Renogy Flexible Solar Panel - a Complete Review + Pros and Cons -
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Renogy Flexible Solar Panel - a Complete Review + Pros and Cons

Renogy Flexible Solar Panel - A Complete Review + Pros and Cons

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The article discusses Renogy Flexible Solar Panels as a solution for off-grid power needs, particularly for camping, RVs, and marine applications. Renogy, known for its quality solar products, offers flexible panels that can be mounted on curved surfaces, providing versatility in installation. The Renogy Flexible Solar Panel comes in two main models: the 100 Watt and the 160 Watt. Both are lightweight and highly flexible, making them suitable for various surfaces. These panels are made of advanced polymer materials, making them lighter than traditional rigid panels.

Key features of the Renogy Flexible Solar Panels include their flexibility, lightweight design, ultra-thin lamination, durability, and high efficiency. They are easy to install and transport, making them ideal for portable power needs. In conclusion, Renogy Flexible Solar Panels offer a reliable and efficient alternative power source for those looking to stay off-grid. Their durability and adaptability make them a valuable addition to any camping or outdoor adventure setup.


We all know how difficult it can be to stay powered up when you’re on the road or trying to get away from the city. This is where Renogy Flexible Solar Panels come in. If you’re a road-tripping, camping, or marine enthusiast and you’re looking for an alternative source of power, picking a solar option to fit these needs could be difficult. 

The problem here is that you will not always be able to mount your average standard solar panel on the surfaces you have available to you. The roof of your caravan or motorhome might be curved and as a result, mounting a rigid solar panel in these circumstances could become difficult.

Fear not though, because the Renogy flexible solar panel is the answer to all your problems in this regard. In this review of Renogy Solar Panels, we do an in-depth review of this solar panel and make it clear why this should be your solar panel of choice for the circumstances described above.

Who is Renogy?

Renogy is based in Louisiana. They started as a solar panel manufacturer in 2010 and have grown rapidly as their products quickly gained traction in the solar market. In the coming years, they’ve turned into one of the most popular manufacturers of solar panels thanks to their quality product and superior customer service. 

Renogy has a range of rigid and flexible solar panels that fit a number of needs. 

Whether you’re looking for something you can stash in the back of your van to keep you powered on the go, or a solar setup to supplement your electric needs at home, Renogy has a product that fits your need. 

flexible renogy solar panel

Renogy panels are made to be user-friendly. There’s no need to hire an expensive contractor to set your solar panels up. Simply read the instructions that come in the packaging and you’re qualified to set everything up. 

Renogy is an excellent starting point for anyone getting into the wide world of solar power. Their aim is to arm everyone, no matter their level of expertise, with the tools they need to access the renewable and endless energy of the sun. 

Renogy sells both mono- and polycrystalline solar panels so you can get efficient energy no matter your situation. Their panels are sold according to the average wattage they produce, so you can easily calculate the number of panels necessary to supply you with the power you need.

Other options include offerings like the Renogy 150-watt monocrystalline solar panel that’s ideal for taking on a camping trip to power a cooler or your phones; or the Renogy 300-watt Solar Panel that packs a bigger punch.

The Renogy Flexible Solar Panel

So we know that Renogy is an excellent place to start if you’ve never dipped your toes into the world of solar power. Next, we need to cover why their flexible solar panels are such a game-changer.

There are two types of Renogy flexible solar panels: the Renogy 100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel and the Renogy 160 Watt Flexible Solar Panel.

100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

Not only is this solar panel exceptionally light, weighing in at a measly 4 pounds, but it’s also super flexible. Because it’s not enclosed in tempered glass like other rigid solar panels, this flexible solar panel is capable of flexing up to 248 degrees.

This means that this panel can match the gradient and shape of almost any surface you want to set it up on, be it the curved surface of a motorhome’s roof or just the uneven surface of the deck of a boat.

Renogy 100-watt flexible solar panel

160 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

The Renogy 160-watt flexible solar panel is designed for the same purposes as the lighter 100-watt flexible solar panel from Renogy. Because of this, it has the same advanced solar cell technology and lamination techniques that make it such a versatile panel.

Weighing a mere 6.2 pounds this powerful solar panel is 70% lighter than rigid panels that produce the same energy. Since it’s so light, this panel is super portable and is great for packing in the back of your RV to keep your phone or other devices charged for your roadtrip.

Key Features

Both these flexible solar panels have the following features:

Highly Flexible

These solar panels are extremely flexible and as a result, it’s easy to change their shape. This means that they can be set up on either flat or curved and uneven surfaces with no problem at all.

Their flexibility allows them to take the shape of the surface they’re set up on as best possible to ensure the stability and safety of your panel.

Super Lightweight

Both these panels are made of advanced polymer materials. This allows the panels to be as light as possible for easy transportation, yet just as effective as standard rigid solar panels when it comes to power output and durability.

The fact that these panels are also lighter than their rigid counterparts (up to 70%) means they’re also easy to set up and dismantle when moving them about.

Ultra-Thin Lamination

A major factor that contributes to how light these solar panels are is the fact that they’re ultra-thin. This means that there’s less material used during construction, particularly the heavier metals and glass.

The Renogy flexible solar panels (in both the 100-watt and 160-watt form) reach a height of about a tenth of an inch meaning that these solar panels are 95% thinner than their rigid competitors.

Renogy 160-watt flexible solar panel

Rigid solar panels are sometimes an eyesore because of how big and sturdy they are. This means that when you’re camping in nature you have a thinner panel that’s easier to hide from your view, keeping you immersed in your all-natural surroundings.

High Durability

Although they are designed to be thin, lightweight, and flexible, Renogy’s flexible solar panels are anything but flimsy. These panels are renowned for being highly durable, capable of withstanding even all but the most extreme weather.

They are resistant to wind and hail, not likely to pick up scratches from debris blowing across the surface. As a bonus, because of their low weight, they’re easy to move to safety if there’s poor weather on the horizon.

High-Efficiency Lamination

These solar panels, as with all Renogy solar panels, are known for their efficiency and consistency. 

The double-laminated panels keep the PV cells beneath them safe from bumps and weather, but allow enough sunlight through to keep energy production high.


Flexible solar panels used to be relegated to the world of science fiction. But thanks to the work of some ingenious engineers and scientists in the field of renewable energy, they’re now a reality.

Not only are they durable and efficient, but they’re affordable to boot.

While the panels’ most obvious use is to provided power and stability even when installed on uneven ground, their flexibility gives them a wide range of uses. You can save space when packing them into your camping trailer or bend them around the roof of your boat to make sure that no matter where you are, you can enjoy modern conveniences.

All of this plus the peace of mind that you’re doing so without needing to burn fossil fuels that are accelerating greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

If you’re curious to know more about Renogy and what they offer, check out the polycrystalline 100-watt Renogy solar panels.

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