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Bluetti AC200p Charge Time

Bluetti AC200p Charge Time

Before getting this snazzy generator, it’s important to get all the facts, including the bluetti ac200p charge time. Whether you’ve already bought it, or if you’re still mulling it over, we’ve got the right information for you.

The Bluetti brand has become synonymous with solar energy, sleek design, and reliability. the Bluetti AC200p specs and fast charging feature is evidence of this.

We’re here to tell you exactly how long you would have to wait for your Bluetti AC200p to be fully charged.

Bluetti AC200p charge time

Bluetti AC200P

The average charging time for the Bluetti AC200p using a single AC adaptor is 6 hours whereas a dual AC charge will result in half the charging time (3 to 4 hours). 

One Bluetti AC200p issue is that you will need to purchase an additional cable and wall charger for a dual AC charge.

A car charger of 24V will take a minimum of 10 hours to fully recharge the Bluetti AC200P and a 12V will take at least 20 hours. A solar panel will charge it within four hours. 

Using a solar panel (700W) may affect the charging time due to limited exposure to full sunlight in a single day. But solar charging can be supplemented by charging it via a solar panel and a wall outlet simultaneously. 

This will take a maximum of three hours, making it the fastest charging method.

Bluetti AC200p’s charging time comparison

In the case of Bluetti AC200p vs Jackery 1500, the Bluetti varies more in terms of its charging time because the Jackery takes more or less the same time, regardless of the charging method (plus minus 5 hours). 

In the case of Bluetti ac200p vs Ecoflow delta, the delta comes out on top in terms of fast charging but when looking at the Bluetti AC200p vs Bluetti 2400, the Bluetti AC200p reigns supreme with more charging options and a faster charge. 

How do I charge my Bluetti AC200p?

Any Bluetti AC200p review boasts about this device’s capability to be charged quickly and efficiently. There are a variety of ways to charge your Bluetti AC200P, which all affect how long it will take to charge it. 

This device can be charged via an AC adaptor, car charger, or solar panel (via an adaptor).

Of these charging methods, a solar input provides you with a maximum of 700W and an AC wall charger will provide 400W. A car charger will provide 100 or 200W depending on the voltage. 

Of these, the first two are the most common charging methods, unless you have a Bluetti AC200p bundle.

Bluetti AC200P


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Final Thoughts

So, how long does it take to recharge your Bluetti AC200P? The short answer is, it all depends on the charging method and sometimes even the weather. But, if you are geared up and prepared, this device can be fully charged within three hours. 

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