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Kyle’s Cabin

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Kyle's Cabin is a 24-year-old man living off-grid in Minnesota, showcasing his solar-powered lifestyle. He lives in a cabin he built himself, collecting water from snow and rain, and heating with firewood. He uses solar panels to power his home, including a review of the Ecoflow Delta Pro generator. Kyle provides practical advice on solar panel installation and off-grid living, catering to beginners.

He shares his experiences honestly and unbiased, without endorsement. His YouTube channel has over 112,000 subscribers, earning around $14,112 yearly from ads. Despite having fewer subscribers than some, Kyle's Cabin appeals to millennials interested in off-grid living and sustainable energy.


Whenever you hear of someone living off-grid or setting up a solar-powered cabin, you think of an older, experienced person.

Kyle’s Cabin is a young man whose knowledge of solar panels and off-grid living shouldn’t be underestimated.

Join us as we break down who Kyle's cabin is and how he makes use of solar power in and around his property.

Kyle’s Cabin Location

Location Kyle’s Cabin

Kyle is a 24-year-old man living a complete off-grid lifestyle in Minnesota.

He does not need to worry about paying mortgage or hefty power bills as he has made complete use of nature off-grid and healthy energy alternatives such as using solar power.

Before he met his girlfriend Cierra, Kyle lived alone and spent most of his time building the cabin and setting up various systems to ensure he lives completely off-grid.

Certain essentials like water are gathered by melting snow during the winter and collecting rainwater once that summer rain starts pouring.

Kyle makes use of a 5-gallon stockpot that holds the snow and uses a woodstove to boil it, turning the snow into drinkable, usable water.

Inside Kyle’s cabin are bedrooms, three bathrooms as well as an outdoor swimming pool.

They’ve built an outhouse not too far from the cabin itself, giving them a good environment where they can tend to their morning, afternoon, or evening business.

You may be asking how they keep warm. 

Before Kyle investigated propane heaters or smaller wattage ones powered by the solar system, they used firewood that was burned on the wood stove.

The firewood is obtained by cutting down dried-out trees, and kyle doesn’t make use of a chainsaw, he does this by hand.

Kyle’s Cabin Solar Usage

Kyle’s Cabin Solar Usage

Kyle’s Cabin is not a review and analysis channel like professor Hobotech when it comes to solar panels and generators.

This channel takes more of a practical approach showing how he implements solar panels around and inside his cabin.

But that is not to say that Kyle's cabin doesn’t review solar technology. He has often gone on record to boast about his Ecoflow Delta Pro.

Kyle’s Cabin location

We love that he speaks about what he likes about different solar products.

For example, he speaks highly of the Ecoflow 400W solar panel as it comes in a hard-sided case that can fold and unfold with ease.

In that same video where he reviews the Delta pro, he channels his inner Will Prowse and shows the viewers how to set up the generator and connect it up to the solar panel.

This will be catered to those who are just getting started in the world of solar panels or want to know more about off-grid living.

He does clarify that he lives in northern Minnesota and says that they don’t receive massive amounts of sunlight during the day, but if he needs to charge the solar generator then he will use one of their generators.

He’s also unbiased as he isn't endorsed by any of these products so if he does review a solar panel or generator, it's fair and honest.

How Old Are Kyle & Cierra

Kyle is 24 years old but the age of Cierra has never been published.

Either way, for a millennial wanting to live an off-grid lifestyle with his partner, many outdoor enthusiasts both young and old can look at these two as inspirational.

Not only is Kyle clued up on his solar panels and electrical expertise, but he’s a young man wanting to educate the uninformed on how to live a healthy, off-grid lifestyle.

kyles cabin cost

The Off Grid Log Cabin Using Solar Power

Inside the log cabin are the breakers and inverters needed for the solar panels. He has an in-depth video breaking down how to set up the solar cabin step by step.

We love that he gives recommendations for any additional peripherals not included with the solar panels or generators such as 30A breakers to connect between the solar panel and the inverter.

He also speaks in layman's terms so that anyone can understand what he’s speaking about.

The solar panel system in the cabin powers everything from the bedroom lights to the kitchen stove.

When he installed the solar panel, he spoke about the positioning of the panel in correlation to the amount of sunshine that his property receives.

Another we like about Kyle’s Cabin is that he demonstrates how his solar system works under different weather conditions and speaks about what conditions are best and around what time he receives the most sunlight.

So it's safe to say that Kyle’s Cabin knows what he's talking about when it comes to the world of solar panels and systems.

Kyle’s Cabin's Net Worth

The way that we determined Deep South Homestead‘s net worth is the same one we can use to investigate Kyle’s Cabin’s net worth.

The more ads that a channel places on its videos determines how much money it can obtain, as well as the CPM that measures the amount of money earned per 1,000 views.

Kyle’s cabin, although smaller than (keyword), has a wider demographic than some of the other solar panel or off-grid living channels you see on youtube.

Kyle’s Cabin TouTube channel

This channel has a total subscriber count of around 112,000, posting a total of 138 videos since the day of its creation. The channel also obtained a total view count of 17 million.

Every month sees an average of 1,000 new subscribers to the channel with views reaching anywhere up to 300,000. 

This means Kyle’s Cabin will obtain a monthly income of around $1,170 and a yearly income of $14,112 including the deductions that youtube implements.

Living off the grid with Jake and Nicole's income disparity is due to them having almost triple the number of subscribers, but Kyle’s Cabin is a channel that many millennials who are wanting to live an off-grid life are sure to appreciate. 

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