Solar Panels for Campers - In Depth Review and Buyers Guide -
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Solar Panels for Campers - in Depth Review and Buyers Guide

Solar Panels for campers

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article provides a detailed review of the best solar panels for camping, including their features, benefits, and suitability for different camping needs. It highlights products like the Bluetti AC200 Nomad Kit, Lion Energy 500 Solar Generator Kit, and the Complete 400W DIY Solar Panel Kit, discussing their capabilities, battery life, and ease of use.

Additionally, it mentions the EcoFlow Delta Mini as a lightweight, portable option ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The article concludes by emphasizing the value of solar panels for camping, their versatility beyond camping, and provides answers to common FAQs about choosing solar panels for camping.


Are you looking for the best solar panels for campers? Taking a solar panel along when camping doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Since we’ve been in the solar power industry for years, we know exactly which solar panel kits are must-haves for avid campers and even RV owners. 

Here’s our detailed guide on the best solar panels for camping.

Solar Panels for Campers (Our Review)

Bluetti AC200 Nomad Kit - Best Overall Solar Panel Kit for RVs

We start our list of best solar panels for campers with a prestigious, reliable solar power kit. The Bluetti AC200 Nomad Kit is a favorite among camping enthusiasts.

portable solar panel camping

Bluetti, a well-known manufacturer of solar power solutions, developed this solar kit specifically for RVs, vans, and even skoolies (school bus conversions). 

It comes with a rugged aluminum roof mount that’s corrosion-resistant and has pre-drilled holes to make roof mounting your new solar generator a breeze.

This kit comes with 2x 200-watt solar panels that are more than capable of keeping the battery charged for when you need it most.

The battery itself boasts an impressive lifespan. You can charge it more than 3,500 times. With this powerful battery, you’ll be able to run a variety of small and large appliances.

For instance, you can power a full-size fridge for 20 hours. You could also make 60 cups of coffee or run 10W lights for more than 200 hours before the battery is drained.

If you are caught in a severe storm and cannot use the solar panels to charge up your battery, you could use any of the other four handy charging methods available.

You can easily and quickly charge the battery via a gasoline generator, car, an AC connection, or even a lead-acid battery. This kit will provide you with reliable power, even during the direst of situations.

It’s possible to power a variety of devices with this kit. You can connect up to 17 devices at once, using ample and varied output plugs. 

Tech-enthusiasts will be pleased with the two wireless charging pads, perfect for your mobile devices. There are also 6x AC outlets and 5x USB ports to keep most of your devices powered up while camping. 

We find that this kit also comes with a couple of welcome freebies. 

There’s a detailed owner’s manual, another separate guide for maintenance and setup, as well as a long 30-foot solar extension cable.

This cable will come in handy when you use the AC200 as a portable solar panel for your electric car

Yes, this kit comes with all the tools you need to charge your Tesla, an electric motorcycle, or even an electric scooter.

Not only is the AC200 perfect for camping or charging your electric vehicle, but it also makes a great emergency power supply for your home.

What We Love

  • It can charge your electric vehicle
  • Smart touch LCD control panel makes it easy to use
  • Charge 17 devices at once
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty and free lifetime customer support

Who It’s For

  • Anyone looking to power a campsite, RV, cabin, or small home
  • If you want portable, reliable, eco-friendly power

Lion Energy 500 Solar Generator Kit - Best for Small Appliances

Just because you’re out in the great outdoors, it doesn’t mean that you have to rough it and live like a cave dweller. 

solar panel for camping

Our next entry, the Lion Energy 500 Solar Generator Kit, is your handy portable connection to civilization. We find that this solar kit is one of the best portable solar panels on the market. 

It comes with a 100W, portable, foldable solar suitcase. This handy suitcase makes it easy to stash the solar kit in your RV as you go out and about.

Once you need electricity, simply fold the suitcase open in direct sunlight. This solar kit will provide safe, silent, portable power in minutes.

You can use it to power a variety of devices. For instance, you can power a queen-size electric blanket, tablets, laptops, and cell phones, or even several strings of LED lights. 

It’s also possible to power a small refrigerator, around 55 watts for up to 7 hours on the battery alone. Making this battery one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

This kit comes with a durable, quality lithium-ion battery that can provide you with essential backup power, even after the sun’s gone down. 

The battery itself has a lifetime of at least 1,000 charge cycles. 

This great lifetime will save you money in the long run, as you don’t need to replace the battery as often as you need to with other competing products.

The Lion Energy 500 Solar Generator Kit also comes with several outlets that’ll make your camping experience a fun, civilized experience. 

It may not be as big and powerful as the Bluetti AC200, but sometimes, all you need is a solar power system strong enough to power a couple of lights and your mobile devices.

If that sounds like you, then the Lion Energy 500 Solar Generator Kit is perfect for you.

What We Love

  • Portable solar suitcase for convenient storage
  • 4x USB outputs and 2x AC outputs
  • 1x 3 LED USB Light bulb string included
  • The battery has an excellent lifetime of 1000+ charge cycles

Who It’s For

  • Campers and RV owners
  • Anyone looking for a portable emergency backup power source

Complete 400W DIY Solar Panel Kit - Best for Campsites

Our next entry is easily one of the best RV solar panel kits on the market for under $500. The Complete 400W DIY Solar Panel Kit has everything you need, for RVs and campsites.

solar panels for camping

It comes complete with an inverter, battery, charge controller, and solar panel. The solar panel is a handy, robust foldable panel, so it won’t take up much space when in storage.

In fact, this entire kit is handy and lightweight. It’s light enough to make it a great option to power your RV, shed, cabin, or campsite.

There are 2x AC outputs and 4x USB outputs that you can use to connect various small appliances, cellphones, and lights with.

The charge controller outputs a steady 110V AC, perfect for most American appliances. This controller will also help to keep your battery fully charged.

The Safari UT 250 battery is a modern lithium–ion phosphate battery and comes with a seven-year warranty. It’s also a maintenance-free battery, saving you time and effort.

Your new battery can also hold its charge for over a year. That’s great for when you want to put it into storage until that next exciting outdoors adventure calls.

While we don’t get any free goodies, as we saw with the Lion Energy 500 Solar Generator Kit, we get a 25-foot solar panel cable. 

This handy cable makes it easy to install our solar panels in the best possible position to get maximum efficiency at all times.

The Complete 400W DIY Solar Panel Kit may be on our small, powerful solar panels list, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Not only is it excellent for camping or powering your RV, but you can also easily expand its impressive capabilities by connecting up to 4 panels at once.

Connecting extra solar panels will let the battery charge faster, meaning you get to make efficient use of what little daylight you may have.

The Complete 400W DIY Solar Panel is an excellent choice for outdoorsy camping enthusiasts and scores pretty high marks in our book.

What We Love

  • A complete solar panel setup for RV under $500
  • Beginner-friendly DIY solar power setup
  • 1x 25-foot handy solar power cable
  • The battery has an excellent lifetime of 3500+ charge cycles

Who It’s For

  • Campers and RV owners
  • If you want to power a shed, cabin, gazebo, or van

EcoFlow Delta Mini - Best Portable Solar Panel Kit

The EcoFlow Delta Mini is the lightest portable solar kit available from EcoFlow. This lightweight makes it an ideal power source for professional wildlife photographers or outdoor enthusiasts.

portable solar panel camping

Despite this portable kit only weighing a mere 23.6 pounds, it’s capable of charging up to 12 devices at once. It comes with several USB ports and an AC outlet for charging your mobile devices.

The battery can also charge quickly, within 2 hours, using the 200W folding solar panel suitcase. 

You don’t have to worry about replacing the battery often. This battery has a pretty great lifetime of up to 800+ charge cycles. 

You also get a car charger and AC wall plug charger if you want to boost the battery quickly. This AC-charge feature is especially useful during those stormy or overcast days where sunlight is at a minimum.

This entire kit fits into a handy carry case, making it perfect for going off the beaten track. A convenient, adjustable stand can help you maximize the solar efficiency of this kit.

All you have to do is open it up and angle the 2x 100W solar panels to get the most sunshine for fast, effortless power generation. 

If you’re a tech geek, you’ll love the included smart app, which puts you in total control of this system. 

With this app, you can quickly check the solar efficiency of your system. It allows you to control and monitor your power source from any Android or iOS device.

This lightweight yet rugged solar power kit is excellent in remote applications. It can power various devices such as telecommunications, photography, or even power your remote monitoring equipment.

What We Love

  • It’s the lightest 1400W solar generator on the market
  • Use an app to control and monitor your solar kit
  • Charge up to 12 mobile devices at once
  • It comes in a small, easy-to-carry case

Who It’s For

  • Professional outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable power source
  • Anyone looking to power a couple of mobile devices while camping


    There you have it - our ultimate list of the best solar panels for campers. Some of these solar panel kits are so versatile that you can use them, even when you’re not camping. 

    A solar panel kit is an ideal power source, as it’s quiet, eco-friendly, and hassle-free. 

    So, whether you decide to invest in a Bluetti AC200 Nomad Kit, or a more humble Lion Energy 500 Solar Generator Kit, you’re making the right choice.

    Solar Panels for Campers FAQs

    How many solar panels do I need for my RV?

    Most RVs require at least a 120 watts solar panel for the daily power requirements. For best efficiency, we recommend at least two panels. Having two will ensure that you have enough solar panels for your van or RV.

    Are solar panels for an RV worth it?

    Solar panels are an excellent investment. They can provide you with free, eco-friendly power for years and years to come. Solar panels are also an ideal additional power source to keep your gadgets fully charged.

    How do I choose a solar panel for camping?

    You have to choose a solar panel system that’s powerful enough to cover your basic requirements. For instance, if you plan to camp with a fridge, then the solar panel kit needs to power that. 

    If all you require is to keep your mobile devices charged, you can use a smaller, less powerful solar panel system.

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