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Bluetti AC200P Review: Pros & Cons / Everything You Need To Know About This Solar Generator

Bluetti AC200P Review

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The Bluetti AC200P is a highly praised solar generator from MaxOak, offering a large capacity battery and high-powered inverter suitable for running most home appliances. It features 12 plugs, advanced battery management, and portability. The device can be charged via solar, DC power, AC, gasoline generator, or lead-acid battery. It can power up to 17 devices simultaneously and has multiple output options. The Bluetti AC200P boasts revolutionary charging capabilities, a durable battery with over 2,500 cycles, and a high-powered inverter.

It also includes smart technology like wireless charging and eco modes. Despite being relatively new, the AC200P has a 24-month warranty. However, it may not be powerful enough for full home electric loads. Compared to other models, it offers significant advantages in battery size, inverter capacity, and charging cycles. Overall, the Bluetti AC200P is a worthwhile investment for off-grid power needs.


Bluetti AC200P Review: Pros & Cons / Everything You Need To Know About This Solar Generator

At Shop Solar Kits, we take the time to test and inspect every new piece of equipment that can help sustain off-grid, renewable power. In this complete and honest Bluetti AC200P review, we will dive into the components, capabilities, and value of the new Bluetti AC200P solar generator. 

Launched in mid 2020, the Bluetti AC200P is one of the most revolutionary solar generators we’ve ever seen. The Bluetti AC200P comes with some solid improvements from the company’s already reputable line of solar powered generators. There are also some things we think are important know about the Bluetti AC200P that have not been clarified anywhere else.


Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Bluetti AC200 solar generator.

The Evolution of Bluetti Solar Generators

Bluetti solar generator is brought to us by the company MaxOak, a highly rated and reputable solar manufacturer. For the past several years, MaxOak has debuted different Bluetti models, all of which have received tremendous acclaim from thousands of users. Most recently, you may be familiar with the massively popular Bluetti EB150 or the newer Bluetti EB240.  

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Features

Okay, let’s jump right into it. The Bluetti AC200P is made up of some of the most impressive combinations of components possible in a portable solar generator. The large capacity battery (2,000 watt hours) and high powered inverter (2000 watts) make it possible to run most home appliances for a considerable period of time. 

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While in use, this device is even more impressive. The AC200P has an impressive amount of output and plug options (12 plugs) that can all be controlled with one of the most advanced battery management systems on the market. On top of all of this, the AC200 is surprisingly portable, despite its premium components. 

Components of the Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator

Weighing in at 57.33 lbs, the Bluetii AC200P is certainly not the most portable power generator on the market. However, that is because this solar generator is completely packed with tons of high quality components in a relatively small package (16.54 x 1.03 x 15.2 inches).

The Bluetti AC200P Includes:

  • 2,000wh/459mAh High Capacity Lithium Battery
  • 2000W Inverter for Continuous AC Power, 
  • 6 x AC (Wall) Outlets
  • 1 x 60W PD 2.0 USB-C
  • 4 x 5V/3A USB-A
  • 1 x PV 35-150V/12A
  • LG premium electric-vehicle battery cell
  • 2500+ Charge Cycle
  • MPPT Charge Controller
  • 2*15W Wireless charging pads
  • Intelligent temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Smart touchable LCD control panel
  • 24 Month Warranty

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Charging Capabilities 

When it comes to charging your Bluetti AC200P, there are a ton of options! In fact, with the right adapters, this device Can be charged in 5 different ways:

  • Solar Charging - Fully Charged in 3.5 hours with 700W of Solar Input
  • DC Power - Car Charging - 15 hours+ driving
  • AC (Wall Outlet) Charging - About 4 Hours
  • Gasoline Generator with Power Adapter 
  • Lead-Acid Battery Recharging using Clamp Adapter 

Bluetti AC200P Power Input Limits:

  • DC Solar Charging- 700W/35-150V DC Maximum Solar Input (7 x 100 watt solar panels would be the max)
  • DC Car Charging 12V-30V, Minimum 120W
  • AC Charging Adapter: 58.2V/500W Limit (Charging from the wall in your home)

What can the Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Power?

Just as it can be charged in a variety of ways, the Bluetti AC200P is also equipped with the outputs and capacities to provide a very versatile source of electricity. In fact, this solar generator can even be used to charge an electric car (Tesla), Electric Motorcycle, Electric Scooter and more. 

For the smaller things, the AC200P is also perfect, because it is capable of powering up to 17 devices, simultaneously. On a full charge, the Bluetti AC200 can power:

Appliance Run Time
Cellphone (6 W) 250+ Hours
Light (10 W) 150+ Hours
GoPro (18 W) 90+ Hours
Camera (25 W) 60+ Hours
Laptop (50 W) 30+ Hours
CPAP Machine (60 W) 25+ Hours
Flat Screen TV (110 W) 13+ Hours
Large Fridge (150 W) 10+ Hours
Coffee Maker (600 W) 2+ Hours
Electric Grill (1650 W) About 1 Hour
Electric Vehicle (1800 W)  3-5 Miles 
And more

Bluetti AC200P Output Limits

  • AC outlets, 2000W Total Capacity, Adjustable Voltage 110V-240V
  • 15W Wireless Charging
  • USB-A 5V/3A each

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Pros of the Bluetti AC200P

Revolutionary Charging

To start, the Bluetti boasts the 5 modes of charging from AC and DC electrical sources which is the most out any other option available today. However, the volume of possible charging modes is almost as impressive as the capacity and efficiency of implementing one of these methods.

For instance, the AC200P allows for 150V of solar charging input (700W max) making it possible to wire 7 x 100W solar panels in a series and recharge the unit in well under 3 hours from 0% to full. 

This impressively high voltage capacity is nearly 5 times that of other solar generator on the market. This means that you’ll be able to recharge quickly and then use all of the “extra” power your generating throughout the day to run things like phones, laptops and more, leaving you with a full battery when the sun goes down. Partnered with a highly efficient MPPT charge controller, this makes it possible to harness massive amounts of sunlight and turn it into usable electricity.

All Around Great Battery

Do you know what’s great about the Bluetti AC200P’s battery? The answer is: everything. Built to last for over 2,500 cycles, the 1,700 watt hour lithium battery is the heart of the Bluetti AC200P, providing loads of daily and lifetime power. 

In fact, the Bluetti AC200P battery is made up of LG premium electric-vehicle style cells. These lithium components are top of the line, and each cell’s performance can be monitored virtually through the touchable LCD display. This includes checking and adjusting battery levels, energy input, and power output rates. 

High Powered Inverter

One of our biggest grievances with the Bluetti EB240 is the size of the inverter. Thankfully, MaxOak has made our wishes come true by including a high powered 2000W inverter within the Bluetti AC200. With double the amount of continuous power capacity, the EB240 opens the door to running large electrical appliances like grills, microwaves, and more.

Tons of Output Options 

Also unlike previous Bluetti models, the AC200P comes with 6 AC wall outlets built into the hardware. This allows for more space to plug in traditional electric devices that require standard AC power. Beyond AC power, this Bluetti also has multiple options for DC and USB electricity supplies. Together with the battery capacity and high powered inverter, it is possible to charge and use more electronics than ever with the AC200P. 

Smart Technology 

The Bluetti AC200P is built with modern smart technologies such as wireless charging, eco/conservative operating modes, and an endless amount of custom information displayed beautifully on the built in LED screen. The AC200P’s back-end technology and displays are not only a large improvement from previous Maxoak Bluetti models, but these advancements also mark a giant step for solar generators in general. 

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Cons of the Bluetti AC200P

Relatively New Product

To be honest, it was a bit of a challenge to find anything wrong with the Bluetti AC200 when administering our initial overlook and testing. Not only does the unit perform exactly as promised, but it also is quite attractive and easy to use. 

With all this in mind, the one thing that the Bluetti AC200P hasn’t proven is the test of time. Whereas malfunctions are not usually characteristic of MaxOak’s products, this is not a large concern for us at this time. Of course, for the first two years, the AC200P is covered by Bluetti’s standard 24 month warranty included with all of their power stations. 

Not Powerful Enough For Full Home Electric Loads

Of course, no matter how impressive the Bluetti AC200P is, there are always going to be other options with more power available. The AC200P has a large enough battery capacity and inverter to run many large items for long, sustained periods of time when electricity is unavailable.

However, the AC200P should not be used to power an entire home. For off-grid air conditioning and full home appliances, high demand electricity users may want to consider the Titan Solar Generator from Point Zero.  

What Makes the Bluetti AC200P Different? - Key Takeaways & Comparison

To help put it in perspective with its competitions, it is time to compare the Bluetti AC200 head-to-head with a few other solar generators. For starters, let’s look at the key differences between the Bluetti AC200P vs the Bluetti EB240:

  • Battery: 2,700 Wh vs 2400Wh
  • Inverter: 2000 W vs 1000 W
  • AC outlets: 6 vs 2
  • Charging Cycles: 2,500 vs 2,500
  • Weight: 57.3 lbs. Vs 48.5 lbs

Clearly, the biggest difference between these two products from MaxOak is the battery/inverter trade-off. Whereas the AC200P is perfect for running nearly any off-grid electrical appliance, the larger battery (and smaller inverter) may make the EB240 better for running low powered appliances for longer. 

With this in mind, nearly every Bluetti solar generator is sure to deliver a positive customer experience with tremendous value and performance. Here’s a quick look at how the numbers stack up between the Bluetti AC200P vs. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 (which cost about the same): 

  • Battery: 2,000 Wh vs 1425Wh 
  • Inverter: 2000 W vs 1500 W 
  • Max Solar Input: 700 W vs 360 W
  • AC outlets: 6 vs 2
  • Charging Cycles: 2,500 vs 500

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Here, the Bluetti AC200 stands out with over 5 times the expected battery life cycles than the Goal Zero Yeti 1400. Of course, this is already on top of more battery storage, a higher capacity inverter and more overall options for energy input and output. 

Bluetti AC200P Touch Screen Display:

(1) Real time display of voltage, current, power, temperature and state of charge and discharge.

(2) Users can adjust the output voltage, frequency, charging mode, power consumption mode and time information according to the setting column.

(3) Enable energy-saving, and Super ECO mode to save more than 50% of useless energy loss.

(4) Allows users to view fault information, historical fault information, software version independently

Bluetti AC200P Storage & Maintenance Instructions:

(1) Fully charge the Bluetti AC200P before storing it. Check Bluetti AC200p Charge Time.

(2) Always turn off all power buttons when storing.

(3) To preserve the battery lifespan, please use and recharge at least once every 6 months.

(4) Ensure proper ventilation while in use or store and keep away from any combustible materials or gases. Do not stack anything on top of the unit in storage or in use. Inadequate ventilation and/or improper storing may cause damage to the unit.

(5) Avoid exposing the AC200P directly to rain and/or water.

(6) Use and store the product in a temperature controlled environment.

How To Setup & Wire Solar Panels For the Bluetti AC200P:

Conclusion - Is the Bluetti AC200P Worth it?

At the end of the day, it is fairly easy to conclude that the Bluetti AC200P is indeed worth the hype. Although we’ve loved previous Bluetti models, the AC200 combines the best MaxOak features with a series of great improvements.

The Bluetti AC200P is perfect for those that want a powerful, user-friendly solar generator for when traditional electricity becomes unavailable. In all honesty, this makes it one of the best power stations for van life or small, off-grid cabins.

If you made up your mind to choose among Bluetti products, have a look at these articles:

If you’d like to see how the Bluetti AC200P stacks up against some of the other top products on the market today, feel free to check out our comprehensive guide to solar generators. 

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