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Find the perfect solar panel kit in under 2-minutes

Seriously, it takes less than 2-minutes to fill in the solar kit sizing tool. Once complete, we will recommend the top 3-6 solar panel kits for your specific power needs and budget range.

We completely understand that choosing a solar kit does not come naturally to everyone, which is why we created this tool in the first place.

Save yourself hours (if not weeks) of time researching and use the 2-minute solar kit sizing tool now.

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Dianne Russell

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Eleanor Pena

Eleanor Pena

Lifetime Customer Support & 10,000+ Solar Kits Sold Since 2018

Nervous about knowing how to setup your DIY solar panel kit? Concerned you might not buy the right kit for your needs? Not to worry. We provide a detailed setup guide with each kit as well as lifetime support via phone, email and chat.

We know how overwhelming the solar buying process can be and we’re on a mission to simplify that by creating 1-click solar kit options for every budget.

Because of this, we have quickly grown to become the nation's #1 source for mini off-grid, portable and emergency backup solar power.

Since 2018, thousands of customers have come to know us for our extremely affordable prices, legendary customer service, and rapid shipping.

Why Buy From Us?

Because we've done ALL of the hard work for you.

We've identified the best manufacturer's, all of the parts needed for a complete (and compatible) solar kit and made it so you can check out with the click of a button.

With prices dropping every day, there's never been a better time to adopt a clean, quiet and renewable source of power!

We're on a mission to make solar simple. No technical lingo or condescending jargon - just clear, concise information you can understand. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us today!

Save yourself hours (if not weeks) of time researching and fill out the 2-minute solar kit sizing tool now.