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Bluetti AC300 - In Depth Review and Buyers Guide

Bluetti AC300 Review

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article reviews the Bluetti AC300 solar power station, highlighting its features and advantages. It emphasizes the benefits of solar energy over traditional electricity and fuel generators, focusing on environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness. The Bluetti AC300 is praised for its expandability, allowing users to connect additional B300 batteries for increased capacity. It features a 3000W pure sine inverter and can handle up to 2400W of solar input, making it suitable for various devices and appliances. The AC300 also offers multiple charging options, including USB ports, AC outlets, and wireless charging pads.

The design of the Bluetti AC300 is described as sleek and functional, with a matte black finish and a color-resistant touchscreen display. It has multiple power outlets, including RV and accessory outlets, along with USB ports for charging smartphones and other devices. Overall, the Bluetti AC300 is recommended for those seeking a reliable and versatile solar power station for both indoor and outdoor use.


Deciding on a solar power station can be daunting if you are new to the scene. We are here to make your entry into the game a smooth one.

In this review, we will cover what makes the Bluetti AC300 stand out from the other solar power stations and why it’s the only power station that you need.

Bluetti AC300 (Our Review)

Before we can dive into our review of the Bluetti AC300 expandable solar power station, there are a few things to note.  

It’s important to know why investing in solar-powered energy is not only beneficial for the environment but will save you from spending unnecessary expenses.

Why Is Solar the Way to Go?

Whilst your traditional electricity and fuel are available at the nearest gas station, it’s not safe for the environment and it will end up breaking the bank with constantly needing a refill.

Traditional electricity is achieved through burning fossil fuels. This harms our environment, causes air pollution, and can worsen the effects of climate change. 

Solar energy on the other hand is completely safe and is the cleanest, natural source of energy that you can use to power up your various devices. Solar energy is also safer to breathe and removes the issue of greenhouse gasses.


Bluetti has been providing the market with the best solar solutions to ensure that you stay powered on the road or simply in the comfort of your own home. 

The Bluetti AC300 is a solar-powered generator, or power station if you are feeling fancy, that aims to bring you all the power you need.bluetti ac300 price

Now that we know the reasons for solar energy being superior to that of traditional energy, the same can be said when comparing solar generators with fuel generators.

When you’re somewhere like a forest and you run out of fuel, you can’t get the fuel you need to power up the generator.

However, if that same situation happened but replace the fuel generator with a solar-powered one, you would be able to power up your generator and charge the devices you need.

Solar power stations are super silent due to the lack of gas or diesel that causes the parts to move in your normal generators. This silence means you can sleep in peace knowing that your devices are charging, and your neighbors won’t complain about any loud mechanical noises.

Now that we have gone over all the benefits of using solar energy and solar power stations, let’s look at what makes the Bluetti AC300 the power station you need.

About the Bluetti AC300

What makes the flagship Bluetti AC300 model different from other Bluetti power stations is the lack of an internal battery. This means if you were to click the power button and expect the OLED screen to light up, you might be a bit confused.

Purchasing this solar power station will include the expansion B300 batteries that can be hooked up to the station using a provided expansion cable.

The B300 batteries are large, weighing in at around 80Lbs each. While these are hefty, they’re about half the weight of the Bluetti EP500. They are powered using lithium-ion cells to obtain a readily available energy source. 

These batteries can store around 3100 watt-hours, have a state of charge indicator, a 12V output, along with 4 USB ports, and a main on and off switch.

Making use of these expansion batteries will allow the AC300 to have a larger inverter circuit and a larger solar charge controller.

The AC300 is a 3000W pure sine inverter along with being able to handle 2400W of solar input. This gives you plenty of power to charge your devices or power a refrigerator. Every AC300 solar power station can have 4 batteries connected to it simultaneously.

The AC300 itself isn’t extremely heavy, only weighing in at around 48Lbs, making it easy to handle.

What you need to take into consideration before taking this bad boy out on the road is carrying the additional 80Lbs of the B300 battery. The B300 batteries have built-in handles and rubber footing to assist in maneuvering.

Design and Quirks

The Bluetti AC300 comes in a matte black design that will look snazzy in any environment. The B300 battery can be stacked on top of the AC300 and locks into place to prevent it from stumbling.

The display on the OLED is a color-resistant touchscreen that also works well with gloves if your hands get a bit chilly during the winter period. 

Information that can be found on this screen includes the power state of each connected battery, total voltage, and options like changing the preferred amperage or enabling wifi connectivity.

It comes with 6 20A power outlets on the front of the solar power station, along with a 30A RV outlet for those who enjoy road trips and need to stay powered.

There’s a 24V cigarette lighter socket along with a 12V accessory output that can be hardwired to a van or RV to power up your 12V accessories.

bluetti ac300 max

When talking about USB ports, there’s a single 100W USB power delivery port, 2 quick charge ports, and 2 standard USB ports. This gives you tons of high-powered USB outputs, allowing you to power plenty of devices simultaneously.

This is similar to what we saw with the Bluetti AC200 Max.

Another impressive feature we like is the addition of the 15W wireless charging pads located on the top of the AC300. This makes charging smartphones that have Qi-enabled technology as simple as placing them on top of those pads.

There’s also an app available on apple and android devices that allows you to remotely control the unit via Bluetooth or wifi. This isn’t mandatory but it’s a cool feature that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Here Comes the Sun

The Bluetti AC300 stands out from the other power stations on the market as it has dual MPTT solar controllers that work independently. An MPPT solar controller is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the power between a portable solar panel and the B300 batteries.

One of Bluetti’s main competitors, the Zendure Superbase 2000, also serves the mobile power market.

Each of these controllers works independently, meaning you can have different voltages and readings on each one. This makes the AC300 a versatile power station and will ensure that you have plenty of power to keep the lights on.

The MPTT controllers can handle upwards of 1200W of solar energy and up to 150V at 12A individually. This means you can run two solar arrays, each 1200W, and run them at 150V up to 12A.   

With such an immense amount of power, you can charge anything your heart desires as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum wattage of the B300 batteries and the AC300 itself.

When charging this bad boy using your solar panels and wanting to max out your solar usage, it will take you around an hour and a half to fully charge the B300 battery, which is significantly faster than the charge time of the Bluetti AC200P, their previous flagship generator.

If 90 minutes is too long and you want to charge the B300 at a faster rate, it supports dual charging. This means you can use an AC wall outlet and the solar panels to charge upwards to 5400W, cutting the 90 minutes down to half an hour.

Who Is the AC300 For?

Whether you seek to live a completely off-the-grid life or just want to power up your devices at home using the power of the sun, the AC300 is perfect for you.

Having the RV ports makes it ideal for regular RV users or those wanting to go on long road trips away from home and into the wild.

If you want to see how this device does against the Bluetti AC200P’s specs, we’ve got you covered.


The Bluetti AC300 is the only solar power station that you need in your life as it’s built to last and will provide you with all the power you need.

It’s priced at around $3500 with the inclusion of a single B300 battery and lifetime customer support.

Don’t let the price scare you. This is a lifetime investment that will not only be beneficial for the environment but will also be beneficial for your wallet as you won’t need a constant refill on fuel.

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    Shop Solar - January 22, 2024

    Hey Vaugh, yes an AC300 is capable of handling MOST air conditioners, assuming it’s a smaller RV air conditioner this should work well. And yes, you can leave it hooked to panels all day long to recharge at the same time that you are draining the unit!

    Vaughn - January 22, 2024

    I have an older Bounder rv. Will the AC300 power the air conditioner, and if so can you leave it hooked to the solar panels all day to continuously charge the unit.

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