. They cover everything from home maintenance, small solar power system installations, and even making your own furniture.

where is guildbrook farm located

Finally, some of their most informative videos cover the strategies they use to increase their own self-sufficiency whilst maintaining the balance with their land.

If you’re a fan of Off-grid Living with Jake and Nicole and the content they produce, we’re sure you’ll love what Guildbrook Farm has on offer.


Overall, it should be clear that when it comes to learning how to live both sustainably and self-reliantly, Guildbrook Farm and the content they produce is one of the first sources of information to consult.

In comparison to the slightly more niche, prepper-oriented channels like Canadian Prepper and Engineer775, Guildbrook Farm is a relaxing and soothing experience.

It also helps to know that everything that Guildbrook Farm shows and tells you about in their videos and articles is things that they have learned from experience. As we all know, there’s no greater teacher than experience.

guildbrook farm website

So, don’t hesitate to go look up Guildbrook Farms today and look at the handy tips and advice they have on offer.

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