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Who Makes the Titan Generator?

Who Makes the Titan Generator

Titan solar generators are a leading brand in household solar energy but, who makes the Titan generators? Who owns Titan Solar? 

Well, this article aims to answer just that and we look at how the Titan generator has been received by the public. 

This article focuses on the creators of Titan solar generators and their journey toward creating a leading brand in household solar generators.

The Brand Behind Titan Solar

Titan solar generators have carved a niche for themselves as being an efficient and affordable solar generator option. The brand behind this innovative machinery is Point Zero Energy.

Point Zero Energy was founded in 2013 by a man named David Willis. David Willis is an accomplished engineer and has a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

David is known for his ingenuity and is exceptionally talented in creating, building, and optimizing energy systems.

Who Makes the Titan Generator?

This natural ability in combination with his formal education and training led David into the field of solar energy systems. He spent over 15 years honing that talent by designing, manufacturing, and installing solar energy systems.

While working, he discovered a huge need in the solar energy market. While solar energy systems were plentiful, he found that they were inefficient and were of poor quality.

Due to his experience and education, David realized that efficiency and quality were core aspects in the reliability of a backup energy system, especially if people were relying on the system for their livelihoods.

David also understood that the reliability, efficiency, and quality of a system should be valued over the capitalistic goal of generating a profit.

With this in mind, he created Point Zero Energy to help others and revolutionize the solar generator market.

Point Zero Energy is located in Southern Idaho and, for those of you living in the US, they offer free shipping in Contiguous U.S.

The Values and Mission of Point Zero Energy

We believe that knowing the company and brand behind the product is key when looking into making a large purchase. Choosing a trusted brand when buying a product is like buying a promise that the product will last a lifetime.

So, when we were introduced to the Titan Solar generator, we asked ourselves Who makes Titan generators?’.

Once we found Point Zero Energy, it was important for us to do a deep dive into the company. After all, how would we know if we could trust their brand if we did not do our homework?

According to their website, Point Zero Energy has a mission to continuously design and manufacture reliable, effective solar energy backup systems that can raise industry standards.

They aim to instill confidence in their customers and build a brand that is known for manufacturing reliable, powerful machinery and backup systems that can meet every situation.

Point Zero Energy also operates based on three core values, namely, experience, innovation, and service.

  • Experience: Point Zero Energy founder David Willis has extensive experience in designing, building, and installing solar energy systems. He also holds a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

  • Innovation: Point Solar Energy runs on innovation and is not satisfied with simply creating something that works. They aim to use innovative thinking to create reliable and efficient backup energy systems and revolutionize the market.
who makes titan generators?
  • Service: Point Zero Energy is a family-owned company that takes pride in its work. They aim to create a warm, welcoming environment and treat their customers like family by providing top-notch service.

By familiarizing ourselves with Point Zero Energy, they helped build our trust in the brand. We found that Point Zero Energy does not disappoint.

How Does Titan Solar Hold Up in the Court of Public Opinion?

It is always a good idea to read reviews and customer opinions before making any major purchase. There are a plethora of Titan Solar generator reviews on the internet but, are these reviews positive or negative?

Generally, these reviews answer questions like how much does a solar generator cost or offer comparison opinions such as Titan Solar generator VS Inergy Flex.

When looking through these reviews, we found that the Titan Solar generator has made its mark on the industry and that it is one of the best mid-range backup energy machines on the market.

However, it is impossible to please everyone and one of the major critiques was the cost of the Titan Solar generator.

In Summary 

Point Zero Energy has taken the energy industry by storm since its establishment in 2013. 

With its focus on manufacturing quality, reliable, and efficient machinery, Point Zero Energy aims to revolutionize the backup energy market. 

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