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Best Price Solar Panels Per Watt

Best Price Solar Panels Per Watt

Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article discusses the best solar panels based on their price-per-watt, catering to various needs such as home use, off-grid systems, and multi-use applications. It emphasizes the importance of choosing panels with high efficiency and durability. The recommended panels include the Renogy 400 Watt Complete Solar Kit for off-grid systems, the 200 Watt 24 Volt Solar Panel for home use, and the 100 Watt Portable Solar Panel Briefcase for multi-use.

These panels are highlighted for their affordability, energy efficiency, and compatibility with different devices and systems. The article also addresses common questions about solar panels, emphasizing their value, potential for cost savings, and positive environmental impact.


In this article, we go over the best solar panels according to their price-per-watt, so you know you are getting the best value possible.

So, whether you’re looking to invest in some solar panels for your home, or are interested in going off-the-grid and want to buy some travel-friendly solar panels kits, we promise you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

We have also looked at some popular and frequent questions to ask about solar panels and answered them at the end of the article for some bonus info.

Best Price Solar Panels Per Watt: Which Solar Panel Should I Get?

When you’re looking for solar panels, we recommend choosing them by their price-per-watt. We filtered through our solar panels and have only listed the best price-per-watt panels so you don’t have to do any of the difficult calculations yourself. 

Another aspect to look at is whether the solar panel is better for home use or off-grid use, so you can decide what devices you need to charge. 

best price solar panels per watt

For some, you may want to save some money and power by using solar power to charge your electronics and lights. For others, you may want a mobile energy source that can power up your RV.

Luckily for you, we narrowed this article down to the best options for each choice, so all you have to do is read to find out which solar panel you need. 

Best Solar Panels for Off-Grid Systems

400 Watt Complete Solar Kit With 40A MPPT Controller | RV / Off-Grid / Backup Solar Kit

These are our best valued 200 watt solar panels we have for off-grid usage.

Our favorite aspect of this off-grid solar energy system is the monocrystalline solar cell - basically the most energy-efficient solar panel currently on the market.

One of the reasons why it’s the best solar panel kit for off-grid lifestyles is thanks to the monocrystalline solar cell. Because it’s a single (mono) crystal cell, it’s much more energy-efficient than polycrystalline (multi) solar panels. 

Although the polycrystalline solar panels tend to be a bit cheaper, they ultimately don’t create the same amount of energy long-term and can end up costing you even more as you would have to replace it if you were using it frequently. 

The other aspect that we love about this solar panel is its easy setup. Oftentimes, solar panels can be super tricky to install, especially with all the different parts involved. 

This kit has complete pre-assembled wiring and doesn’t require any crimping tools to get it going. If you want to upgrade or add some additional panels, all of our products work together so that will be easy as well. 

What We Love 
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty 
  • Anti-reflexive coating maximizes sunlight absorption 
  • Enough energy to power your RV or most dual 12-volt battery banks 
  • You can add more panels up to 800 
Who It’s For

We recommend this for anyone who wants to go off the grid as it is a relatively quiet machine and won’t disturb you too much. 

We also think this will be perfect for powering up your RV or trailer. 

Best Solar Panels for Your Home

200 Watt 24 Volt Solar Panel | Monocrystalline | High-Efficiency

This monocrystalline, high-efficiency solar panel is one of our best solar panel kits for homes as its price per watt is only $0.83, saving you money while also being highly energy efficient. 

solar panels best prices per watt

What we like about this solar panel is its ability to convert 230 watts of sunlight into DC electricity to charge your battery.  

Similar to our recommended off-grid solar panel, this one is also a monocrystalline panel, ensuring that you get the most energy-efficient product available. 

In terms of who would benefit from this solar panel, we highly recommend this one to homeowners who are wanting to use a cleaner source of energy, as well as people who are wanting to save money on energy. 

Our favorite aspect of this solar panel, though, has to be its ability to convert sunlight into energy even on cloudier days, in the mornings, and in the evenings. 

Similarly to being able to convert sunlight efficiently, this panel can also withstand changing weather conditions such as strong wind and rain.  

What We Love 

  • A waterproof junction box means no fear of water damage
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes compatible with Z-brackets and mounts
  • 25-year warranty means we can sort any problems out if they arise 
  • Easy installation that is also compatible with on and off-grid inverters

Who It’s For

This is a solar panel that we highly recommend for use at home. 

Because it’s compatible with on and off-grid inverters, you can use it for off-grid usage, but we strongly suggest it be used as an alternate energy source for homeowners. 

As a home solar panel this will save you a lot more money because of how energy efficient it is, so even if the sun isn’t super bright, this panel will still be able to give you enough energy to power what you need.

The Best Solar Panel for Multi-Use

100 Watt Portable Solar Panel Briefcase | Compatible w/ Bluetti, EcoFlow, Hysolis, Titan Solar Generators

If you’re struggling with how to choose solar panels, this 100W Portable Solar Panel Briefcase is the best value for money while still ensuring you have access to a good amount of energy.

Even though it’s a much smaller panel than most competitors, with a price per watt of only $0.50, you’re getting a lot out of it. 

You can charge a lot of small devices with this panel, such as cell phones, laptops, computers, and even some small heating appliances. 

We recommend this for a range of uses because of its portability. You can use it around the home, take it with you on holiday, or even use it in your trailer as a small device or light charger.

solar panels best price per watt

Attached to it is also a kickstand so you can easily fold it away and store it somewhere safe when you’re not using it, making it perfect for day trips or just day-time use. 

What We Love

  • As stated before, we love how multi-purpose friendly this solar panel is.
  • Although it’s a small panel, it’s useful for charging small devices, especially if you’re in a sunny area. 
  • Completely weather-proof so you don’t need to worry about getting water damage on it.
  • Helpful as a backup charger if you live in an area with power shortages.

Who It’s For 

Honestly, we recommend this solar panel for pretty much everyone. 

It can be used as a backup power source, as an energy saver for charging small devices, or even for off-grid usage as a portable charging station. 


Overall, all the solar panels that we have listed are incredibly well priced, especially their price per watt.

Ultimately whatever you want to use your solar panel for, if it’s for charging your RV or your phone, you can take your pick out of the ones we have listed as they are all very price and energy-efficient. 

Solar Panel Price FAQs

Are Solar Panels Worth It? 

Solar panels are worth it and are beneficial for most people. Plus, with the sheer variety of solar panels on the market, you can definitely find one that suits your needs. 

We love solar panels because they’re great for the environment as they don’t use any resources to generate electricity except the sun. But, most importantly, if used correctly, they can save you money. 

If you’re concerned about the starting price of solar panels, just remember that even though it’s a large cost at first, you will save a lot of money throughout the years as solar panels can last up to 30 years. 

Will Solar Panels Get Cheaper?

You might be asking yourself why are solar panels so expensive

This is a common question. For the most part, solar panels are getting slightly cheaper each year. 

This is because of their growing popularity and more frequent installation across the world. However, depending on where you live and what you need them for, the average cost of solar panels can range from being quite pricey to fairly cheap.

Also keep in mind that solar panels are not made equally, so depending on what your needs are, you can find a variety of panels for different prices across the market. 

Are Solar Panels Any Good?

Solar panels are great for multiple reasons. They help combat climate change by using the sun as a renewable energy source, meaning you basically make one payment for power that gives you electricity for years. 

Solar panels are a great addition to off-grid living as they can provide you with a lot of power all the time. 

You can attach them to the roof of your RV or trailer that power the vehicle itself, as well as carry around a portable one that you can just prop up outside and use to charge your small devices.

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