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The Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator Ultimate Review

The Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator Ultimate Review

MaxOak has done it again.  In the chaos of the year 2020, the company that made a name for itself with the Bluetti Solar Generator has released an exciting new product.  Thanks to its massive battery bank and affordable price point, the Bluetti EB240 is quickly becoming one of the most popular solar generators on the market.  

If you're familiar with any of the company’s previous products, like the Bluetti EB150, then you are well aware that the EB240 is likely to be a high performing solar generator. But how does it stack up against previous models?  

In this in depth review, we are going to look at the product features, pros, cons, and capabilities of the Bluetti EB240.

Product Features

  • Battery Capacity: 2400Wh 
  • Battery: LG Li-ion battery cell
  • AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm DC, 42V/160W,      
  • OCV 16V~60V /MAX.10A 
  • AC Output: 110V, Max.1000W
  • Carport: DC 12V/9A 
  • USB Ports: 1*PD 45W USB-C(5-20V), 4*5V,3A USB-A
  • Solar Charge Mode: MPPT    
  • Efficiency: 99.5%
  • Size:19.4*6.5*14.4inch
  • Weight: 48.5lb

Included With Your Purchase

  • 1 x Bluetti EB240 2,400wH Solar Generator / Portable Power Station
  • 1 x AC wall charger for charging from the wall
  • 1 x MC4 Solar Panel Connector for connecting your solar panels
  • 1 x 1 Year Warranty Certificate
  • 1 x User & Setup Manual

What can the Bluetti EB240 Power?

  • Refrigerator (150 watts): 16+ hours
  • Smartphones (5-7 watts): 400+ hours
  • Tablets (25-40 watts): 80+ hours
  • Laptops (50 watts): 48+ hours
  • Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts): 32 hours
  • 50" LED LCD TV* (65 watts) : 37 hours
  • Microwave (1,000 watts): 2+ hours
  • Basecamp LED Light (6 watts) : 400 hours
  • CPAP Machine (30 watts): 80+ hours

Pros of the Bluetti EB240

There are plenty of perks that come with the Bluetti EB240.  Here are the top benefits of choosing this solar generator from MaxOak.  

Massive Battery Bank and Battery Life

Undoubtedly, the eyebrow raising highlight of this device is its massive storage capability.  The EB240 gets its name from the 2400wH battery bank included inside, which makes it one of the largest capacity “all in one” solar power stations available today.  As you can see above, the storage included in this solar generator can last long enough to recharge hundreds of smartphones or continue to power several nights of CPAP sleeping.  

The battery included in the Bluetti EB240 utilizes lithium ion technology from LG.  This massively efficient battery helps power the Bluetti EB240 for over 2,500 cycles.  In order to illustrate how amazing that is, let’s say you were to charge and discharge the battery in its entirety every day (which, again, would be difficult due to its massive size). In this instance, the Bluetti EB240 is rated to last for nearly 7 years of daily use.  

Fast Solar Charging

Many people are considering the Bluetti EB240 as simply a home backup system and for the right reasons.  If you plug it into the wall and stick it on a shelf, you are guaranteed to have access to a great source of electricity for indoor or outdoor use.  The truth is, however, it was really built to be used with solar panels.  

The Bluetti EB240 comes with an MPPT solar charge controller built right into the hardware.  This is the most efficient kind of charge controller available today.  If you were to use the recommend solar input for this device (400W) in direct sunlight, then the battery will charge in between five and six hours.  This is an incredibly fast rate of charging knowing that other similar solar generators take similar amounts of time to charge batteries half of the size.    

Outlet Variety 

Besides the LED display screen, there is a great amount of outlet variety on the Bluetti EB240.  The device includes 2 AC (wall plug) outlets, 1 DC 12V (Car Cigarette Lighter) Outlet, ,1 Type-C USB-C outlet, and 4 traditional USB outlets.  The variety of outlets allows users to charge and power a large number of devices at once in the most efficient ways possible.   

Smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops, can recharge by being plugged into one of the USB outlets, which use DC power.  By bypassing the inverter, these devices are powered using less overall energy then the limited AC outlets.  Thus, users are able to maximize the battery life and the amount of things that can be powered by the EB240 by using the outlet variety to its fullest.  

Cons of the Bluetti EB240

Of course, nothing is perfect.  Whereas the Bluetti 240 is far superior to most other solar generators, when compared to other elite devices,  there are some of the drawbacks in choosing this device from MaxOak.  

Limited Solar Input

First and foremost, there is a limited amount of solar input capability that comes with the EB240.  The manufacturer claims a maximum solar input of 500W.  After some testing and consideration of device longevity, we only recommend using 300W or 400W of solar input.  

Whereas we said earlier that the fast solar charging is one of the best features about this device, five or six hours is just about the maximum amount of peak sunlight you can expect on any given day.  If you are in an area with even more limited sunlight, or are usable a portable solar system on an RV or van, then you may struggle to fill the EB240’s battery to capacity.  That being said, the battery is enormous, and you may not need to keep it entirely full to power all of your devices. 

Low Output Capacity

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Bluetti EB240 is the size of the inverter.   Included in this model is the same 1000W inverter that MaxOak included in the EB150.  Although 1000W is plenty to run most household devices, it still feels a bit limited with other solar generators boasting 1500W & 1600W continousous output capacity.  The EB240 is still powerful enough to powerful most home and emergency devices, users will just have to be more careful when running larger appliances simultaneously.  


With great power comes great responsibility.  The responsibility, in this case, is burdened by whoever can carry the Bluetti EB240.  The EB240 works great as a home backup system or as a permanent solar installation, however some may struggle to use it as a truly portable device.   The Bluetti EB240 weighs in at just under 50 lbs.  This may be a little heavy for some people.  However, it should be noted that the generator comes with a durable handle on top to make the moving process as easy as possible. 

Relatively Slow AC (Wall Plug-In) Charge Time

As we noted earlier, the Bluetti EB240 was built with solar in mind.  Not only is it extremely efficient in charging with solar, but it also includes the hardware available to do so with every purchase.  Despite this, many people also take advantage of AC charging capability.  

If you plug the EB240 into your home’s wall outlet, it will charge to capacity in about 10 hours.  Obviously, this is about twice as long as it would take when using solar panels.  Plus, there are also a few top tier solar generators that can charge in less than four hours. Of course faster charging devices have batteries that are not nearly as large.  Ultimately, the ten hour AC charge time can be inconvenient, but if you remember to plug in your device overnight, it will still charge at a faster watt-hour rate then most solar generators.  

The EB240 vs other MaxOak Solar Generators

As we mentioned earlier, the EB240 is not the first premium solar generator available from MaxOak.  The massively popular Bluetti EB150 may be a better choice for someone on a budget.  Although the EB150 only has a battery that is ⅝ the size of the EB240, it still comes with plenty of great features.  The EB150 comes with the same 1000W output capability as the 240 and weighs significantly less, thus making it a great portable power generator.  

Bluetti EB240 Price

The Bluetti retails on the MaxOak website as well as Amazon for $1,999.  At just under $2k, this price is incredible.  If you were to purchase similar size and quality battery banks and inverters separately, they would likely be more expensive than the Bluetti, which comes in one convenient and portable package.  

At Shop Solar Kits, we work with the manufacturer directly in order to offer discounted prices on solar generators like this one.  Click here to see our price for the Bluetti EB240.  

Conclusion:  Do We Recommend the Bluetti EB240? 

In conclusion, yes, we do recommend the Bluetti EB240 from MaxOak.  This solar generator works perfectly as portable source for renewable, backup power in a home, cabin, or RV.  It can also be used as a mobile power station for long weekend trips, camping, festivals, or tailgating.

We hope that this in depth review has provided you with the answer as to if the Bluetti EB240 is worth it for you personally.  Ultimately, we highly recommend this high capacity solar generator for anyone looking for a reliable backup source of power.       

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