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Solar Panel Cost

Solar Panel Cost

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article provides a comprehensive guide to the cost of solar panels, offering insights into DIY kits, whole-home kits, and complete off-grid kits. It emphasizes the affordability and versatility of solar panel systems for various needs. DIY Solar Panel Kits: These kits range from $490 to $3,600, suitable for camping, DIY enthusiasts, and small backup power needs. Recommended kits include a 100W foldable panel, a 400W pure sine inverter kit for under $500, a 400W kit for around $1,650, and a 1,200W kit for about $3,600.

Whole-Home Solar Panel Kits: Priced from $7,300 to $20,000, these kits provide on-grid or off-grid power for entire households. Kits include the EcoFlow DELTA PRO kit for under $7,500 and the Sol-Ark 5K system for under $10,000. Complete Off-Grid Solar Panel Kits: Starting from $3,200 up to $15,000, these kits offer complete independence from the power grid. Examples include a 400W kit for under $4,000, a 1,200W kit for about $9,500, and a 12,000W kit for around $15,000. The article emphasizes the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits of solar panels, making them an attractive investment for those seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective power solution.


If you’ve ever wondered about the cost of solar panels, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been in the solar industry for years and know a thing or two about them.

So, whether you’re looking for DIY solar panel kits or perhaps the best solar panels around, we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Our ultimate guide on solar panel cost will shine some light on this eco-friendly topic. Let’s get started.

There’s a Solar Panel for Every Situation

Since there are so many different solar panels and solar kits, we’ve split them into groups. This way, if you’re in a hurry, you can skip ahead to the section that appeals to you most.

Today, we’ll be looking at the solar panel cost of:

  • DIY Solar Panel Kits
  • Whole-Home Solar Panel Kits
  • Complete Off-grid Solar Panel Kits

At the end of this guide, you won’t have to ask how to choose solar panels or if it’s worth buying solar panels. You’ll be a solar power expert, just like us.

The Cost of DIY Solar Panel Kits

DIY Solar Panel Kits are low-cost, beginner-friendly solar power kits. These kits have absolutely everything you need to get your first solar power system up and running in no time.

Typically, these kits cost anything between $490 up to $3,600, depending on the specific equipment you require.

While DIY solar panel kits may not be powerful enough to run your entire house, they’re pretty popular among campers. They’re also a favorite choice for solar power beginners and as a small but reliable backup power supply.

Most of these kits can easily power a fridge, some lights, or even a small pump. They’re great for emergencies when you need something small and affordable to keep the essentials running.

Who it’s for

  • Campers
  • DIY Enthusiasts

Most used for

  • Powering cabins
  • Providing a small shop with emergency backup power
  • Powering a couple of small appliances
  • As a general emergency backup power source

Our favorite DIY Solar Panel Kits

Low tier: Complete DIY Solar Panel Kit 100 Watt Solar + 400W Pure Sine Inverter 12VDC | [Starter]

This complete DIY solar panel kit comes with a fantastic 100-watt foldable solar panel that can quickly charge up the backup battery and provide you with essential emergency power.

solar panel cost

We particularly like this kit because it’s incredibly robust, making it perfect for outdoor use under even some of the harshest weather conditions.

You can easily use this solar panel kit to provide power to your shed, gazebo, cabin, campsite, or even your RV. 

It’s not often that you get a complete solar kit for less than $500, so this is easily one of the best price solar panels per watt.

Mid-tier: Complete DIY Solar Panel Kit 400 Watts Solar + 2,000W Pure Sine Inverter 12VDC | [DIY-3]

If you’re looking for a more powerful DIY solar panel kit, we suggest this mid-tier 400W DIY kit. This kit only costs around $1,650, making it pretty budget-friendly.

This powerful DIY solar kit comes with 2x 200W monocrystalline solar panels. Monocrystalline panels are the best type of solar panels you can get.

The pure silicone found in these panels ensures highly efficient power generation. 

You’ll find that these panels will quickly generate enough electricity to keep more than a couple of essentials running.

Even when there’s zero sunlight around, you can still have ample backup power to run your essentials. 

For instance, using the battery only, you’ll be able to power a 75W fridge for 16 hours or several LED lights for more than 200 hours. 

Top tier: Complete DIY Solar Panel Kit 1,200 Watts Solar + 3,000W Pure Sine Inverter 120V Output | 24VDC | [DIY-10]

Our top-tier DIY solar panel kit is this impressive 1,200 Watts solar panel kit. It’s perfect for small off-grid cabins, as a home backup, or as a mid-size RV power system.

Some savvy DIY enthusiasts even use this kit as a mobile power source for powering their market stalls or food trucks. 

The powerful battery can efficiently run a fridge for more than 30 hours. This kit can also power a 30W CPAP machine for 16 hours in an emergency. 

There’s more than enough power in this solar kit to keep you going through some of the worst emergencies. This kit typically sells for around $3,600.

The Cost of Whole-Home Solar Panel Kits

Whole-home solar panel kits are great for anyone that wants to provide their house with either on-grid or even off-grid solar power.

These kits are great if there’s a power outage or a complete grid shutdown. They’ll continue to provide your home with essential electricity no matter what.

Typically, these kits sell for anything between $7,300 and $20,000. So, the chances are great that you’ll find a kit that suits your budget.

Each kit comes with absolutely everything you need to keep your food cold, the lights on, and run several other essential electric household appliances. 

Who it’s for

  • Homeowners
  • Anyone looking for a reliable on-grid or off-grid solar solution

Most used for

  • Powering entire households
  • Providing emergency backup power
  • As an eco-friendly energy solution

Our Favorite Whole Home Solar Panel Kits

Low tier: EcoFlow DELTA [PRO] 7,200wH [HEX Kit] Portable Solar Generator + 6 x 200W 12V Mono Solar Panels | Complete Solar Kit

The Delta 7200 whole home kit from EcoFlow isn’t just a portable solar power source. You can also easily connect this solar power system to your house to provide it with reliable power.

cost of solar panels

Priced at under $7,500, this powerful kit can power heavy-duty appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines, and other devices.

The solar panels are pretty powerful. They'll provide your home with power, even if a power outage lasts for days. 

We’re particularly fond of this system’s compatibility and expandability. You can easily extend your solar system by adding additional panels to your array and power even more appliances.

This expandability makes the Delta an excellent investment for anyone that wants to go off the grid but has limited funds. You can scale this system with your budget until it meets all your requirements.

Mid-tier: Complete Hybrid Solar Power System - Sol-Ark 5K + 5.3kwh HSKY + 2,160 Watts of Solar | 10-Year Warranty [WHK-1]

Our favorite mid-tier solar power system is a complete hybrid solar power system. You can use a hybrid system like this as a grid-tied or stand-alone solar power system. 

Even for light commercial or backup power solutions, it’s an excellent choice and offers pretty superb expandability. 

You can seamlessly connect up to 16,500 watts of solar panels to this system. When you do, you’ll have one of the most powerful and best-performing solar systems on the market.

There’s also a clever system monitor to minimize utility grid dependence and optimize the balance between battery storage and renewable energy sources.

So, you’ll be using less electricity from the utility company, which will help you save quite a bit of money. You can get this system at a steal, going for under $10,000.

Top tier: Complete Hybrid Solar Power System - Sol-Ark 12K + 15kwh KONG Elite + 6,480 Watts of Solar | 10-Year Warranty [WHK-3]

This complete hybrid solar power system will provide your house with the grid independence and freedom that comes with generating your own electricity.

It’s easy to save on your monthly utility bills and be entirely prepared for emergencies and blackouts with this solar panel system.

With this powerful hybrid solar system, you can power all manner of 120V, 240V, and 208V electronic appliances and devices with pure solar power. 

It’s also easy to go even bigger with this solar kit. Add another backup battery, and you can effectively double your power storage capacity.

We feel this hybrid kit is one of the best and most cost-effective solar panel systems available on the market. 

The Cost of Complete Off-Grid Solar Panel Kits

Complete off-grid solar panel kits are the end-game for every solar enthusiast. These kits offer full independence from the power grid.

Typically these powerful solar panel kits start from $3,200 and go right up to $15,000. They include everything you need to take an ordinary home off the utility grid.

With these kits, you can finally say goodbye to utility bills. They’re also a favorite among campers or anyone living in a remote area where the power grid’s reliability is unreliable.

Who it’s for

  • Households, shops and commercial operations
  • Anyone looking for reliable power without the help of a utility company

Most used for

  • Powering homes
  • Providing a small shop with emergency backup power
  • Powering cabins and remote locations
  • As an ideal eco-friendly alternative power source

Our favorite Complete Off-Grid Solar Panel Kits

Low tier: Complete Off-Grid Solar System 400 Watts Solar / 4,000W 120/240V Output / 12VDC | [OGK-8]

Going off-grid and finally saying goodbye to depending on the power company for electricity doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated move. 

solar panels cost


Our favorite, low-tier off-grid solar system is this capable solar panel kit. It comes with 2x 200W monocrystalline solar panels to quickly and efficiently power various appliances.

This kit comes with an inverter that offers you both 120V and 240V output options. You’ll find that most well-pumps use 240V, making this kit great to power your water points.

On the other hand, you can use the 120V output to power the most common household appliances. For instance, power a 100W fridge for 24 hours or a 50” LED LCD TV for 37 hours.

There’s enough capability in this kit to quickly get your household off the grid and eliminate the need for utility companies. It also costs less than $4,000, making it affordable to go off the grid.

Plan on going even more prominent with your solar system endeavors? You’ll find that you can quickly expand upon the performance of this kit.

This system has excellent compatibility that allows you to increase its capability with time and budget.

Mid tier: Complete Off-Grid Solar System 1,200 Watt Solar 6,000 Watt Inverter/Charger 24VDC 120/240V Output [Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries] | [OGK-9]

Installing a solar power system should be easy. It should be easy to find out how to test solar panels. Luckily, this solar panel kit is perfect for beginners, despite it being one of the most powerful systems around.

It comes with detailed guides to take you from the easy installation process right through to vital tips on maintaining your solar panel system throughout the years to come. 

A mid-tier system such as this one typically sells for about $9,500. You get all the essentials to take your house off the grid and provide it with an independent, eco-friendly power source.

This kit has solar panels with high enough output to keep the battery charged even while you use it to power your household appliances. 

This system is a favorite among shopkeepers looking for a reliable power source while saving some money on the side.

It’s a hefty system, weighing about 365lb, but it provides continuous, clean power for years to go once installed.

Top tier: Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit - 12,000W 120/240 Output 48VDC / [14Kwh Battery Bank] + 4,230 Watts Solar | [OGK-1]

The granddaddy of all our off-grid solar panel kits is this powerful 12,000W system. It’s priced at around $15,000 for a complete, top-of-the-line solar power system.

This kit comes with 12 x 360 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels that can effortlessly charge the battery bank and provide enough electricity to keep most of your appliances powered.

This system is perfect for large off-grid homes, home backup, or a more extensive RV system. Some savvy solar enthusiasts also use it for their mobile business applications.

While installation is slightly tricker, after all, there are 12 solar panels to connect. Once you’ve got this system running, your home will have its own power source for years to come.

To help ease installation fears, there are detailed guides and even videos to show new owners how to master their solar panel system.

Suppose your home or business requires around 300W to 600W of continuous power for 48 hours before recharging. In that case, this kit is perfect for you. 

You don’t have to wonder about how to choose solar panels anymore. This is the ultimate off-grid solution to keep your home lit and powered during the darkest of times.

Our final thoughts

People often ask us why solar panels are so expensive. The fact is, when you do your research, you’ll find that solar panels are actually an excellent, affordable investment.

how much do solar panels cost

Wholesome systems may have a steep upfront cost, the return on your investment is almost always instant. 

In other words, the money that you’ll be saving on utility bills far outweighs the cost of installing a solar panel system. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective power solution, then you’ve found the perfect solution. 

If you still have some questions to ask about solar panels, get in touch with us, and we’ll happily find the perfect match for your needs.

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