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All About David Poz

David Poz has been a trustworthy, reliable source when it comes to the world of solar panels.

He has accumulated over 180 000 subscribers on his channel that are all there to see how his solar power journey progresses.

Every video can be seen as an update from the previous one. What once started as a small and crumbling shack has now become a fully solar-powered home for David and his family.

Who Is David Poz?

Who Is David Poz

David Posluszny started his youtube channel in 2007 with the goal of enabling an energy-efficient lifestyle by making use of the sun’s natural energy and leading the off-grid living lifestyle.

Along with his wife Alaina and their baby girl Eleanor, David has been building their house and making for a warm and cozy insulated air-tight structure.

They currently reside in Massachusetts and turned what was initially a crumbling cottage into a warm, welcoming home.

While some solar channels like RV with Tito focus more on moving around the states with their off-grid lifestyle, David prefers to remain stationary and build upon his current home.

David Poz and Using Solar Power

Where some channels focus on reviewing the more scientific aspect of solar energy like Professor Hobotech, David Poz takes an alternative route.

This channel is more of a consumer showing the audience how a pair of hands and tools can easily install and use solar panels.

One of his biggest solar projects was creating a solar domestic hot water system.

The Solar House Pump

He began building his house in 2012 with his wife Alaina.

This home was powered by electricity generated from a 200-watt flexible solar panel and he made use of a 50-gallon heating system. 

david poz youtube

As much as everything was working, good and proper, he found himself paying a large bill at the end of the month.

He purchased some solar panels that had thick aluminum frames, insulation, and the works, and started thinking of how to install everything.

We like that he documents how to mount solar panels into an array outside of his home, as well as guides viewers on where to install them and at what angle.

He then made use of a pump and controller, the former being kept at a low 57 Watts and the latter being used to adjust power limits and much more.

Between the pump and solar panels is a cold-water line with a vent and check valve to ensure that no water from the solar system will be fed back into the house water.

The pump pushes water from the bottom of the solar panel that heats up when it rises.

The solar panels are the collectors installed at a slope so that once the pump is off, the whole system drains into the tank again.

The Solar Array Powering David Poz’s House

The home also uses a solar array, providing power, saving money, and protecting the environment.

Placing the solar panels into an array format, David has created a 12.6 KW array that can be used to power almost anything.

david poz and using solar power

 This is done by running a positive from one panel, into the negative of the next panel, and repeating this process until all the panels are connected.

You would see this on Jehu Garcia’s solar channel or demonstrate how you can save money by using solar panels.

David has about 90 lineal feet of wire to get the solar panels powering everything from the garage to individual rooms.

All the solar panels come together and use a 12 gauge wire, meaning there are 6 positive wires as well as 6 negative wires.

We also like that David Poz mentions that he’s a beginner to all of this and ensures that what he’s doing can be done by your everyday Joe.

When doing the wiring, he makes suggestions on wiring techniques and recommendations to ensure that everything is connected properly.

He made us of a webbing material of around one inch that allows the friction when the webbing is pulled to be spread over a larger surface area.

The wire is tied onto the webbing and taped around with electrical tape so that when the wires are pulled, they do not kink or break.

With all of this put together, David has made a powerful solar array, capable of powering the lights and appliances in his family home.

How Much Money Does David Poz Make?

If we are going off of CPM and Youtube’s method of paying their channels, we need to look at DavidPoz’s total videos, subscribers, views, and ad revenue.

The average earning per DavidPoz video is anywhere between $100 to $250, this means there’s an estimated net worth of $22,264.

david poz youtube

This net worth takes monthly views based on which country watches his videos the most and user engagement from fans.

The subscriber count is not always important when it comes to how much money a channel makes.

Yes, a more popular channel like Will Prowse has a bigger subscriber count, but looking at views per video, both will, and David have similar view counts per video.

Having more subscribers will aid in being sponsored by ads, but it will not always mean that one channel will have more views than the other.

How Old is David Poz?

how old is david poz

David, his wife Alaina, and his daughter Ellanor’s age have not been publicized and we can’t seem to find out his age on platforms like Facebook.

If we were to estimate David and Alaina's age, we would say slightly older than living off the grid with jake and Nicole

They are around 27 or 28, but we would say David is in his early 30s.

David Poz has gained a large amount of solar knowledge from his years of building upon his family home.

Whether it's giving a review on a 200-watt portable solar panel or simply documenting his lifestyle with his family while living off-grid, David Poz is a legit, trustworthy source and we love everything he’s done up to this point.

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