Bluetti EB240 vs AC200P Comparison – Which One's Best? -
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Bluetti EB240 vs AC200P Comparison – Which One's best?

EB240 vs AC200P

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article compares the Bluetti EB240 and AC200P solar power stations, highlighting their technical specifications, including capacity, output capabilities, battery type, charging options, and differences in features. The EB240 boasts a larger capacity and faster charging from solar panels, while the AC200P offers higher voltage and a more powerful inverter, suitable for running demanding electronic devices.

The AC200P also features a touch screen display for advanced control, but it is heavier and less portable compared to the EB240. The article concludes that both models are excellent options, and the choice between them depends on personal preference and specific needs.


Bluetti EB240 vs AC200P

Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at two solar power stations from the Bluetti brand, which has quickly risen to become one of the most exciting and well-known manufacturers of eco-friendly power generators.

We will be comparing one of our current best-selling portable solar power stations – the Bluetti EB240 - to the highly anticipated Bluetti AC200P. To help you find the best product for your needs, we will explore the two solar generators separately before identifying some of the major differences between them. From there, we will explain why some people will be drawn towards one solar generator over the other.

The Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator

As mentioned above, the EB240 is one of our top sellers, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. With over 2,400Wh/1,000W of storage capacity, it is the perfect option for those that are looking to run numerous electronic devices over long stretches of time.

Whether you are looking for an emergency power supply for blackouts and grid failures, or you need a highly portable solar generator you can take with you on camping trips, the EB240 offers an eco-friendly alternative to a gasoline generator.

It features a pre-installed MPPT, which means it is optimized to work with solar panels as part of a solar power kit. In fact, it is so well optimized to function as a solar generator, that the fully integrated battery system can charge up to 40% faster than similarly priced units.

Output Capabilities:

With 2 AC power outlets that can supply 1,000W of continuous power, as well as a built-in 1,200W surge protector, you have plenty of charge potential for your electronic devices. Due to the surge protector, you can even charge electronic appliances that have a tendency to surge, like small coffee makers and toaster ovens.

On top of the AC outlets, it also features a DC12V/9A output port, a PD Type-C output port, and four USB outlets.

Battery Capacity:

One of the reasons why this unit has been so popular in the past is its high-capacity battery, which features integrated over-charge, over-current, and short-circuit protections. No matter what sort of electronics you are running, the EB240 is designed to automatically prevent short-circuits and overheating issues.

Charging the EB240:

The EB240 was designed for full solar panel compatibility, which means it can be fully charged using pure solar energy. With just one 200 watt solar panel, it is possible to fully charge the internal battery in as little as 15 hours. Of course, larger solar panels will charge the unit even faster.

You also have the option to charge the battery through an AC wall plug-in, as well as a car charging port.

The Bluetti AC200 Solar Generator

With the success of the EB150 and EB240, it is no surprise that the release of the AC200 comes with some serious hype. For those looking to purchase a solar generator with a higher voltage, the AC200’s 51.8V rated Lithium Ion battery is really eye-catching.

Even though the 1,700Wh battery may seem like a downgrade over the 2,400Wh battery featured in the Eb240, it is important to note that the higher voltage potential increases the draw capacity of the battery.

Output Capabilities:

As far as outlets go, the AC200 is outstanding. With six separate 120V wall-style outlets, you can plug in numerous devices at the same time. It has the potential to run up to 2,000W continuously from the 120V outlets, which is great news for those planning to use it to power numerous electronics at the same time.

It also features multiple 12V DC car-style charging ports, five USB outlets, and a single USB-C 60W high-speed port, which is designed to quickly charge smartphones, laptops, and other portable electronic devices that support fast charging.

The Power Inverter:

Where the AC200 really shines is its integrated 2,000W Pure Sine Wave inverter, which allows users to run more demanding electronic devices from it. For those looking to set up a remote workshop, or run a portable kitchen while camping, this is huge news.

Another area where the AC200 stands out is its massive surge value, which at 4,800W, means users have the option to run full-size coffee makers, personal heaters, hot plates, and some power tools, without having to worry that they will surge too high.

Charging the AC200

Like the EB240, the AC200 also boasts an integrated MPPT charge controller, which means, unlike units with PWM charge controllers, it is fully compatible with any solar panel array and is efficient enough to pull a significant amount of power, even on cloudy days.

You also have the ability to over-panel, meaning you can connect more than 700W worth of solar panels to the AC200 to charge the battery as quickly as possible (read more about solar panel connectors).

If you are planning to use the AC200 as a portable power bank and want to fully charge it before you head out, you have the option to charge it through a wall outlet input or a 12V car outlet.

For an even faster charge, you can solar charge and AC wall charge at the same time.

Bluetti EB240 vs AC200P: How Do the Solar Generators Differ?

Luckily, we will continue to sell both units. While the AC200 is the more recent and advanced model, it is not coming in to replace the EB240, so if you prefer the older model, it will remain an option.

In terms of differences between the two units, one of the first things you will notice is the more advanced touch screen display you get with the AC200.

How You Control the Units:

The state-of-the-art touch screen gives you an advanced level of control over how the unit operates, but some users might find this to be somewhat intimidating, especially if they are new to using solar generators. The ability to have such a high degree of control and be able to access so many readouts can be useful, but if you are looking for simplicity, the three-button interface you get with the EB240 might be more appealing.

Power vs. Weight:

The larger inverter of the AC200 is what people are most excited about, but that extra power potential does come with the downside of added weight. At over 58 lbs, most people will need to use a roll cart to transport the AC200. Keep this in mind if you are planning to use your new solar generator as part of a mobile solar power system. Basically, the older model is less powerful, but noticeably lighter and more portable.

Outlets and Shelf-Life:

The AC200 features more outlets and does not suffer from the same 3–6-month shelf-life you get with the EB240, so it could be preferable for those that are looking for a backup power bank for emergency situations. While the EB240 has fewer outlets and needs to be charge more frequently to maintain a fully charged battery, it is much lighter and offers simplicity, so it works really well for RVing and camping trips.

Bluetti EB240 vs AC200P: Which Should You Choose?

As mentioned, we will be selling both of these units and both are excellent options. Neither will go out of style and both pack enough power and charge potential to be practical choices. Essentially, the decision boils down to personal preference.

If you would still like to know more about these two solar generators, check out our Bluetti EB240 vs AC200P comparison video!

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