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kWh To Watts Calculator

There’s a simple calculator to convert kW to watts, but what happens when we factor in time as a variable and deal with kWh?

Let’s have a look at how to convert kWh to watts using this calculator and see what its importance is in the world of solar.

kWh to Watts Calculator

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Conversion formula: W = (kWh ÷ hrs) × 1000


What Is a Watt?

kwh to watts calculator

When we speak about watts, we’re talking about a metric unit measuring power. They typically describe the rate at which work is done on an object.

A single watt is equivalent to one joule of work being done on an object.

Watts can be calculated or determined using Watt’s Law. This law states that the power or wattage of a circuit is equivalent to the product of the current and voltage running through it.

P = I x V

Using Ohm’s or Watt’s Law, we can work out the voltage, current, watts, and resistance of a system. 

This means we can use watt or kW to amp conversions if we have the necessary values.

So what does this have to do with the world of solar?

Well, solar systems are sized in watts with the larger systems being measured in kilowatts.

What Is a Kilowatt-Hour?

how to convert kwh to watts

Let’s take a 6 kW solar system made up of 24, 250 W solar panels. The ‘6 kW’ marker means the system outputs that much power at any point on a perfectly sunny day.

When we take a graph detailing the output per hour in a day, we’ll see that it only reaches the peak at around midday.

This is why kWh calculators are so important as they allow us to size our solar systems using power measured in kW. 

If we can think of kilowatts and watts as power, a watt hour or kilowatt hour can be described as energy.

Energy is the power that’s used or produced over a given period.

Kilowatts and kilowatt-hours are easy to confuse given their similar names. What separates one from the other is including time as a variable.

Let’s say we have a solar system that’s rated at 2 kW and is fitted with an EP500 Bluetti Power Station. The power goes out in the neighborhood and we resort to solar power for 3 hours.

bluetti ep500

If we multiply the kilowatts and time, we get the amount of energy we used.

This leaves us with 6 kWh. This is how kW to kWh calculators work as we’re given the power and the time to convert it into energy.

But how do we convert kWh to watts? It’s simpler then you may think.


Converting kWh to watts isn’t a complicated procedure. We already know that 1 kW is equal to 1,000 W and converting one to the other is a matter of multiplying or dividing by 1,000.

However, we’re working with time as a variable in our equation.

To convert kWh to watts, take the kilowatt-hours and multiply them by 1,000. Then, using the time variable in our equation, we divide that product to essentially cancel out the time. 

This leaves us with only wattage.

Let’s say we have 4 kWh of energy that’s been used for over 2 hours.

We say that the product of the kWh and the value of 1,000, divided by the 2 hours which leaves us with 2,000 W.

It’s like a kWh to kW calculator as we can either add or remove the variable of time to obtain our result.

kWh to Watts Calculator Conclusion

The conversion process between kWh to watts is a matter of seeing what values we have and following a formula.

Most units of power in the world of solar and electrical energy have relationships and formulae that are simple to follow.

You can also make use of our solar load calculator to determine your needs.

You can find all of the solar & electrical calculators we have created in order to help you plan, size and install your own solar power system here.

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