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Buy Now, Pay Later With Klarna Financing - Easy, Fast Financing At Checkout

How Does Buy Now, Pay Later With Klarna Financing Work?

We have partnered with Klarna to provide you with flexible financing on purchases under $10,000 USD, so you can ease the costs and pay over time. With APR rates ranging from 0-24.99% all through a simple, online application which will provide an instant approval decision. Once approved, you can easily manage payments & set reminders directly in the Klarna app.

If you’re looking to make a purchase over $10,000 please give us a call at 877-242-2792 and we can go over your options.

Simple & Easy (takes 2-minutes), just follow these steps - Watch Now: 

Step By Step Instructions:

In order to apply for financing, you'll just add the products you want to order to your cart and go through the checkout like normal - From there, do the following steps to apply for financing:

1. Select "Buy Now, Pay Later" as your payment option at checkout & click complete order.

2. Click PLACE ORDER - *Your payment plans & financing options are displayed AFTER this, in step #3 below.

3. Verify your information via text message

4. Choose your plan / financing options

5. Enter your debit card and personal information

6. Proceed to qualification page and you will see your CUSTOM RATE

7. If you like it, click agree and submit to complete your purchase and you’ll get an order confirmation #.


Payments on Klarna Financing

Review your latest purchases and settle your monthly statement at any time by logging into your Klarna account at

Safe and Secure

Klarna uses modern safeguards and security to protect your information and prevent unauthorized purchases. You have zero fraud liability with Klarna’s Buyer Protection policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here? Check out Klarna’s full FAQ page.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a global payment solutions company that works with merchants to provide their customers the smoothest online shopping experience. Klarna is in over 70,000 online stores and has more than 60 million users globally.

How does financing with Klarna work?

It’s simple! Shop at any online store that uses Klarna, and choose Slice it to pay for your purchases over time. You will know if you are approved in seconds, and then complete your purchase. You will receive an email notification of your purchase from Klarna, and can manage your account directly on Klarna's website (or in their App).

What if I accidentally place an order through financing and want to change it?

No worries at all. You cannot "accidentally" place an order with Klarna as there is a 2-step finalization request after all 7 steps listed above. If you do somehow complete the purchase and did NOT mean too. Simply shoot us an email or give us a quick call and we'll get everything sorted out for you.

Still have questions about Financing? 

Give us a call at 877-242-2792 or reach out via live chat / email today!