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Solar Calculators

The following page links to all of the solar & electrical calculators we have created in order to help you plan, size and install your own solar power system. These are the same solar calculators that our team of expert solar technicians and engineers use everyday when trying to calculate important solar and electricity metrics.

From determining the optimum tilt angle for your solar panels to converting watts to amps or calculating energy consumption, these calculators will be your trusted allies. Get your solar power journey started today!

Solar & Electrical Calculators 

We all know that solar energy is one of the most clean and sustainable power sources, that can also save us money while reducing our carbon footprint. To help you harness the full potential of solar energy, we have created a collection of our own solar calculators designed to assist you in various aspects of your solar journey.

We constantly add more solar calculators so this is a great page to bookmark and save for future use!

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