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REVIEW: Titan Solar Generator Pros and Cons & In-Depth Review

Titan Solar Generator

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Titan Solar Generator Pros & Cons

There is no debate that solar generators are extremely useful and valuable for most, if not all people. Having a reliable source of power for emergency situations or blackouts is a valuable investment regardless of where you live. You can check out our solar generator reviews of the top 5 generators for disaster scenarios here if you want to read more on that topic.

Titan Solar generator

What can a portable solar generator be used for?

The gripe about solar generators up until this point has been that they were not capable of producing enough power for larger scale operations. Sure, solar generators / solar energy is a reliable source of power as well as clean, quiet and portable but can it produce enough power to make them useful beyond smaller applications? This has all been answered now thanks to the Titan solar generator from Point Zero.

A few areas that have been overlooked when it comes to solar generators for example have been things like tailgating, outdoor festivals, off-grid cabins, running your RV or even powering a food truck.  This is no longer an issue thanks to the Titan and we will be getting into what makes this unit so great for all of these situations in this article.

What other portable power options are there?

Most solar generator reviews out there include the current leaders in the solar generator market like the Apex from Inergy or the Bluetti from MaxOak which are great smaller options, but are not designed to act as a whole home back up system, or power an entire RV or food truck. If you want to have power for your Vanlife adventures or your 3 day weekend road trip, then the options above are perfect, or even something smaller still like a Jackery 500 would do the trick. But if you need something bigger, the only real option so far has been a fossil fuel generator. Another option is Inergy Flex generator. Consider checking our review Titan Solar Generator vs Inergy Flex.

Introducing the Titan Solar Generator...

Which has brought us to today with the introduction of the Titan Portable Solar Generator from Point Zero. This beast of a solar generator is the solution we have all been waiting for in terms of a large scale generator that can harness enough solar energy to truly be used in almost all situations.

Their modular system with a massive inverter and stackable batteries has finally given the market a solar powered generator that can compete against fossil fuel generators. In this short article, we will review some of the top advantages and disadvantages of this solar power generator to give you an insight into the technical specs, as well as the applications in which you can use this amazing back up power source.


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Titan Solar Generator Pro’s:

Flexible Battery

One of the advantages of the Titan solar generator is the versatility of its integrated lithium battery packs. Point Zero designed the unit to be completely modular which means that the battery packs are completely removable, expandable and stackable. In other words, you are able to add more batteries and increase your storage capacity as your needs increase. You are not limited to an all in one system that you cannot add onto.

Each stackable battery pack holds a whopping 2000wH of usable power! To put that into context, each battery pack is equal to (4) of the Jackery Explorer 500 generators! You can add as many battery packs as you need or want as well.

High Power Output

Another huge pro for the Titan is the massive and sustained amount of power that it can supply. It boasts a 3000watt continuous output with a 6000 watt surge! You'll be able to run anything from portable AC units to induction cooktops. There is no other solar generator on the market that can do anything close to this.

This is all made possible by the massive battery packs which allow you to push huge amounts of power for sustained periods of time. Since you can recharge your Titan with up to 2000 watts of solar panels, using the unit at a high output is actually realistic in a real world scenario.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs

The availability of multiple inputs and outputs is another very important element for any portable generator. You plan on using the power stored inside your generator, so lots of ways to do so is ideal. The Titan features 6 smart USB output ports and two USB Type-C ports, six standard outlets, four 12V ports and a 30amp RV plug.

The 12V ports are all regulated as well, so even when the battery is low the output from the DC ports won’t suffer. This means that you can run any type of DC appliance like a 12V fridge for example, safely and effectively.

Also, the two sets of (3) standard household plugs on each side of the Titan come with their own 15A fuse, which is a nice touch because you will be able to get 15 amps from both sets of plugs at the same time.

Dual MPPT Charge Controller

Considering that the main benefit to a solar generator is that it can recharge for free via the sun, it stands to reason that you would want your solar generator to be efficient at harvesting the sun’s power. The two types of charge controllers are PWM and MPPT charge controllers. We won’t get into detail about the difference between the two in this article, but MPPT charge controllers are the best and more efficient charge controllers.

The Titan has not one, but two MPPT's in it, meaning that you are able to input 2000 watts of solar into the Titan as efficiently as possible. This is extremely important because with such a large unit, you need the ability to recharge it quickly so that the unit is useful in real world situations.

Even the standard AC wall plug that comes with the purchase of your Titan is exceptional. It provides 600 watts of input into your Titan which will fully recharge it in (4) hours. You can also add another AC wall charger to double the charging power to an astounding 1200 watts when you add one or more batteries. Anyway you look at it, the Titan is efficient at charging!

Informative LCD Screen

When running a solar generator, it’s very important to know what’s going on with your machine. You’ll want to know how many watts are coming in, how many watts are going out, how much battery life you have left etc. The more specific the information on the screen the better.

With the Titan’s screen you’ll be able to see the nominal battery voltage, how many amps are going in and how many are going out. Same thing with the wattage going in and out. It also tells you exactly how long you can run a specific load with whatever draw you are currently running. In other words, when you plug anything into the Titan the screen will tell you exactly how long you can run it for before the unit runs out of power.

Comes with MC4 & Vehicle adapters

Many solar generator manufacturers create lots of useful accessories for their products, but do not include them with the purchase of a generator. This forces customers to go out and spend extra money which can really add up.

For example, the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 doesn’t even come with an MPPT charge controller. You would need to buy the charge controller and car charger adapter separately and the unit already cost $1799. Not to mention if you wanted to use the Yeti with solar panels you already own, you need to buy a specific adapter for that as well!

Something you will appreciate about the Titan is that with the purchase of every Titan you get a car adapter, an AC wall charger and an MC4 adapter! You wont need to purchase any extra accessories to start using your generator.

Titan Solar Generator Cons


Marketing the Titan as a "portable" solar generator would put it in the same category as units like the Apex, the Bluetti or the Jackery. This really isn't right as it is nowhere near as portable as any of these units. The Titan is big enough and powerful enough to act as an entire home back-up system. There is no need to market it as a “portable” solar generator. 

Obviously, having a unit be super portable is ideal, but a unit that has this much power is going to weigh a fair amount and that’s reasonable. Marketing this unit as a portable solar generator is slightly misleading, as customers might falsely believe this is more portable than it really is.


When considering a purchase of any product, price is almost always the most important factor for customers. Which is why the price point of the Titan is bound to cause some customers to react strongly as the units start selling at $2995. While a price point of nearly 3k is quite expensive, over the lifespan of the unit its actually quite reasonable.

You can check out Will Prowse’s video in which he goes into detail on the cost of a unit like this to understand how the price point is actually very fair or visit our blog The Cost of the Titan Solar Generator. We still do understand that $2995 for most people is a lot of money to spend. Which is why we offer financing options which you can check out here, but more importantly this is a unit that will last you 10-20 years of use and you can recharge it for free from the sun. Over the lifespan of the Titan a price tag of $2995 is actually only a few cents a day.

Solar Generator

It is our belief that once you test out the unit and see for yourself how much value it brings, you will be happy you spent the money on a high quality and bigger unit like the Titan. As long as you know what your needs are for a solar generator and are sure that this unit fits those needs, this is the safest purchase you can make! For further information about solar generator prices, consider checking How Much Does a Solar Generator Cost?

When to Use the Titan Solar Generator?

The Titan can be extremely useful in many scenarios but we for-see three main groups of customers who this generator will be perfect for. The first one would be anybody who lives in a natural disaster prone area.

As of the writing of this article, the California power grid is being periodically shut off and people are without power for upwards of a week! The Titan would be an absolute god send to anybody who is without power and wants to keep their fridge / freezer running, power their electronics, run their C-PAP machine, keep lights on etc. A Titan with a few battery packs and at least 500 watts of solar panels would keep your home’s essentials powered up and running no problem.

The second group of people who this generator would be perfect for is anyone who needs to power their off-grid cabin, RV, Skoolie, Boat or Van. Solar generators are already commonly used by people who live a mobile-lifestyle, and the Titan is the ultimate solution to these problems. Rather than try and install a complicated solar system, connecting batteries to a charge controller and trying to wire up your inverter, you can buy a Titan and run all of your electronics from that!

For some context, you can watch this video from a well known VanLifer named Jarrod Tocci who spent upwards of 16k for his solar set up that comes with a 3200 watt inverter; the Titan boasts a 3000 watt inverter for some context.

It also works for an off-grid cabin set up in much the same way as an RV or Van. Rather than needing to try and figure out solar power from the ground up, you can buy a Titan with some battery packs and solar panels and have huge amounts of power no problem!

The last group of customers who this makes sense for is anyone who is concern about prepping or end of the world / doomsday type of scenarios. A super powerful, but quiet and reliable solar power source is a god send if you are at all worried about our planet and the end of days approaching.

You’ll be able to pack up the Titan with the modular battery packs in a bug-out scenario and take it with you and your family.


In conclusion, it is our belief that the Titan solar generator is a huge disrupter to the solar generator market. It takes every possible argument against solar generators and silences them. 

In fact, the only real critique of this unit could be its overall size, but the direct competitors in the fossil fuel generator market are not exactly portable either. It is our conclusion that this is the best and really the only large scale solar generator worth purchasing today. The only close competition to the Titan from the solar generator market might be the Yeti 3000, but the Yeti 3000 has so many downfalls compared to the Titan that we will be writing an article about that comparison specifically. 

If you are interested in a whole home backup generator, or the main power source for your Van, RV or Cabin, you can’t go wrong with a Titan Generator from Point Zero.

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