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Who is Inergy & What Do They Do?

About Inergy

Company Name: Inergy


Country/State: United States, Pocatello, ID

What Is Inergy Best Known For?

Inergy is best known for the Kodiak solar generator, which they upgraded in 2019 to the Inergy Apex, which has become the Inergy Flex in 2020.

Who is Inergy?

Inergy began as an idea between a few passionate individuals, but that passion soon turned into a brand leading the renewable power revolution. Unlike other clean-tech companies that take a “top-down” approach to renewable power generation via large-scale projects, we aim to democratize solar power with our innovative portable solar consumer products.

Campaign #1:

The Kodiak - Off Grid Home Solar System In A Box

The American power grid was largely built after World War II from designs dating back to Thomas Edison. This aging infrastructure causes an average of 15 million households to experience extended blackouts annually in the US.

To address this issue, we launched the Kodiak Solar Generator in our 2015 Indiegogo campaign - the world's lightest weight and most expandable solar generator.