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Building with Your Hands: The Primitive Technology Guy

Have you ever been up late at night scrolling through the endless list of Youtube videos and suddenly come across a man building a pool or a house from only natural resources?

If your content consists largely of naturalist building, off-grid living, and solar-powered generator systems, we’re sure you have stumbled across the original creator of these primitive technology building videos.

These types of videos were performed by none other than the Youtuber called Primitive Technology. He was the one responsible for the trend currently taking over your Youtube feed – building things from scratch without the use of modern technology. 

About Primitive Technology

primitive technology guy net worth

Primitive Technology is quite new to the YouTube platform, similar to professor Hobotech, who only joined the video-sharing giant in May 2015. This is considered quite late compared to other YouTuber's careers, but this didn’t stop Primitive Technology from gaining millions of subscribers.

Since joining Youtube, Primitive Technology has gained over 10.5 million subscribers. This is quite the achievement for someone who hasn’t only been on the platform for only 7 years.

He only has 56 videos but has managed to gain over a billion all-time channel views. This is an incredible achievement considering that he has under 100 uploads on his channel.

Upload Schedule

what happened to primitive technology guy

The reason he has so few uploads on his channel is that he is a perfectionist when it comes to the content of his videos. He puts 100% effort and passion into all his videos, and only uploads the best of the best.

That being said, Primitive Technology only uploads an average of one video a month, but this single video is edited to perfection and packed full of entertaining and mesmerizing content.

Every episode contains zero speaking, but rather makes the use of ambient natural sounds from the environment. Short text descriptions do appear on screen to guide the audience in what actions are being done.

Break from Youtube

Primitive Technology continued to upload regular videos until December 2019. Suddenly, there was no sign of any activity on his channel, which left fans incredibly anxious, thinking that something might have happened to their favorite Youtuber.

Thankfully, Primitive Technology was only taking a break from Youtube to focus on a project that he was working on for a cable network. He explained in a Reddit thread that he was in good health and doing fine and that he would resume uploads soon.

Primitive Technology YouTube

He continued recording new videos, but nothing was uploaded until March 2022. Primitive Technology posted his first video in about 2 years and long-time fans were finally given what they were waiting for. Today, Primitive Technology has gone back to its usual schedule of uploading a video a month.

Primitive Technology Book

In addition to his successful Youtube career, Primitive Technology also released a 192-page book in 2019 called “Primitive Technology: A survivalist’s guide to building tools, shelters, and more in the wild

The book puts all the practicality of his various building videos in easily understandable text. There are 50 projects listed in the book and each project comes with its set of easy-to-follow instructions. It teaches you how to make everything from huts to even tools by only utilizing natural resources.

The book is available on Amazon and has over 2,300 reviews, giving it a final score of 4.5 stars.

Primitive Technology Real Name

For a long time, the identity of the man behind Primitive Technology videos remained unknown. For almost all of his videos, he never even uttered a single word. The lack of speaking didn’t matter to viewers, because he put all his effort into working with his hands when it came to building things.

He remained nameless for the first two years of his Youtube channel. It was only in 2017 that his viewers learned of his real name – John Plant.

John revealed his name by commenting on a Facebook post, complaining that there were copycat primitive builders that were copyrighting his own footage without his permission and making money from it.

where is primitive technology guy

Primitive Technology Net Worth

Youtube stats and metric websites show that the Primitive Technology Youtube Channel receives 257 thousand views in a single day. In addition to this, the channel receives about 1,900 daily subscribers. In the last 3 months, the audience score was up 34% showing that the channel is growing at an almost exponential rate.

During his return to Youtube in May 2022, the channel gained over 100,000 new subscribers and over 11 million views.

Owning a channel with over 10 million subscribers puts you up there in terms of net worth. Primitive Technology’s net worth from Youtube is about $930,000. If you take into account his potential episodes on cable TV then John Plant’s net worth is probably well over 1 million US dollars.

Based on Youtube earnings, John Plant makes over $500 a day and a whopping $16 000 a month.

How Old Is Primitive Technology

John Plant has never stated his exact age, but he did mention in an interview in 2018 that he was in his mid-30s, which would make him in his late 30s by now.

He currently resides in Far North Queensland in the Australian state of Queensland.

The Primitive Technology Guy


Like Silvercymbal, John Plant has a passion for building and fixing things. He started at the young age of 11 and continues to build structures with only natural resources. 

John has turned his passion into a way to be substantial income and continues to put out top-quality content. However, for John, it isn’t about the money, but rather about sharing his passion with all his viewers.

If you enjoy the type of content from Will Prowse and Martin Johnson but want to see if from a more primitive and rustic approach, then you will like the content put out by the Primitive Technology Youtube channel.

We can assure you that you will be fully captivated by his many tutorials, you might even end up trying out one of his how-to videos for yourself.

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