How to Charge Ecoflow Delta 1300 - A Complete Guide -
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How to Charge Ecoflow Delta 1300 - A Complete Guide

How to Charge Ecoflow Delta 1300

In our Ecoflow Delta 1300 review, we talked about how effective this small battery pack was at keeping the lights on without too much hassle. 

In this article, we’re going to cover how you charge the Delta 1300. We’ll look at how quickly it charges, and how it fares against some of its competitors.

Ecoflow Delta

How to Charge

The battery is made up of 100 Lithium-ion cells and holds an impressive 1300 watt-hours (1300Wh). This is enough to run most heavy appliances for a few hours at least. For example, you could run a 1 kilo-watt space heater for around 80 minutes.

Charging the Ecoflow Delta is relatively simple. Plugging the battery directly into an alternating current (AC) output will fully charge the system in just under 2 hours.

How to Charge Ecoflow Delta 1300


400W solar panels for Ecoflow Delta are available for sale through Ecoflow’s website. The panels in full sun will charge the battery in around 4 hours. If you already have access to a solar array, odds are the output will be compatible with the Delta 1300.

The Ecoflow Delta 1300 can also be charged through a car charging port. Because the power output of a car charger is low, this can take up to 10 hours.


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Charging Pros

The key benefit of the Ecoflow Delta is its super-fast charging times. This makes it an ideal piece of equipment for camping trips or long car journeys. You can plug it in a few hours before you leave and it’s good to go.

The pack has been designed to be portable, so you can move it around your house to power whichever items you need as you need them.

In comparison to clunky, noisy gas generators, the Ecoflow Delta is miles ahead. It doesn’t produce any harmful emissions, so it’s safe to keep indoors and out of the rain. It also comes with a 3,300W surge protection rating, so it’s safe from blowing a fuse.

Charging Cons

Other battery pack generators are available as an Ecoflow Delta 1300 alternative. While other options have some advantages over the Delta, none of them can offer the fast charging and capacity of the Ecoflow.

Comparing the Ecoflow Delta 1300 vs Jackery 1000 is its closest competitor. While the Jackery 1000 offers 300Wh less than the Ecoflow, it’s significantly quieter. 

The fans on the Ecoflow Delta are quite noisy and the sound can become grating after a couple of hours.

The Ecoflow Delta 1300 power is second to none, but this has a detrimental effect on the battery’s life. The battery will only hold 60% of its initial 1300Wh after only 800 discharges. This may seem like a long way away, but frequent use will run that number up quickly.

Another concern is the poor efficiency of the bank. The Ecoflow Delta has a 58% round-trip efficiency rating. This means that 42% of the energy used to charge the bank is lost. Other commercial battery banks have a round-trip efficiency of 70%.

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