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Natural and Sustainable: Living Off-grid with Jake and Nicole

By Benjamin Strusnik August 13, 2022

If you’re interested in off-grid living, chances are you’ve heard of Jake and Nicole. They are a couple building a homestead in the remote Canadian wilderness.  

Their lifestyle is radically different from most, and they provide a fascinating look into sustainable, off-grid living. 

What Are Jake and Nicole About?

 living off grid with jake and nicole last name

They focus on simple living and being at one with the natural world. One of their major priorities is sustainability, and you can learn a lot from watching their YouTube videos.

Another major selling point of their channel is the sense of peace you get from watching their simple lifestyle. 

They make it clear that their lifestyle is not an easy one and showcase a lot of the hard work that goes into making things work. 

However, their videos can be appealing to people who feel overwhelmed by the pace of modern life. There’s a certain serenity to their lifestyle.

It’s life stripped down to the basics, without the many complications that come with city living.

While not all of us can leave behind our lives for the Canadian wilderness, Jake and Nicole provide a sense of escapism and fantasy about a different way of living. 

Clean Electricity

living off grid with jake and nicole dogs

One of their significant focuses is being off-grid, which means not being connected to a municipal power supply. This is a central part of their brand. 

This is made easier by the fact that they’re so remote that there’s no grid to connect to. In fact, their home is located on North Vancouver Island and is only accessible by boat. 

This means that they must rely on clean energy sources like solar and wind. This might seem unachievable for most people, but you can get off-grid solar systems from Shop Solar Kits. 

Going with a company like Shop Solar Kits greatly simplified the process of switching to solar energy. You do not need to want to be totally off-grid to get into solar energy.

Including a solar system, like these 200-watt solar panels, can significantly reduce your electricity bill while also helping to save the environment.

It is important to remember that small actions are better than no actions. If more people start using solar energy in their homes, the difference adds up. 

living off grid with jake and nicole income

Living in a Yurt

Because of their choices, Jake and Nicole didn’t want to live in a traditional house. There were also no houses in the area where they are living, but rather a dense wild forest.

While they needed to clear an area to build their home, they’re also conscious of the environment and seek to have as small of a footprint as they can. 

Instead of opting for a ready-made home, they chose to live in a yurt. This was partly inspired by Jake’s experience staying in a yurt in Mongolia. 

Over time, they have built wood cabin extensions to their yurt to allow for more space. They have done this building by themselves. 

living off grid with jake and nicole location

Building a home from scratch isn’t for everyone, and there are other sustainable options that break from the norm, such as moving into an RV. If RV living is something that interests you, look into the Love Your RV blog to understand the options better.

There are also a lot of different people living in cabins. You can find out more about this on Kyle’s Cabin YouTube and by looking into Erik Granvists’s cabin

Growing Their Own Food

In line with their goal to be entirely self-sufficient, Jake and Nicole have planted a substantial garden. 

This allows them to harvest a lot of their own vegetables and reduce the number of supplies that they have to transport to their home. 

They aim to plant 100 fruit trees so that their home will continue to provide them with more than enough food to survive.

Nicole is also well-known for her herbal mixtures, and even uses plants to dye clothing. 

Raising a Family

Because Jake and Nicole are so committed to off-grid living, they want to raise their family on their homestead. 

When Nicole was about 7 months pregnant, they briefly moved closer to civilization to make sure the birth was successful.

However, they’re now back at their home in the Canadian wilderness, bringing up their child in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

living off grid with jake and nicole income

One thing that they do to help with this is using cloth diapers, which are a much better alternative to the disposable ones most people use. 

For more examples of raising children in this kind of lifestyle, you can look at JerryRigEverything’s baby.

While the way Jake and Nicole live is certainly unconventional, it can also be hugely beneficial for their child. He is growing up without the typical negative influence that children experience in this age of Ipads and social media. 

Documenting Their Lifestyle

You can find Jake and Nicole on their YouTube channel, where they vlog their experiences. They provide helpful tips for others who are looking to break free from societal norms and create a new lifestyle. 

living off grid with jake and nicole baby

Their long-form videos provide detailed insight into the reality of living on a homestead cut off from civilization. They do not glamorize the experience but show both the good and the bad.

This allows viewers to get a real sense of what life is like, whether they are interested in pursuing it or not. 

Jake and Nicole want to help inform people of the options that are out there and make their lifestyle more accessible and well-known. 

There are lots of different ways to switch to a more sustainable alternative lifestyle and many content creators that can help you to learn more. Check out Canadian Prepper’s YouTube for some interesting information. 

One aspect that you need to pay attention to is the financial aspect. Look into Primitive Technology Guy’s net worth to get a better understanding of the role money plays in this lifestyle. 

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