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Introducing the New EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra: The Ultimate Whole Home Backup Power Solution

Introducing the New EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra: The Ultimate Whole Home Backup Power Solution 

In a time where electricity bills are soaring and the grid is less reliable than ever before, having access to an uninterrupted backup power supply is starting to seem like a necessity, rather than a luxury. 

The EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra emerges as a game-changer on this front. This sophisticated system is set to act as an upgraded and expanded version of the industry-leading EcoFlow DELTA PRO. By exceeding the high standards of its predecessor, it promises to offer an unparalleled power backup solution for homes and businesses alike.

Given that the DELTA PRO Ultra is set to launch in early 2024, we wanted to take the time to explore what it has to offer. By taking an in-depth look at its specifications and wide-ranging features, we can discover why so many are convinced that the DELTA PRO Ultra is going to revolutionize the backup power industry.

What is the EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra?

The DELTA PRO Ultra was specifically designed to build upon what was previously offered by the original DELTA PRO solar generator. While the DELTA PRO was intended to act as a portable nerve center for a home backup power ecosystem, the DELTA PRO ULTRA promises to take things even further.

Basically, the DELTA PRO Ultra was designed to supply long-lasting, whole-home backup power. It achieves this in part as a result of its uniquely scalable power storage capabilities. Users will be able to easily grow their DELTA PRO Ultra from a single 6kWh battery, all the way up to fifteen 6kWh batteries. This means that it can offer a mind-blowing 90kWh of storage capacity, which is more than enough to power an entire household! 

To better grasp on the hype behind the DELTA PRO Ultra, let’s take a more detailed look at its power storage potential, as well as the other state-of-the-art features it offers. 

What Does the EcoFlow DELTA PRO ULTRA Offer? 

Unparalleled Power Storage Capabilities: The ULTRA’s Core Strength 

Expanded DELTA PRO Ultra

At the heart of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra’s strengths lies its formidable storage capacity. Out of the box, the Ultra’s built-in battery can store 6kWh of power, which builds upon the DELTA PRO’s already impressive 3.6kWh internal battery. 

While nearly doubling the storage capacity of its predecessor is exciting on its own, it’s just where things get started. That’s because the Ultra’s main strength is the fact that it is completely scalable. As mentioned, you can seamlessly connect an additional 15 batteries to the unit, multiplying the storage capacity to 90kWh of power! 

The 90kWh of storage that a fully expanded DELTA PRO Ultra offers is not to be taken lightly. For perspective, the popular and expensive Tesla Powerwall 2 is limited to just 13.5kWh, and it was designed to be a lasting home backup battery! 

You also need to remember that 90kWh isn't just a number; it's a testament to the system's ability to deliver consistent, reliable power when you need it the most. Imagine a scenario where a complete grid failure or extended power outage threaten to disrupt your life in a serious way. In this type of situation, the EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra could ensure that all of your essential electronics and appliances, like lighting and refrigerators, could pull the power they need to remain operational for nearly a month without needing to be recharged! 

As if that wasn’t enough, integrating your DELTA PRO Ultra into the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 would mean that you would experience uninterrupted, reliable power automatically! The Smart Panel’s automatic switch-over capabilities, combined with the Ultra’s unrivaled output power and storage capacity would mean that homeowners could transition between power sources effortlessly, guaranteeing uninterrupted power, no matter what happens. 

The unique scalability of the Ultra’s storage capacity also ensures that homeowners have the flexibility to adjust their energy storage based on their unique needs. Whether you need long-lasting power security for essential appliances, or just the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can keep your household running during a temporary blackout, the Ultra would be able to meet your needs. 

Versatility Output Power: A Solution for Every Appliance

Another distinguishing feature of the EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra is its remarkable output range, which spans from 7.2kW to an impressive 21.6kW. It also offers both 120V & 240V options. 

This incredible output power and versatility means that no matter what type of appliances you are running, the DELTA PRO Ultra can meet their exact power requirements. 

Even powering the most demanding appliances, like a full-sized central air conditioner, is easily achievable when you have an expandable backup power system that offers this type of output power. Unlike less powerful backup power systems, you also have the flexibility to power numerous appliances and devices simultaneously, so you can run your home just like you would with grid power. 

The Ultra can also supply its consistent 7,200W of output power while it is charging, ensuring that important appliances and devices are kept running without interruption. 

To make things even easier, the Ultra comes equipped with a variety of built-in output ports, including a specialized 30A socket. Again, this highlights EcoFlow’s commitment to versatility and efficiency when they were designing the Ultra. 

Full Solar Integration: True Power Independence 

DELTA PRO Ultra + Solar Panels

Like the original EcoFlow DELTA PRO, the Ultra delivers full solar integration. With a solar input range between 5.6kW and an industry-leading 16.8kW, homeowners can access and store free power that is completely independent from the grid.

The maximum solar input of 16.8kW means that you can quickly charge the Ultra’s various batteries by connecting it directly to your solar array. Pass-through charging also means that you’ll be able to supply power to your appliances directly from your solar panels, so you do not have to wait for the Ultra’s batteries to fully charge before pulling power from them.

Naturally, the Ultra’s compatibility with solar charging is incredibly useful during blackouts, lengthy grid failures, and emergency situations, but it can also help you cut down on your electricity costs. Rather than being reliant on the grid, you will be able to generate and store solar power, so you can power your home with free electricity. Even a limited number of solar panels would allow you to steadily charge the Ultra’s batteries, so you could essentially run your appliances for free. 

Advanced Features: Redefining Home Energy Management

DELTA PRO Ultra + Smart App

The EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra isn't just about power; it's about intelligent, efficient energy management. We already touched on its ability to be integrated into the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, but it’s worth repeating just how much this can enhance the user experience and overall efficiency of the Ultra. 

When connected, the system's rapid and automatic switchover capabilities ensure that grid failures are managed instantaneously. For homeowners, this translates to minimal disruptions and essential circuits remaining operational at all times. 

Users can also prioritize specific circuits based on immediate needs, thereby extending backup durations and enhancing overall system efficiency. For example, if you wanted to extend battery power as long as possible during an emergency, you could maintain power to your refrigerator and lights, while cutting power to less important electronics, like the television.

The Ultra is also compatible with the EcoFlow Smart App, so you also have the option to monitor and control it remotely. Even if you were on the other side of the country, you could keep a watchful eye on your home’s power system from your smartphone or tablet. 

But the system's intelligence extends beyond mere blackout management. It boasts a sophisticated analytical framework that evaluates your home’s power consumption patterns, so you can easily optimize how your home uses and stores solar power. By leveraging your solar power usage during peak consumption hours, you can easily offset the exorbitant peak rates that most utility companies charge. 

In essence, the EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra takes things even further than traditional whole home backup power solutions by acting as a comprehensive energy management system tailored for modern households. 

Customization & Adaptability: Meet Your Exact Needs 


Recognizing the differing power needs of various homeowners, EcoFlow designed the Ultra in a way that emphasizes customization and adaptability. Whether you're contemplating a full rooftop solar panel array, or just a few backyard panels, the Ultra is flexible enough to work with whatever you have available.

Its modular design also ensures that it can be expanded and modified as your power requirements evolve. From integrating additional batteries to altering your solar panel configurations, you’ll have the freedom to tailor the system to your unique needs. 

Rather than viewing the EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra as a short-term backup power solution, it should be viewed as a long-term investment in your power security and independence.

So, is the EcoFlow DELTA PRO Ultra the Real Deal? 

DELTA PRO Ultra Unit

We were already huge fans of the EcoFlow DELTA PRO, so when EcoFlow announced they would be launching an upgraded version of it, we were all ears. As more of the details have come out about the Ultra, it’s difficult to deny that it promises to be a true game-changer in home backup power.

Its robust storage power capacity, versatile output capabilities, pioneering solar integration features, and advanced energy management functionalities are unlike anything that has come before it. 

As more homeowners grow frustrated with the unreliability of the grid and rising power costs, we feel that it’s safe to assume the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra’s blend of power, efficiency, and adaptability is going to make it the must-have whole-home backup power solution.

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Allan - January 12, 2024

This is a great post, thank you for the in-depth review. Will be purchasing one from you very soon.

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