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Bluetti AC200 MAX - Review and Definitive Buyers Guide

Bluetti AC200 MAX

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

Portable power stations, like the Bluetti AC200 Max, are compact generators that keep your devices charged on the go or during power outages. They offer versatility for various situations, including camping and job sites. The Bluetti AC200 Max features expandable battery capacity, a mobile app for remote monitoring, and improved solar transmission capabilities.

It's powered by a durable Lithium-Iron Oxide battery with a large capacity, providing up to 8,192Wh when expanded. The device offers multiple charging options, including AC, solar, car, gas generator, and lead-acid battery, with a fast charging time of around 3 hours with solar power. Despite its heavy weight and higher cost, the Bluetti AC200 Max is praised for its durability, versatility, and ample power supply, making it a worthwhile investment for those needing portable power.


Portable power stations are generators' smaller, lesser-known cousins. They keep your appliances, phone, and other electrical devices charged and functional. 

These adaptable, lunch-box-sized power banks can accompany you to work sites, camping vacations, and anywhere else you need electricity. They're also handy as backup power sources during a power outage if you need to keep your phone or an important appliance operating.

The Bluetti AC200 Max is an example of a portable power station. The prototype power station is much more than a mobile battery pack that may offer a short boost for small gadgets and appliances, such as handheld radios or cell phones, and has been around for a long time.

So, if you’ve been contemplating getting one of these, this review will tell you everything you need to know about Bluetti AC200 Max before making your big purchase. 

Bluetti AC200 MAX Review


Extension Batteries

One of the AC200MAX's standout features is that it can expand its capacity with optional, hot-swappable extension batteries.

Mobile App

It comes with an integrated mobile app, which gives you complete control over the power station. With that in mind, you can manage the solar power station from anywhere in the world because you will receive real-time updates on your mobile device.

When combined with an award-winning battery management system, the AC200 Max is a superb power backup system on which to rely to power your life off the grid or in an emergency.

bluetti ac200 max price

Solar Transmission

A new feature is that you can transmit solar into the solar port as well as solar into the usual AC wall charging section. So, with double the solar, you can double your pleasure, double your enjoyment.

The original AC200P could only handle up to 700 watts of solar power. This variant can handle up to 1400 watts, 900 via the solar MPPT port, and 500 via the DC charge port.

Battery Capacity

Like its bigger brother, the Bluetti AC300, the AC200 Max is powered by a Lithium-Iron Oxide LiFePO4 battery, the most recent technology for batteries. As such, it has a longer lifespan than Lithium-Ion and Lithium batteries and can handle more charge cycles. Its chances of overheating are also significantly lower than older kinds of batteries.

The AC200 Max is a bit larger, having a built-in 2,048Wh battery. This amount operates a typical full-sized refrigerator for up to 20 hours or a window air conditioner unit for two hours. 

In addition to that, you can expand the system. You can pump up your capacity to a whopping  8,192Wh when you use it with B230 or B300 batteries.

With a maximum power supply of 2,200W, the unit can power a space heater while also charging your phone and laptop. Furthermore, the battery can deliver 4,800W of surge power.

This much power is useful for refrigerators and other machines that require a lot of power to start. 

Furthermore, the power is a pure sine wave rather than a modified sine wave. That means it’s capable of creating smoother, quieter, cleaner, and more stable energy, allowing appliances and devices to run without interference. It also means that it’s suitable for use with delicate equipment.

The External Battery Packs

The B230 is a convenient and small battery pack with twin built-in carrying handles. You may take it with you everywhere you go and stack it on top of your power stations for easier handling.

In addition, the battery module has its own charging ports. There is one 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port, one 100W USB-C 3.0 Power Delivery port, and one 12V/10A cigarette lighter charger. 

ac200 max bluetti

You can use those to power your little devices from it. When you connect it, you increase the overall capacity to an incredible 8192Wh. As an added bonus, it allows 900 watts of solar input, a 28% improvement over its forerunner.

If you want to find out how things work out between the Bluetti AC200p vs the EcoFlow Delta, check out our article.

You can charge or discharge each the B230 and B300 as a stand-alone power module, and they both have a variety of DC outlets, including a 12V/10A automobile output, a 100W USB-C, and several USB-A connections.

Surge Rating

A surge rating specifies how much energy the device can absorb before failing. The bigger the number of watts, the better the surge protection.

The AC200 Max surge protection rates up to 4,800W, which is identical to its cousin, the Bluetti EP500. This means that for a little over a minute you can easily run a 4,500W gadget.

If the gadget consumes more than 4,800W for longer than this time, the power station shuts off automatically.

Surge is extremely useful for devices that use up more current when you turn them on turned on and then gradually decrease after a minute or so.


It comes with a  USB Type-C PD 3.0 port at 100-watt. You can use it on any laptop that is USB-powered, especially if you like to use your computer while it’s charging.

Aside from that, there are two charging pads on top and they are wireless. These are ideal not only for your smartphone but also for low-power gadgets such as wireless earphones.

The device comes with a pair of normal, 15-watt USB Type-A connectors that are there for charging USB devices. These do not provide improved performance, but they do work well with most devices. 

The remaining two USB Type-A ports deliver 18 watts of electricity. These are useful for iPhones since they allow you to maximize charging speed.

You receive four three-prong AC outlets with a total power rating of 2,200 watts. You'll note that it's the same as the charger's overall maximum. As a result, when you plug in other devices, the power on the AC outlets will be reduced. 

Still, it's good to have the freedom to wield your power any way you see necessary. There is a TT-30 three-prong outlet in addition to the conventional AC outlets. This is a unique outlet, but you'll recognize it if you need it. There are 12- and 24-volt cigarette lighter sockets for standard DC power.


The device offers 5 charging options: 

  1. AC Adapter: You can accomplish this simply by plugging in a normal AC outlet. The maximum power input is 500W. It also has twin 1000W AC charging capability.
  2. Solar Panel: The AC200Max can be charged using a solar panel because it features an MPPT charging station. You can use a  maximum of 900W solar panel, and it takes roughly 3.5 hours to charge fully.  If you need something portable, consider using a portable solar panel. You may combine AC and solar charging to boost the input to around 1400W maximum for rapid charging.
  3. Car: You can charge this battery generator with your car. It accepts 12V and 24V automobile input.
  4. Gas Generator: This is a no-brainer. You can use the gas generator's alternating current output to recharge the AC200Max battery.
  5. Lead Acid Battery: A 12V or 25V lead-acid battery is supported. For higher current, you can connect multiple batteries in parallel.

The AC200 Max has a fast charge time. On average, 900W of solar power will fully charge the device in around 3 hours. This is a full hour less than the Bluetti AC200P charge time.

Bluetti AC200 MAX Price

The machine costs around $2,100, and the business sells it in a variety of enticing bundles that include extra battery packs and solar panels. This is around the same price as the Zendure Superbase 2000

The new Bluetti power station is now available in the United States, Australia, Canada, and other global countries, including the United Kingdom, where it will be marketed as PowerOak.

bluetti ac200 max review


  • Many output options 
  • Uses smart technology
  • Many charging modes
  • Highly durable

Final Thoughts

With up to 2,200 continuous watts, this improved version of the AC200 provides outstanding power. If you want to be as portable as possible, just take the base unit with you. The best part is that you can get up to three times the capacity when you use the additional battery packs. Overall, we were satisfied with the performance and the wide range of devices that it can support.

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