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Amps to Watts Calculator

Switching to solar energy is among the most sensible energy choices you can make, especially if you are striving towards living a greener lifestyle.

Solar energy has several advantages, ranging from lower power expenses every month to the possibility of gaining extra income from government tax incentives.

Deciding to switch is straightforward but understanding specific solar conversions might be a little frightening for solar beginners, especially with all the complicated sums in solar manuals.

Fortunately, we'll show you how to perform the amp-to-watt conversion without consulting a complicated handbook. You may learn everything there is to know about solar conversions and how straightforward these calculations are with the help of our guide.

In solar panel systems, electric current is crucial and having the correct conversion metrics is essential to running a successful solar system while avoiding electrical damage.

So, strap in as we discuss the method behind converting amps to watts in solar panel systems.


The Importance of Conversions

There are loads of calculators and converters online such as amp-hour calculatorsamp-hours to watts calculators, and importantly the volts, amps, watts calculator.

amps to watts calculator

Amps to Watts conversions, which are frequently overcomplicated in solar manuals, typically confuse solar owners all over the world. However, these conversions are incredibly easy and don’t involve a lot of overcomplicated math.

Any equipment's amps, volts, and wattage must be known to determine whether it is compatible with the utilities in your household or business.

Calculating the missing information will ensure the unit operates safely and effectively if you know the information for two of those electrical ratings. Without these conversions, you could end up damaging your appliances as well as your solar equipment.

Connecting your appliances to a power supply that has been converted incorrectly causes damage to the electrical circuits and is the number one reason for electrical equipment failing prematurely.

It is highly important to perform these conversions as accurately as possible to ensure that you prevent any prolonged damage to your solar system.

However, before we can get to the simple formula, let us break down the difference between an amp and a watt.

What Is an Amp

Solar electrical guides are littered with circuit jargon, but what is the use of all these overcomplicated formulas when we don’t even know what an amp is?

An amp commonly referred to as an ampere, are units that quantify the rate of flow of an electric current in a circuit. To put it more simply, they monitor the rate at which electrons pass a specific point in one second.

how to convert amps into watts

To understand it practically, let’s take a hose pipe or a sewage pipe. The quantity of water flowing through these pipes can be compared to the amps in an electrical circuit. The strength of the current increases with the volume of water passing through the hose each minute.

What Is a Watt

A watt is another important electric metric that can be a bit confusing to understand at first. To help you make sense of it all, you should know that a watt is a combination of amps and volts.

Again, we will use the example of a hose pipe or sewage pipe. The watt in this instance is the volume of water or contents flowing in the pipe. The higher the wattage of systems, the greater the energy output will be.

Think of a heating system such as an oven. The higher the wattage of the oven, the quicker the food will get cooked.

Now that we have the basics down, let’s get into the conversion formula you will use to convert amps to watts.

The Only Formula You Need

All electrical systems are made up of the three basic electrical units, watts, volts, and amps and you need two of them to perform the conversion. To convert from amps to watts you are going to need the volts of your system, which will always be given.

The formula you are going to use is as follows:

Watts = Amps x Volts

This equation is known as the watts law, and it can be used to work out either one of three electrical units within a circuit.

Let’s use an example to help you understand how this conversion can be used in real-life scenarios.

A solar system that is pumping 10 amps at 120 volts and you want to know what the wattage of the system is.

amps to watts conversion calculator

By using the formula above, all you do is take the 10 amps and multiply by the voltage which in this case is 120V. This will give us a wattage or power of 1,200 watts.

If you have a 220-volt system then you would take the 200 volts and multiply it by 10 amps. This will equate to 2,200 watts.

Just like that, you are now an expert in solar electrical conversions. Additionally, once you have this formula you can use it as an amp-to-volt calculator as well.


Calculating solar electrical current conversions might be challenging at first, especially if you are a solar novice and aren't guided through the process. Fortunately, with our easy-to-follow conversion guide, you will be able to convert between any of the three electrical units in solar systems.

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Switching to solar is a huge financial commitment, but these systems do pay for themselves in the long run. If you are striving to live a greener cleaner life, while slowly being less reliant on electrical utility grids, then solar power is for you.

You can find all of the solar & electrical calculators we have created in order to help you plan, size and install your own solar power system here.

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