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Zamp 90-Watt Portable Solar Panel

Zamp 90-watt Portable Solar Panel

There are a plethora of portable solar panels on the market designed specifically for use whilst camping or road tripping in your car or RV.  

Amongst these various options, you’ll find the Zamp 90-watt portable solar panel.

As a portable solar panel, this panel stands out above the rest of the alternatives at your disposal. As such, when approached by customers interested in purchasing a solar panel for the purposes mentioned above, the Zamp 90-watt portable solar panel is always on our list of recommended panels.

In this article, we’ll do a brief review of this solar panel, looking at Zamp as a manufacturer in overview and looking at its specific specifications. 

This will shed a light on why this solar panel comes so highly recommended.

zamp 90w portable solar panel

Who is Zamp?

Before we delve into the specifics of the product itself, it’s important that we take a look at the people behind the product first. 

Zamp is one of the only US-based solar panel manufacturers in the world. 

Like most companies, Zamp started from humble beginnings. It began in 2010 by selling solar panels out of a garage. Thanks to the quality and popularity of their products, Zamp has seen significant growth. It’s now seen as one of the best manufacturers of solar panels in the US. 

As a result of this growing acclaim, Zamp has even been approached to partner up with a number of well-known RV companies such as Airstream and Winnebago in an advisory and strategic capacity  

Zamp is a proudly American company, using locally sourced materials in support of the local economy and designing and producing the majority of its products right here in the US. In fact, most of their products are fabricated in Bend, Oregon. 

Zamp’s aim is to provide US-based companies access to a clean-energy sector. With this in mind, it should be clear why choosing Zamp as your solar panel manufacturer should be a no-brainer.

The Zamp 90-Watt Portable Solar Panel

Looking through Zamp’s inventory you’ll see that they have a number of products for you to choose from. Here you’ll find products such as the:

Amongst these products, you’ll find the Zamp 90-watt portable solar panel, which is also one of their most popular solar panels alongside the Zamp 140-watt solar panel

The reasons for the former solar panel’s success on the market can be attributed to a number of reasons that we’ll address below.

High Efficiency

The Zamp 90-watt portable solar panel is not one solid 90-watt solar panel but in fact, two small 45-watt solar panels that fold into each other. Together these two grade-A monocrystalline solar panels have a maximum power output of 90-watts. 

The power output from these solar panels can be used not only to recharge your portable battery packs but can also connect directly to the battery of your RV, motorhome, or caravan to recharge it. 

zamp 90 watt solar panel

The fact that the surface of these solar panels is coated with specialized anti-reflection glass which accommodated maximum light absorption in the most extreme of light angles is another fact that ensures the high efficiency of the Zamp 90-watt portable solar panel. 

It must also be noted that monocrystalline solar panels are renowned for their higher power output in even the poorest of light conditions. This means that, although your overall power output will be lower than that of a sunny day, you’ll never be left without any energy at all, regardless of any poor weather conditions. 

In addition to this, the efficiency and easy use of this solar panel is enhanced by the fact that its purchase includes the integrated 5-Stage, 10-amp solar charge controller. It’s waterproof and keeps your solar system efficient and protected. 

The solar charge controller comes equipped with a LED light digital display that helps you regulate the volts and current running through your solar power system.

High Durability

The Zamp 90-watt portable solar panel is designed to survive all the elements that mother nature throws at it, and so its design is highly durable. 

Equipped with a lightweight yet rugged aluminum frame, as well as a tempered glass surface, this solar panel is truly perfect for outdoor use. 

This aluminum frame integrates Zamp’s Omni-mount technology which means that the panel’s outer edges are specifically hardened so as to create an additional barrier against all the elements this solar panel might be up against the outdoors.

Zamp 90w Solar Panel


The dimensions of this solar panel are as follows:

  • 43.5″ x 20″ x 1.5″ when open
  • 21.6″ x 21.5″ x 331″ when closed 

With these small dimensions and its weight of a mere 27 lbs., it’s clear that the Zamp 90-watt portable solar panel is a breeze to move around. 

Transporting this panel is also made super simple thanks to its folding ability. As mentioned earlier, its two individual 45-watt solar panels fold neatly into one another to form a briefcase type shape. 

Once secured shut with its two butterfly clasps, this solar panel can be carried just as easily as a briefcase with its integrated handle. 


Overall, it’s clear that although there are a number of other alternatives that you could consider, the Zamp 90-watt solar panel truly is a great point of departure when looking for a solar panel for the purpose of camping or traveling. 

Its efficient, durable and compact ensure that your portable solar power setup will not only be effective, but comfortable as well. This solar panel will allow you to enjoy the outdoors in conjunction with the luxury of electricity with ease.

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