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Bolt Ultra 48Ah 12V Advanced Silicate-Salt Battery | Deep Cycle Solar Battery

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10+ sold In the last 7 days
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Bolt Ultra 48Ah 12V Advanced Silicate-Salt Battery | Deep Cycle Solar Battery + Free Shipping & Lifetime Customer Support 

Welcome to the future of renewable battery technology.  Originally developed for the military, Silicate-Salt batteries blow lead acid batteries out of the water.  Wether you are in extreme cold or hot climates, the Bolt Ultra batteries will continue to function well without the need for external battery warmers or warm-up time.  These fast charging batteries  can be recharged to 90% capacity within 60 minutes with a high current charger making them super popular for solar applications all the way to marine situations.

Bolt Ultra Advanced Silicate-Salt Green Battery Technology

  • Low cost (up to 60% less than lithium batteries)
  • Long lasting, fast charging capability, low internal resistance
  • Use in starter and deep cycle applications
  • Capable of 100% depth of discharge, no memory effect
  • Maintenance-free, non-corrosive, non-explosive
  • Normal operations in extreme temperatures: -40°F - 158°F
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, recyclable materials
  • No thermal runaway



    Bolt Ultra 48Ah Battery Size & Specs:

    • Dimensions: (L) 7.76 in x (W) 6.50 in x (H) 6.85 in
    • Weight: 30.86 lbs
    • Voltage: 12V
    • AH: 48 aH
    • Terminals: M8
    • Max Discharge Rate: 384A (8.0C) for 10 seconds

    Customers who live in more extreme climates, wether that is extreme cold or extreme heat love these units because they work much better than their VRLA counterparts.  In very cold or freezing environments they continue to perform without the need for external battery warmers or warm-up time. They are also functional at full capacity at very high temperatures where most VRLA batteries lose capacity due to dry out and lithium ion batteries become unstable, requiring vast amounts of air conditioning to cool them.  


    General Features

    • Non-corrosive plates, electrodes, joints, and connections—allow battery a longer lifespan while retaining charging cycles
    • Functions in extreme temperatures between -40°C and +70°C
    • Performs extremely well in warm climates. 
    • Up to 2200 charging cycles when using 50% or less discharge. The battery can be 100% fully discharged without damaging the battery, however, it is recommended that it is charged immediately after high discharge to prolong the battery life and save charging cycles.
    • 50% higher specific energy density than the VRLA battery
    • Low internal resistance of 2Ω to 5Ω milliohm compared to 25Ω milliohm 12v lead acid battery 
    • Exceeds international storage capacity standards by 1.75 times and international recharge acceptance capacity standards by 2.68 times
    • No separate enclosures, ventilation, or cooling systems required -- saving on installations, maintenance, and energy costs
    • Lifespan up to 15 years: 4500 - 5000 cycles for certain applications


    100% Recyclable and Green!

    One of the greatest benefits in using these batteries comes out of the silicate compound electrolyte’s properties at end of life. Because the battery is non-hazardous, the PH neutral solution consisting of ammonium sulfate can actually be used as a fertilizer. The recycling of the lead becomes much easier and environmentally sound because the electrolyte does not degrade the plate and create toxic lead dust.


    Battery Charging

    • Since the charging ability of the Bolt Ultra is quite strong, it can adapt to constant voltage or constant current charging with minimal effect.
    • When float charging, the highest recommended acceptable current is 0.6c. The recommended float charge voltage per cell is 2.27v at 25°c.
    • When using constant current charging, the recommended voltage per cell is 2.35v; that will fully charge the battery in three hours.
    • The Bolt Ultra has fast charge capability and can be charged to 90% capacity in 60 minutes at 3c - 14.4v.
    • When charging with an ordinary lead acid battery charger with lower charging voltage, the Bolt Ultra Battery may not become charged to full capacity. Chargers are available to charge to the maximum charging capacity.

    Battery Discharging

    • Due to the special capabilities of the Bolt Ultra Battery, constant current discharging is recommended to prolong the life of the battery. However, since the discharging ability of the Bolt Ultra is strong, it can adapt to constant voltage or constant current with minimal effect.
    • Under normal circumstances, charging and discharging ratio of 1:0.3 is recommended. However, with high current charging and discharging, the ratio can be shifted to 1:1.
    • Bolt Ultra can withstand high discharge to 100% with no damage to the battery. The manufacturer advises the end user to charge the battery immediately after high discharge to prolong the battery life and retain charging cycles.
    • It is recommended to not exceed 90% discharge for a longer battery life.

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