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RV & Van Solar Panel Kits


Looking for the best complete solar panel kit to meet your off grid power needs but feeling a little lost? That's totally normal. There are tons of different options, variations, technical lingo and price points which can combine to makes things slightly overwhelming. 

At Shop Solar Kits, our main goal is making the solar panel kit buying experience easier by helping you figure out the best kit that will meet your power needs at a price point you feel comfortable with. Feel free to checkout our Solar Load Calculator to help you figure out what size of kit you'll need.

The nice thing about buying a complete solar panel kit, you won't need to try and source your solar panels, charge controllers, power storage and other accessories from a bunch of different vendors. Plus, we only stock and recommend the best solar brands on the market today and that are backed by our satisfaction guarantee!

You can order online with any major credit card or through PayPal and if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at or 1-877-242-2792.

Go Power! Solar Elite 380...

$2,703.99 $3,380.00

Go Power! Weekender SW 160...

$1,643.99 $2,055.00

Go Power! Solar Extreme 570...

1 review