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Solar Panel Depreciation Calculator

This calculator estimates the depreciation of a solar panel's current market value over time, which is crucial when planning on buying or selling used solar panels.

Solar Panel Depreciation Calculator

Item Age (Years)
Replacement Cost

How To Use

  1. Enter the Solar Panel's Age In Years: Start by entering the solar panel's current age in years since it was first setup and working.

  2. Enter the Replacement Cost: Enter how much it would cost to replace the old solar panel with a new one. The cost should be the original amount paid for it, not its current market value if bought brand new.

  3. Click "Calculate Depreciation": Once you've filled all the required fields, hit the "Calculate Depreciation" button.

  4. Read the Results: The calculator will display the actual cash value of your solar panel after the specified number of years.

This calculation helps you predict how much a solar panel should cost based on the solar panel's age.

Please note that the actual depreciation can vary based on many factors like local weather conditions, maintenance routines, and quality of installation. The results from the calculator should therefore be used as an approximation. Always consult with a solar power professional for more precise estimates based on your specific situation.

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