Should You Worry About a Solar Lithium Battery Fire?
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Should You Worry About a Solar Lithium Battery Fire?


Short on Time? Here’s The Article Summary

The article discusses the safety concerns regarding lithium battery fires, particularly in solar power systems. It explains that while lithium batteries are generally safe when used correctly, there have been instances of fires caused by overheating, often due to manufacturing defects. The article highlights the importance of choosing high-quality batteries and ensuring correct installation to minimize these risks.

It also provides a list of trusted solar battery brands and their features, emphasizing the importance of warranty and safety in selecting a solar battery. The article concludes by encouraging readers to prioritize safety and seek advice from reputable suppliers like Shop Solar Kits for their solar energy needs.


Would you be surprised if a gasoline generator started fire? Probably not.

What about a natural gas stove? A barbeque? A candle? Sure.

But what about a battery? There’s no fire involved in how a battery works. Nothing particularly flammable there. And yet, it can happen. Not often, but often enough that laws are being passed to regulate batteries to prevent these tragic accidents.

That’s why despite their high effectiveness, longevity, and eco-friendliness, growing concerns over lithium battery fires have people questioning their safety — but how valid are these concerns, really? 

Why Are Solar Batteries Starting Fires?

Solar lithium battery fires are dominantly started by the battery overheating, often because of a manufacturer's defect within the battery. In August 2021, roughly 10,000 LG solar battery units were recalled due to overheating and the risk of fire and smoke. These incidences resulted in property damage and at least one injury in the same year.

Lithium battery fires are caused by a phenomenon called thermal runaway. In these situations, the increased temperature in the battery triggers it to raise temperatures even higher. As a result, the battery may become too hot to touch, smoke, catch fire, eject gas, or explode. 

Are Solar Lithium Batteries Safe?

The short answer is yes, solar batteries are safe when used properly. The good news is that solar lithium battery fires are not usually caused by solar batteries, and that the risk can be largely mitigated if not prevents entirely through the correct installation of a good quality battery.

As with any lithium-ion battery, a solar battery could potentially cause a fire if it overheats. But the top brands have strict quality control and are very quick to do a recall if something is found to go wrong, which is incredibly rare.

The type of lithium-ion battery can make a difference, too. There are different chemistries that are used in lithium-ion batteries, for example lithium cobalt oxide or lithium iron phosphate, and some are better than others when it comes to the risk of overheating. The safest in this regard and least likely to experience thermal runaway, is lithium iron phosphate. LiFePO4 batteries are also the most durable, and have an added advantage that iron phosphate is not a rare compound.

To ensure the safety of your solar power system and property you should only invest in dependable and tested solar lithium-ion batteries from a reputable company. Always research battery brands before purchasing, including their product reliability, testing processes, and reviews.

The other key element to ensuring safety is to make sure everything is installed correctly and that the various components of your solar system are compatible. In particular, the charge controller that manages the power flowing from your solar panels into the battery: an incorrectly sized charge controller won’t protect your battery from overcharging properly and could potentially lead to problems.

Consider going with a solar kit from a reliable supplier like Shop Solar Kits, who thoroughly test batteries with other solar kit components to ensure everything works together the way it should.

Which Solar Kit is Right for You?

Which Solar Lithium Batteries Are Safest?

Many brands offer dependably tested and safe-to-use solar batteries that are versatile with different solar kits. Below are some of our most trusted solar battery brands:

  • ARK Lithium: Ark Lithium's batteries stand out because they're the only US-manufactured solar batteries to use impactive balancing, which increases the batteries' lifespans by 30%. Their LiFePo4 technology is 100% efficient and compatible with most inverter and controller brands, making them especially ideal for off-grid solar systems. ARK Lithium offers options for 24V 200Ah batteries48V 100Ah batteries, and more.
  • BigBattery: This brand's biggest brag is versatility. BigBattery offers various lithium-ion solar batteries with different voltage levels and uses. For example, the BigBattery 12V SEAL Marine lithium battery is intended for boats and other marine applications, equipped with a watertight seal and an extendable LED voltmeter that can be installed in the boat's control panel. Comparatively, the BigBattery KIT 48V DRGN lithium battery is intended for maximum energy storage with high discharge rates.
  • EG4: EG4 offers some of the best server rack batteries available on the solar kit market, accommodating multiple battery cells at once. The EG4 48V 100Ah Server Rack Battery comprises 16 individual 3.2V cells with a total charge of 51.2V. This style battery is also available in a kit of six, featuring an enclosed rack for easy, aesthetic storage.
  • Fortress Power: Fortress Power's eFlex batteries feature remote monitoring and troubleshooting, making it easier to check the batteries' levels or personalize them to your system's needs. Fortress Power also offers large-scale eVault batteries that are scalable up to 370kWh.
  • Jakiper: Similar to ARK Lithium batteries, Jakiper Lithium server rack batteries are equipped with the most recent LiFePO4 lithium cells for longer lifespans and stronger performances. As a result, Jakiper batteries are generally less expensive than other solar batteries of the same efficiency. 
  • Mammoth RE: Mammoth's lithium battery banks have high storage levels for affordable costs and can be connected in parallel with eight power units at once. The Mammoth Plus 9.6kWh 48V lithium battery is compatible with multiple uses and is ideal for off-grid solar systems, while the Mammoth Pro 23.5kWh battery is significantly stronger than most other batteries available today. 
  • Pytes: Pytes offers an E-BOX 51.2V server rack battery, called "the new generation of LFP server rack batteries." One of the most thoroughly tested server rack batteries available, the Pytes E-BOX should guarantee high-level uninterrupted power. 
  • RICH Solar: This brand's solar batteries have better chemical and thermal stability than most other battery brands. As a result, most RICH Solar batteries have an estimated lifespan of 20 years with proper maintenance, such as their Alpha 5 Powerwall Battery. RICH Solar also offers its own full solar kits with high power levels, such as its 8000W 48V cabin kit
  • Simpliphi: Simpliphi's batteries are strategically and uniquely built using power electronics and proprietary cell architecture. Because of this, they are lighter in weight and modularly sized for easy, out-of-the-way storage without sacrificing any of their off-grid capabilities. Simpliphi's standard-sized unit is their 3.8kWh LFP battery, while their 2.7kWh Lo-Profile battery is among their smallest. 
  • SOK: SOK is one of the most rudimentary yet reliable solar battery brands on the market. While they don't have many special features like other brands on this list, their batteries are dependable, long-lasting, and incredibly affordable, such as their 12V Deep Cycle battery or their 12V Marine Grade battery

What Makes These Batteries Different?

As a whole, solar lithium-ion batteries are no different from standard lithium-ion batteries beyond how they're used. However, the most significant differences between lithium-ion batteries are dependent on their brands. For example, RICH Solar batteries generally have better lifespans than SOK batteries, and EG4 batteries are more reliable in terms of safety than LG batteries. 

Another important difference to consider is their warranties. Battery warranties protect you for years, ensuring you won't have to pay out-of-pocket if something goes wrong with your solar battery. Warranty lengths vary by manufacturer and seller, so it's critical to know a brand's warranty details when purchasing. 

Invest in the Safest Lithium Batteries

Your property's safety should be your highest priority, no matter what energy solutions you choose. At Shop Solar Kits, our lithium-ion batteries are thoroughly tested using other solar kit components to guarantee safety and efficiency. 

Let us help you find the best solar battery for the system that's right for you. View our solar kit inventory or contact us today to get started.

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