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Zamp 45-Watt Portable Solar Panel

Zamp 45-Watt Portable Solar Panel

The Zamp 45-Watt portable solar panel is ideal for anyone looking to charge and maintain their batteries for use in their motor homes, RVs, boats, and for any other single-battery solar-powered system. If you need a new portable solar system, then this may be the one for you. 

Our quick review on this portable solar charging system has everything you need to know about the Zamp 45-watt solar panel unit. 

Zamp 45-Watt Solar Panel

Specification Details

The Zamp 45-watt portable solar panel is a single power source unit, designed for battery maintenance and charging. Made from class A, high-quality monocrystalline panels, this unit may be little, but it certainly packs a punch.

Adding to the stellar quality, the unit has an aluminum frame and is covered with tempered glass, so your solar panel is built to last. 

Like the Zamp 180-watt Solar Panel, this product comes with solar panels that are made in Germany and boast a 25-year warranty. The unit itself also comes with an impressive 5-year warranty. 

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Each solar panel comes with its own carrying case, and the product itself is self-contained, with handles built into the frame of the unit. These built-in handles make for fantastic portability, and with everything you need inside of the folded unit, storage is a breeze. 

The Zamp portable panels are easy to set up, and take less than five minutes. By simply opening up the unit, you’ll have access to the cell’s charging, cable, and connector systems. 


Zamp 45-watt panels come with a built-in charging system that contains a smart charger. The smart charger help to maintain your battery by assessing how much charge it has left and adjusting itself accordingly.

The unit uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology for its solar charge controllers, which is a technique that the controller uses to interact with the battery in order to figure out what voltage the battery should be charged at. 

PWM technology is better for battery charging for solar units under 600 watts since it utilizes less energy for voltage management operations.

This system is similar to what we saw in the Zamp 90-watt Portable Solar Panels.

When you open your panel up, you’ll notice that the unit has two folding legs that are fully adjustable. These help you to move your cell around until you have the perfect angle for sun exposure. 

Additionally, the unit’s cable system allows you to place your unit directly in the sun while keeping your motor home, boat, or RV in the shade. The cable system is fitted with two alligator clips that can be placed directly onto your battery system. 

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This handy little unit is great for emergencies and can charge up a dead battery in a pinch. If you need a unit that has a little more oomph, you may want to explore some of the Zamp 45’s ‘big brother’ counterparts, like the Zamp 100, or Zamp 140-watt solar panels

Under ideal conditions, this 45-watt solar charging unit produces 2.3 amps of charging power per hour. The Zamp 45 also has a weight just shy of 20 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to carry.

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