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The Cost of the Titan Solar Generator

The Cost of the Titan Solar Generator

Titan Solar generators are a great addition to any home but, how much do they cost? And does the price match the quality? 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the cost of the Titan Solar generator and comparing it to the industry standard.

As the world becomes more focused on eco-friendly practices and green energy, the interest in solar energy has increased. Large solar farms exist all around the world, generating clean, renewable energy while lowering the global carbon footprint.

If you’re looking to get in on green energy, or simply want to work toward becoming self-sufficient, a solar generator is a great option.

If you wonder who makes Titan Solar generators, they are manufactured by Point Zero Energy based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In our Titan solar generator review of the Titan Solar generator, we detailed the specs of the machine, the energy capacity, and its longevity.

 The Cost of the Titan Solar Generator

How Much Does the Titan Solar Generator Cost?

When buying a solar generator there are a lot of aspects to consider such as the size of the machine, its power capacity, and how much a solar generator costs.

When compared to other solar generators and industry standards, the Titan Solar generator is quite pricey. Coming in at around $2000 to $3000, it is one of the most expensive solar generators on the market.

If you have a fatter wallet than most, the price won’t really be an issue but there are cheaper options out there.

Whether the Titan Solar generator is worth its weight in gold really is up to you. If you live in an area prone to power outages and have a lot of things that need power, it might be worth it.

The point is its value depends on how often you’ll use it and what you’ll use it for.

You should keep in mind that this machine is quite heavy and bulky if you’re pressed for space.

Is the Titan Solar Generator Worth It?

When compared to competitors, Point Zero Energy’s Titan Solar generator can stand with the best of them. The Titan Solar generator is quite durable and versatile. It should be able to meet most of your energy needs. 

The Titan Solar Generator VS Inergy Flex

When compared to the Inergy Flex, the Titan Solar generator does not disappoint. While these two machines share numerous similarities, the Titan Solar generator is a clear victor due to its versatility and history of credibility.

The Titan has a faster rate of charge at 1000w when compared to the Inergy Flex which charges at a rate of 600w.

The Titan also sports a larger battery capacity at 2,000Wh per battery and a battery life of 2,000 cycles. This far outstrips the Inergy Flex which comes in at around 400 to 2,000 cycles.

When comparing prices, the Inergy Flex is much cheaper than the Titan Solar. The Inergy Flex is currently priced at around $1,500 which is nearly half the price of the Titan Solar.

Key Takeaway

The cost of the Titan Solar generator ranges between $2,000 and $3,000 depending on where you decide to purchase it.

In our opinion, while pricey, the Titan Solar generator is worth the cash. It is both durable and versatile and has an outstanding battery life.

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