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Bluetti EP500 - In Depth Review and Buyers Guide

Bluetti EP500

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article reviews the Bluetti EP500 solar power station, highlighting its features, battery capacity, inverter quality, charging technology, compatibility, and expandability. It praises the EP500 for its new generation battery cells, impressive battery capacity, and smartphone app for remote control. The EP500 is seen as a reliable backup power station suitable for powering an entire house.

Despite its bulkiness, weight, and lack of portability, the EP500's advanced features, including a pure sine wave inverter, efficient charging, and high-quality build, make it a compelling choice for home or office use, as well as for camping or cabins. The article concludes that the EP500 is an excellent option for those seeking a powerful and reliable backup power supply.


If you want a robust and reliable backup power station, the Bluetti EP500 may be perfect for you.

This powerful system is capable of powering your entire house. It boasts a new generation of battery cells, an impressive battery capacity, and even a smartphone app. 

It seems like the Bluetti EP500 has everything you would want from a next-generation power station.

Yet, what can you do with it, how does it stack up against the competition, and is it worth your money? We reveal it all in this review of the new Bluetti EP500 power station.

Bluetti EP500 (Our Review)

Bluetti is no stranger to the backup power station industry. With a range of devices, from solar panels to inverters, and even portable solar panels, they’ve done it all.

Their latest power station is the impressive-looking Bluetti EP500. bluetti ep500 review

Its bulky weight and serious size may make it cumbersome to carry from campsite to campsite, yet it frankly seems to shine at home.

In fact, this impressive beast is a dedicated solar power station more than capable of providing your entire house with power.

Battery Capacity

Bluetti included the latest generation of battery cells in the Bluetti EP500. Lithium Iron Phosphate, or simply LiFePo4 batteries, offer a longer shelf life and more stable capacity. 

LiFePo4 batteries are far superior to standard Lithium-Ion batteries. Not only do they charge faster, but they hold the charge far better! 

These high-tech batteries are what give the Bluetti AC200P its impressive charge time.

They also won’t overheat. When batteries overheat, they often lead to a deteriorating battery prone to starting electrical fires. 

The new LiFePo4 battery cells come with a 6,000 cycle lifetime. Simply put, you can charge the batteries from 0% to 80% 6,000 times before the battery capacity starts to diminish.

Even after reaching the 6,000 cycles limit, the new batteries can hold an 80% capacity for more than 16 years.

This impressive capability means you don’t have to worry about replacing your batteries frequently. You’ll end up saving loads of money in the long run.

It’s not just new battery technology that we can find in the Bluetti EP500. This capable power station also comes with a genuinely remarkable battery capacity.

The Bluetti EP500 has a battery capacity of 5,100Wh. With this capacity, you can power a 150W fridge for around 4 days before having to recharge the batteries. While this capacity is impressive, it pails in comparison to the 8,000W of the Bluetti AC200 Max.

You could also charge your smartphone more than 157 times or get about 10 to 16 miles on your 1800W electric car.

There’s also an impressive inverter to help you get even more out of your backup power station. 


The Bluetti EP500 comes with a reliable, high-quality 2,000W continuous output pure sine wave inverter.This is the same as the inverter on the Zendure Superbase 2000, making it a capable competitor.

If you’re all familiar with power stations, you’ll know that pure sine wave is the best electrical current you can get.

A pure sine wave is less likely to damage sensitive equipment, such as a CPAP machine. It’s also better for powering various devices, such as fridges, fans, lights, or even a freezer.

The 2000W is more than enough to power most household appliances, including a heavy-duty drill, or AC, making it a great choice as a backup power supply.

Keeping your backup power station charged is also pretty effortless.

5100wh bluetti ep500

Charging Technology

Despite its impressive battery capacity, the Bluetti EP500 can charge reasonably quickly. You also get the option of using a wall plug, a generator, or solar panels to charge the EP500 up.

If you’re looking for the fastest charge rate, we recommend using solar panels. The 1200W MPPT technology will allow up to 1400W of current to quickly recharge the EP500.

Using solar panels like this should take around 4 to 6 hours to charge it up fully.

An alternative, albeit somewhat slower, charging method is using the wall outlets. 

This charging method is capped at 600W, meaning it should take the EP500 around 9 to 10 hours to recharge fully.

There’s also a neat trick, where you use both solar panels and the wall outlet to recharge the Bluetii EP500. You can expect to have it fully charged in 3 hours in such a hybrid configuration. 

However, since it requires a bit of tinkering, this may not be an option for anyone unfamiliar with electricity and solar power stations.

The Bluetti EP500 lacks a DC or car charging port. You cannot use the Bluetti EP500 as a portable power station inside your RV or car without these ports unless you’ll be using solar panels to charge it.

Yet, when you use the Bluetti EP500 as a permanent backup power station, you’ll discover a world of possibilities.

If you want to see how two other generators stack up against each other, check out our comparison on the Bluetti AC200P vs Jackery 1500.

Compatibility And Expandability

It’s easy to connect two Bluetti EP500 units together. When you connect two together, you’ll double the effective capacity of your power station.

In fact, for most homes with ample natural gas or propane, two EP500’s are more than enough to power the entire house like usual. 

Connectivity is a big thing with the Bluettie EP500. There are ample ports and outlets to connect most of your devices and appliances.

We find that the Bluetti EP500 boasts 4x 120V AC outlets, 3x 12V DC outlets, 2x USB-A ports, 2x USB-C ports, and even 2x wireless charging pads.

These ports are more than enough to connect various devices and appliances to your backup emergency power station.

The Bluetti is also one of the few solar power generators capable of providing 220V or 240V power. 

This ability allows users to connect dryers, washing machines, and well pumps to their emergency power station.

Size, Weight, And Design

The Bluetti EP500 comes in two color variations. Both options look pretty futuristic. There’s an all-black version and a black with white accents option. 

Both color options come with a matt finish. This finish is pretty unassuming and relatively easy to keep clean. All you need to do is wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

The overall design of the Bluetti makes it great as an out-of-the-way backup power station. It won’t detract from your decor and should fit nicely with most color schemes. 

There are several air vents found at the back of this power station. So, when you place it, keep an eye out that you don’t block those vents.

These vents are crucial for keeping the power station running relatively cool, which will prolong the lifespan of its components.

Unfortunately, the Bluetti EP500 isn’t an easily portable solar power station. For one, it weighs nearly 180lbs. This weight is over 4 times more than the 48lbs of the Bluetti AC300.

Unfortunately, the Bluetti EP500 isn’t an easily portable solar power station. For one, it weighs nearly 180lbs. This weight is around the same weight as an average household air purifier. 

Luckily, the Bluetti EP500 comes with 4 smooth-rolling wheels. You can quickly and easily move the power station around using the wheels.

It’s perfectly possible to take the EP500 with you on the road. However, its bulky size, it’s around 22.8in x 11.8in x 29.9in, and hefty weight means you may have to ask a friend to help you move it.

Despite its considerable size and weight, the Bluetti EP500 is still smaller and lighter than other competing products with the same capacity. 

We feel that this and the inclusion of 4 heavy-duty wheels make it an excellent plug-and-play solar power station. You can quickly install it in a variety of places and conditions.

bluetti ep500 battery generator


When you store your power station safely in the garage, the last thing you want to do is stumble through the dark to switch on your backup power supply.

Instead of stumbling around in the dark, you get an exclusive smartphone app with which you can remotely activate the Bluetti EP500.

The app comes with a variety of valuable features. You can view the status of your Bluetti power station and even make adjustments to the charge levels for improved performance.

This innovative app makes it much easier to stay in control of your power station. 

Our Verdict

Suppose you’re looking for a capable solar power station for your home or office, perhaps even as a permanent addition to a campsite or cabin. In that case, the Bluetti EP500 is perfect for you.

With an impressive battery capacity, you’ll find that most of your essentials will have power during an emergency. 

Fast charging times will also ensure a hassle-free power station that requires very little attention or maintenance.

The Bluetti EP500 is excellent.

What We Like:

  • Impressive battery capacity.
  • You can quickly charge it via solar power or a standard AC wall plug.
  • It can power heavy-duty devices.
  • It comes with an innovative app for mobile control and reporting.
  • New battery technology offers a safe, reliable, and minimal heat operation.

Great For:

  • A home or small office,
  • As a permanent installation at a campsite,
  • Shops or merchants with a permanent stall,
  • As a reliable backup power supply
  • Cabins.

Bluetti EP500 (FAQs)

Can you charge a Bluetti EP500 while using it?

It’s perfectly safe to use the Bluettie EP500 while charging it. The Bluetti EP500 comes with 2 charging options, making it pretty effortless to keep your power station fully charged.

Can I power an AC with the Bluetti EP500?

The Bluetti EP500 can power a 1500W air conditioner for around 2 to 3 hours without recharging.

Does the Bluetti EP500 have a UPS function?

Yes, the Bluetti EP500 comes with a plug-and-play UPS feature. Plug the EP500 into an AC outlet and press the UPS button to activate this feature.

As soon as the power goes off, the EP500 will automatically start to provide emergency power to all of your connected devices, lights, and appliances.

What is the Bluetti EP500 Split Phase feature?

Split Phase allows you to connect two Bluetti EP500s in a series. When connected like this, you effectively double the capacity of your power station.

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