Who is Will Prowse DIY Solar and Is He Legit?
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Who Is Will Prowse DIY Solar and Is He Legit?

Who Is Will Prowse DIY Solar and Is He Legit


Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

Will Prowse, known for his DIY Solar Power YouTube channel, offers informative videos on setting up solar power systems affordably. Previously living in an RV for nearly a decade, he transitioned to a fixed location in Las Vegas. His YouTube channel has grown to over 506K subscribers, focusing on DIY solar solutions and electrical basics. Prowse also authored "Mobile Solar Power Made Easy," a popular DIY solar book with over 1,900 five-star reviews on Amazon. His website, Mobile-SolarPower.com, features wiring diagrams and system designs for DIY solar enthusiasts.

Prowse's DIY solar forum provides a platform for sharing tips and tricks. While his exact age is unknown, estimates suggest he's between 25 and 30 years old. While his YouTube earnings aren't specified, he offers insights into his income in a video. His top videos include topics like affordable lithium batteries and building solar power systems for beginners.


If you have a DIY solar power system or are in the process of learning about them, chances are you've heard of Will Prowse and his DIY Solar Power YouTube channel.

Prowse has built a large following on his YouTube channel, DIY Solar with Will Prowse, where he makes informative and helpful DIY solar videos that walk people through all of their options for setting up their own solar power systems without breaking the bank.

Currently residing in Las Vegas Nevada, he previously lived out of an RV for the better part of a decade and introduced himself on the Cheap RV Living Forum back in 2017 saying:

“Hey guys. I have the youtube channel with 300+ videos pertinent to van and rv living. Also author of "mobile solar power- made easy!". I am mainly here to see what questions you guys have regarding solar, and hopefully helping you out. 

Been living in vehicles for 8 years. Got a temporary room right now due to a health problem. Have lived in 2 RV's, 2 van's, car's, bushes, minivan etc etc. 

I will be probably be building out an RV or large van when my health is better, in a couple months.”

Since then, he has worked extremely hard and continued to put out a ton of valuable content resulting in his YouTube channel going from a few thousand subscribers to well over 506K at the time of this writing.

Prowse focuses mainly on affordable DIY solar solutions and the basics of electricity, lithium batteries, solar generators, and more. 

Will Prowse Solar Book

Will Prowse also wrote a DIY solar book called Mobile Solar Power Made Easy: Do-It-Yourself Guidebook to Vehicle Mounted Solar System Design & Installation. Written in 2017, it's one of the best-selling DIY solar books on Amazon, and it has received well over 1,900 five-star reviews! 

What is Will Prowse’s Website?

Along with his YouTube channel, Will Prowse has his own website, Mobile-SolarPower.com, where he posts wiring diagrams and examples of system designs for people to use when building their own DIY solar power systems, which you can see here.

DIY Solar Forum

Will also launched a DIY solar forum in late 2019 as a way to continue building and helping his community, and so people interested in DIY solar can share tips and tricks. We highly recommend joining if you're serious about DIY solar power systems.

How old is Will Prowse? 

We're not sure, but we would have to guess somewhere between 25 and 30 years old.

How much does DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse make on YouTube?

Will’s channel is very successful. Although we’re not certain exactly how much his YouTube channel makes, he did make a video here explaining how he actually makes money with his DIY solar channel.

Some of Will Prowse’s Most Popular DIY Solar YouTube Videos

Although Will has a ton of great videos, some of his most popular videos that you might be interested in checking out are linked below: 

#1. Dirt Cheap Lithium Battery! Cheaper than Lead Acid 

#2. DIY 12V LTO (Lithium Titanate) Battery

#3. Build Your First Solar Power System for Beginners

#4. DIY 400 Watt 12 Volt Solar Power System For Beginners

#5. New 1500wh “Bluetti” Solar Generator: Lithium Battery + MPPT + Inverter Power Box

Final Words

Although we may be a bit biased as big Will Prowse fans, we feel he is the most reliable source of DIY solar power information on the Internet. You can tell he really enjoys this stuff and has taken the time to learn about it in-depth. Like anything on the Internet, though, you may want to check with a professional (or a licensed electrician) before following some of his DIY solar tutorials as they can be very advanced.

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