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EcoFlow Delta PRO Review: Watch and Read BEFORE You Buy

EcoFlow Delta PRO

The EcoFlow Delta PRO redefines modern portable power station expectations as an independent or integrated renewable energy solution. It’s a next-generation industry leader, powerful, reliable, and as portable as possible.

This evolutionary battery system is ahead of its competitors with an immense inverter, considerable capacity, connectivity, versatility, and expandability next to none.

Smart energy management means more for less. It offers security and independence wherever you are, whether you choose to use or lose the grid completely.

Let’s explore a little more for an even better battery perspective.

The Design

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is simple, fully functional, and as aesthetically pleasing as a high tech alternative to the EcoFlow Delta 1300.

A large LCD screen on the rectangular box digitally displays vital information such as battery health, temperature and fan functionality, remaining charge time, power input and output, activated ports, parts of the battery system, and so much more.

ecoflow delta pro cost

To let the energy flow wherever it needs to go, the unit provides a multitude of AC and DC output ports.

Around The Box in Summarized Ways

Input Ports:

AC Charge, AC Input Voltage, Solar Charger, Car Charger

Output Ports:

5 x AC Ports, 2 x USB-A, 2 x USB-A Fast Charge, 2 x USB-C, Car Charger, 2 x DC5521 Outputs and an Anderson Output

About the Battery

The LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery chemistry allows for an impressive storage capacity. It supports more usage cycles and is not prone to thermal (or financial) runaway in comparison to Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) counterparts. This makes it a promising residential energy storage solution.


A single EcoFlow Delta PRO unit has a maximum continuous capacity of 3,600Wh and 48V, which is nearly double the power of the EcoFlow Delta 1300. Depending on various criteria, this can be expanded up to 4,500Wh with the X-boost technology.

Still not enough? Two units may be paired together for a powerful 7,200Wh, or a complete combined ecosystem of up to 25kWh.

Battery Life

The EcoFlow Delta PRO is a reliable keeper of renewable energy. The battery has a one-year shelf life if stored correctly, keeping its full charge for when you need it most.

Battery Lifespan

The latest LFP battery technology guarantee at least 3,500 charge cycles before the capacity are reduced to 80%, and 6,500 cycles before the unit reach 50% of its original capacity. This means years and years of responsible use.

Connectivity and Control

There are multiple ways to monitor and control the unit.

Firstly, the remote control accessory on the unit itself. A specialized add-on remote is available for separate purchase, but the unit supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote access via your phone.

ecoflow delta pro review

Should you agree to our method of choice, the EcoFlow companion app is an absolute must for smart access enthusiasts.

The application provides a detailed breakdown of energy habits, which in turn allow you to consume energy even smarter. It enables you to remotely monitor, manage, customize, and control system settings on your phone.

But the ultimate in Delta Pro connectivity is that you can integrate it directly with your home circuits via the Smart Home Panel – in which case it could provide power to up to ten home circuits.

The “smart adapter” can provide backup power fast enough that many electronics won’t lose data or shut down. Uninterrupted power in adverse or adventurous circumstances, anybody?

If you’d like to know more about this device’s predecessor, check out our review of the EcoFlow Delta 1300.


As with all things battery, it is advised to do a complete charge before first use. But this is where it gets really interesting.

The Delta PRO can be charged in more ways than any other home battery system. The choice is yours. Solar, EV or AC power.

One simple solution to fully charge the Delta PRO? A standard AC wall outlet. The built-in X-stream technology makes the EcoFlow Delta charge time surprisingly fast, enabling you to charge the unit at 1,800W through a single port.

And for the echo of eco? In a salute to solar power, the majority of third-party solar panels for EcoFlow Delta are compatible. The wide voltage range between 11V-150V of DC input allows you to charge the Delta PRO with 1,600W solar energy at a maximum current of 15A.

The Delta Pro is also the first portable power station that can be recharged at level-2 Electric Vehicle (EV) stations worldwide with up to 3,000W fast charging on the go.

Fast & Fabulous

EcoFlow managed to master the art of high-speed battery charging on a bigger scale.

The infinity port allows the fastest charging mode on the EcoFlow Delta PRO. The unit can be fully charged from 0 to 100% capacity in less than two hours at a maximum rate of 1,800W.

You can even use multiple ports to combine methods and multi-charge the unit for a fast and fabulous charge of up to 6,500W.

The Expandable EcoFlow Ecosystem

At the heart of this evolutionary technology lies the ability to combine several units to boost the power output. But the potential reaches all the way from a single reliable storage solution to an integral part of a complete solar power system.

Add-ons sold separately but worth considering include up to two Delta PRO Smart Extra batteries, the EcoFlow Smart Generator, an optional Delta PRO remote control, Double voltage hub and EV X-Stream Adapter. Maybe you’re considering making the switch to powering your household with solar energy through a solar panel, but you are unsure of the benefits and problems that you might experience along the way.

ecoflow delta pro price

Perhaps you’re just interested in knowing whether solar power can work for you and if it is worth the investment. If so, then you have come to the right place.

Most of the world’s population is trying to reduce their carbon emissions and live a sustainable and more eco-friendly life. One of the most common and effective ways of doing this is through the implementation of solar power-generating systems that use renewable energy.

With the advancement in technology and the rise in global warming, many more people are making the switch to solar-powered systems and living greener and cleaner by powering their homes with the sun’s energy.

Solar panels can be used for a wide variety of electrical applications and Installing solar panels on your home comes with so many amazing benefits, from reducing your monthly energy bills to combating the threat of global warming through the use of the sun’s renewable energy.

But, before going green and leveling up our households with solar panels, it is important to know their advantages and potential drawbacks.

Safety and Security

The unit is programmed with protective measures against all types of overload including current and voltage, extremes in temperature, and short-circuiting.

The advanced battery management system continuously monitors charge to provide real-time analysis and regulation of voltage, current and temperature. This makes it an incredibly safe and efficient battery.

Another brilliant feature is the AC charge speed switch that allows you to control the amount of energy it draws. No more accidentally tripping circuit breakers at really inappropriate times.

Four large fans provide adequate airflow to keep the charge and inverter circuits cool. This is what makes it somewhat noisier than competitors, but considering the tremendous power and capacity, we’re still its biggest fans.


Despite the product’s hefty 45kg weight, every effort has been made to ensure portability.

The EcoFlow Delta PRO has been thoughtfully designed with two wheels and an integrated retractable handle. They even include a handle cover. How much more suitable can this case be?


  • The considerable size and weight of about 45kgs? Justified with massive battery power and efforts towards more convenient portability.
  • The battery needs a secure storage location to keep it from being damaged by vibration or water. But so does more or less every-techy-thing else?
  • All sockets except one have plastic covers to protect against dust. 
  • Pricier than the competition? Features and expandability make it a sound investment, despite being a little louder than other battery generators. It's still not nearly as loud as a gas generator, and definitely way more eco than no-go.


Power, portability and versatility are at the core of this innovative design.

It is the complete power solution for RV road trips and outdoor adventures, and a professional and portable home solution wherever you need it.

Whether it be for regular use to reduce your reliance on the grid, emergency backup at home or professional work - rest assured the results are proven.

No more this or that. No more coin flipping or prioritizing for ports. You can more than likely charge just about anything and everything you need in one go. And for more than just one day.

Whether you choose to use it as a standalone source of renewable energy or a reliable team-player within an expandable smart home ecosystem - it will go with the flow like an absolute pro.

In this video, Max does an in-depth review on the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable solar power station. We go through a full overview of the EcoFlow Delta PRO as well as an analysis on the pros and cons of this solar generator.

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