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Zamp 140-Watt Portable Solar Panel

Zamp 140-watt Portable Solar Panel

If you’re entering the solar power market for the purposes of camping, or simply just experimenting with solar power for the first time, the Zamp 140 watt portable solar panel is the panel for you.

There are a number of entry-level portable solar panels to choose from and deciding on the best one for the aforementioned purposes can be difficult.

For this reason, in this article, we’ll take a look at why the Zamp 140-watt portable solar panel is such a popular choice and, especially, why we here at Shop Solar Kits would recommend it for the purposes of camping or experimenting with solar power.

Who are Zamp?

Before we delve into the specifics of the product itself, it’s important that we take a look at the people behind the product first.

Zamp is one of the only US-based solar panel manufacturers. Like many companies, Zamp started from humble beginnings in 2010, selling solar panels out of a garage. 

Since then the company has displayed some serious growth and is now recognized as the premier designer and manufacturer of solar panels in the US.

As a result of this growing acclaim, Zamp has even been approached to partner up with a number of well-known RV companies such as Airstream and Winnebago in an advisory and strategic capacity.

Zamp is a proudly American company, using locally sourced materials in support of the local economy and designing and producing the majority of its products right here in the US, specifically at its headquarters in Bend, Oregon. Here they are able to provide local employment opportunities.

Finally, Zamp supports and assists high-quality US-based companies to build a clean-energy sector. With this in mind, it should be clear why choosing Zamp as your solar panel manufacturer should be a no-brainer. 

Why choose the Zamp 140-watt Solar Panel?

Zamp 140-watt Portable Solar Panels

Zamp manufacturers a vast range of solar panels including the:

But, above all, Zamp’s most popular solar is the Zamp 140-watt solar panel. This is predominantly because of its versatility. This solar panel works exceptionally in different camping set-ups in a vast variety of locations.

The popularity of this solar panel can also be attributed to a number of other factors which we’ll discuss briefly below.


The Zamp 140-watt Solar Panel is a high-end, medium-sized solar panel that’s known for its high efficiency.

This can be attributed to its class-A monocrystalline collar cells that provide extremely high-efficiency output during the day. 

Another contributing factor to this high efficiency is the solar panel’s anti-reflective glass coating which accommodates maximum light absorption.

Each of these panels comes with a Zamp Solar built-in 10 Amp PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) Weatherproof Solar Charge Controller. This integrated solar charge controller has a digital display that allows you to keep an eye on:

  • The volts and amps your solar panels are producing not only in real-time but also over a long period of time are shown on its large LCD digital display
  • The condition of your battery as well as its charging status indicated by its multi-color LED indicator lights.

Finally, this panel can connect to your portable battery system or even directly to the battery of your RV. This latter feature is especially handy as most RVs or camper vans come with such an alternative power source port built-in.

Why Zamp 140-watt Portable Solar Panel


Being designed for the main purposes of camping, the Zamp 140-watt solar panel is also built to be extremely durable. 

The panel is held together by a sturdy aluminum frame that not only keeps them safe from small drops and falls but also means that everything stays lightweight and portable too.

In addition to this sturdy frame, the surface of the Zamp 140 watt solar panel is also made of tempered glass and is guaranteed to withstand the force of a golf ball-sized hailstone striking it at 60 mph. 

Finally, the case that this solar panel is transported in is itself also highly durable. This solar panel comes equipped with the Zamp ballistic nylon case. This case and its integrated heavy-duty zippers will ensure that your solar panel is kept safe while you’re on the road.


The dimensions of the Zamp 140 watt solar panel are as follows:

  • Length 41”, width 35”, and height 1.5” when opened
  • Length 21″, width 35″, and height 3″ when closed

With these dimensions and its weight of only 33 lbs. in mind, it is clear that this solar panel is not only lightweight but small enough to be transported with ease as well.

140-watt Zamp  Portable Solar Panel

In addition to the sturdy travel case included with the purchase of this panel, the panel itself also comes equipped with a carrying handle as well as a two-plated clasp to keep the panel folded shut inside its case. 

Overall, this solar panel is also easy and straightforward to set up no matter the location. You simply need to unzip the case, unfold the solar panel via its mechanical hinges, and unhinge its butterfly claps before doing so. 

Following this, you need only to unfold the legs of the solar panel that are part of Zamp’s Omni-Mount Frame technology that is integrated into the design of this solar panel for enhanced stability and easy placement.


Finally, the Zamp 140-watt Solar Panel also comes with a 25-year power output manufacturer warranty from Zamp.

We always say that the length of a manufacturer’s warranty is always indicative of the quality of the solar panel you’re looking at. Therefore, it should be clear that with a guarantee of a lifespan of at least 25 years, this solar panel can be deemed to be of the highest quality.


As we’ve showcased above, the Zamp 140-watt solar panel truly is a remarkable and, even, an essential piece of hardware for the purposes of camping or simply experimenting with solar power.

Not only is it reasonably sized and portable, but it's constructed to be highly efficient and durable as well. To top it all off, this solar panel will by no means cost you an arm and a leg. 

For this reason, it’s clearly the perfect choice for entry-level solar power enthusiasts.

Overall, we feel that the specifications of the Zamp 140-watt solar panel speak for themselves, and hopefully, in this article, we’ve managed to exhibit them in a way that clarifies the utter brilliance of this piece of solar power technology.

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