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Engineer775: The Self-Sufficiency Expert

If the majority of your Youtube search and watch history consists of off-grid living, DIY solar solutions, and sustainable farming practices, then there’s a decent chance you’ve seen one or two recommended videos from Engineer775.

Since joining Youtube in December 2008, Engineer775 has built an enormous following from a few thousand viewers to over 316,000 subscribers and 53,000,000 total channel views.

Today, Engineer775 continues to produce excellent how-to solar guides and covers a wide spectrum of topics, from homesteading to renewable energy practices.

He produces an average of 6 videos every month while also being involved in other shows, such as the popular tv show “Doomsday Preppers” where he was one of the consultants. In total, Engineer775 has uploaded over 750 informative Youtube videos and continues to produce top-quality content.

What His Content Consists of

Enginner775 is known as “The Practical Prepper” and a large chunk of his content is associated with the practicality of off-grid solar systems. He particularly focuses on how you can set up your own simple off-grid solar energy system without prodigal spending and overcomplications.

engineer775 website

Engineer775 has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, perfectly living up to his Youtube channel name. He brings years of experience to his videos as a sustainable living design engineer and excels at incorporating his immense amount of solar knowledge in his videos.  

His expertise in sustainability is at the forefront of all of his videos and as a viewer, it’s easy to see how simple solar off-grid living can be.

In addition to his personal tutorials, Engineer775 does solar reviews and realistic demos of solar items that you can put into practice at home. All his reviews are in-depth and from the perspective of an honest consumer who would use the item around their home.

Shortly after watching his Youtube channel trailer, we were captivated and had to watch a few more videos and try out one of the many solar panel setups he has on his channel.

Engineer775 Website & Business

In addition to being a Youtuber, Engineer775 has a website and a family-owned business called Practical Preppers.

engineer775 website

Engineer775 has a deep passion for helping families achieve energy independence through solar power. He offers a specialized and innovative perspective on sustainable living and even offers consultation to determine your exact needs.

He has a wide range of solar items listed on his website from inverters, batteries, and generators, to even portable solar kits. Every item listed has been through careful and critical examinations and tests to ensure that function at 100% efficiency.

If you enjoy binging solar DIY influencers like Will Prowse and Professor Hobotech, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the content of Engineer775.  

Engineer775 has a love for solar generator systems, and you can see it through his videos and the words he uses on his website. He writes:

For us, solar is playing a big part in an even bigger goal: to have a completely self-sustainable home. When we design solar systems, we’re planning provisions not only for power but also for running water, hot water, heating/cooling, etc.

His website caters to a wide range of buyers, not only solar enthusiasts. You can always find items related to water storage, sanitation, lighting, and even firefighting. This provides buyers with all the necessary tools to reach their goals of complete self-sufficiency. 

Engineer775 Real Name

Believe it or not but Engineer775 is not his real name. The Youtuber’s real name is Scott Hunt, and he currently lives in South Carolina, which is the same place he runs his family-owned business.

Engineer775 Real Name

Engineer775 Net Worth    

According to multiple Youtube stats websites, the Engineer775 channel gets around 5500 views and gains about 14 new subscribers every day. In January of 2021, the channel gained over 6 million views and accumulated a whopping 38,000 new subscribers.

Running a channel with this many subscribers and daily views and these numbers amount to a net worth of $17,000 as of July 2022. However, Scott Hunt also appears on popular TV shows, making his final net worth more than this value.

Through Youtube alone, Engineer775 makes approximately $274 in a month, but this number largely depends on viewer traffic. During the better months, Engineer775 can make close to $1,000 in monthly revenue.

Engineer775's Youtube career continues to grow steadily from month to month, and soon we could be seeing him spread his message to millions of subscribers.

How Old Is Engineer775

how old engineer775 is

Scott Hunt is 56 years old, which ranks him 30th among Youtube creators at this age. He has three daughters and a son.

Engineer775 Top 3 Solar Panels Videos

Engineer775's Youtube channel is covered with different solar panel setups and DIY videos so it is hard to choose the best one. Instead, we have listed the three most popular videos that Engineeer775 has uploaded.

#1. 8100 Watt Solar Power System

#2. Sol-Ark EMP Hardened Solar Generator

#3. Portable Solar Generator: The SolarMax 3300

There are plenty more solar-associated videos on his channel than the three listed above, so be sure to check them out.

Engineer775 youtube


Unlike other solar DIY YouTubers, Scott Hunt truly cares about his fan base and wants every single one of them to achieve their goals of living a fully sustainable off-grid life. If you need a quick tutorial from the perspective of a farm-living individual, then Engineer775 is your guy.

In addition to his Youtube platform, you can find Scott on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On these platforms, you will find posts about his private life and updates on his recent video uploads and reviews.

In his own words Scott Hunt has this message for all his viewers:

As a prepper, I strive towards self-sufficiency, energy efficiency, alternative energy, conservation, and helping others do the same.

If you find yourself fully engrossed in his solar content and want to add a few more popular solar Youtubers to your subscriptions, then be sure to check out Jehu Garcia's solar videos and Off-grid living by Youtuber Martin Johnson.

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